A great video training on how to build success in your relationships… I really love this one.

relationships-performanceYou can’t build a pyramid without a foundation (even if you’re in the alien school of pyramid construction!)

So, what is the foundation of your pyramid?

In our conversations a pyramid will be a code word for your vibration, for your financial freedom, for your health, for yur happiness…

The common shared characteristic of all those areas is that without a foundation you can’t build anything that is worth building.

People at large, you, lack any foundation.

Some have some spotty foundation.

And the outliers have a strong foundation.

When someone tells you you can become anything… you think, immediately, of what you want.

The end result. Happiness, health, riches… nothing in between.

Your foundation is lacking, and you are building castles in air.

In every area, but especially in the most important one: the social aspect of life.

You have no, or not enough support to become all you can be… and it is because you have no idea how to get support, enthusiastic, energetic support from others.

Brendon Burchard has published another video… it’s part of his re-launch of his High Performance Academy. This video is whole lot better than the last one, and I hate to admit, but there is a lot I can grow in the arena it’s about: your relationships, your conversations, your influence.

One thing I need to learn is to end a conversation on the high note… especially my articles. I have been ending every article on the low note… ever since I remember myself. But I see the value in the very last impression you leave with another… so here I go, learning a brand new skill from deep in a hole to mastery.

If you are in Reclaim and this is an issue for you: make it a point to study it, and create practices as he teaches it. You won’t believe the difference it will make in your relationships, both at home and at work.

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