For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

soccer-ball-in-the-faceWhat I didn’t say in the last article about conscious awareness and discipline, is probably as important as what I did say.

Lots of people argue that your subconscious or your ego are more important than what you are aware of consciously, but that may not be true.

Your ego, your drive given to you by the genes and their selfish desire that is so often counter to your conscious desire: unless you know thine enemy, the enemy will always win.

Your decisions from the past that are now not in the conscious part of your brain: ditto. If you don’t know at least the most important decisions that have taken you to where you are… then they will continue to run the show, that is your life, and take you where you are headed.

Both other-than-conscious aspects (ego and past decisions) of you need a lot of digging, observation, pondering, and developing strategies to counter.

I have an unconscious desire to be broke. I have an unconscious desire to be sick. I have an unconscious desire to be an outcast.

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SixMenGettingSick_2Since I, from time to time, bring it in the conscious domain, I can manage myself, more or less effectively, to a life of success, health, and love.

I have a genetic disposition to be controlling, domineering, being superior, and to talk down to people.

Since I keep that in front of me at all times, I have managed, in the past 20-30 years to minimize their influence on my behavior.

Could I get better at it? Yes. But I am where I am.

aberrationsAt this point I prefer to go for asking for forgiveness, instead of being totally restricted.

Managing how I show up in the world, managing how I do my work to be successful, healthy and liked is an area of huge growth potential for me.

slide_9What else didn’t I say in my last article… other than the need to become consciously aware of the other than conscious aspects and forces that influence you?

There is a very important thing that no one seems to say in self-development, and the reason may be because the teachers need to get consciously aware of this important fact:

That until you learn to be an be OK in the presence of contradiction and ambiguity, you’ll always suppress one or another aspect of reality… I mean your consciousness about it.

You may suppress negativity. You may suppress desire. You may suppress ambition.

All these ways are simple-minded–they are only for people who cannot cope with contradiction and ambiguity.

yes-noMany gurus fall into this trap, including Osho, who taught me more than most anyone else.
But when I look around, I can’t say I know anyone who hasn’t chose one or more of these simple minded ways to relate to the world…

This is one of the reasons they have low vibration: life is everything and its opposite.

The ultimate test of truth is that you can stand it on its head, and that will also be true.

Bummer, eh?

Big brained creatures unable to be with how it is.

the-danger-of-certaintyI am dealing with the questions of true/false every day, all day, given that my main tool of guidance is asking Source for yes/no answers.

I would not be able to do this work if I were simple minded… though the genes want clear and authoritative answers… those may not exist. Or if they do: they are all wrong.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

If you get this quote, you’ll laugh hysterically. It is horrible. Confronting. Laugh and cry at the same time.

Because this quote pierces your wishful heart… the heart that wants a simple solution to everything.

  • Love is the answer… blah blah blah.
  • Just meditate
  • Become a vegan… respect all life
  • Faith… faith resolves blah blah blah

Let me put the sheep video here… now you’ll appreciate it even more than without this preamble…

Any answer that is simple minded enough grabs your attention, because you want simple minded solutions.

So, how do you grow your capacity to hold two or more conflicting ideas without getting schizophrenia or a nervous break down?

By practicing allowing. Allowing them to be there. Allowing them to be true, or false, or anything… without forcing them to be anything.

In the state of allowing the whole world can reveal itself to you.

Just please know that allowing is not the genes’ natural state. Genes are selfish, forceful, spiteful, and nasty.

Go with the genes… be like them.

Or go with higher values… be like them.

Or manage both by allowing nature to be what it is, allowing yourself to have both nature, and then choose, moment to moment which aspect of yourself to honor.

One is not good, and the other is not bad. You need both.

Allowing… remember?

PS: If you paid attention at all, each soul correction is about this management. Each soul correction is about a selfish gene forceful tendency… a tendency to control, take over, block resist, idolize, singularity.

The art of soul correction is to allow these to be and then choose what action to take, what attitude to assume… but choose.

Suppressing is not a viable solution. It is a complex problem, and the simple answer of suppression is wrong.

Why is it wrong? Because an eye for an eye results in a nation that is blind.

Fighting force (the genes) with force hurts you more that it helps.

Allowing the urge, allowing the desire, the want, the need to be, and choose an action from wherever you choose it from is the key to a life that is both successful and stress free.

If you need energetic support, allowing is, in simple terms, saying that there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix.

The Avatar State Activator, Nothing wrong, Nothing To Fix… is a great energetic training for that. Ultimately few other capacities contribute to your happiness and peace of mind as much as the abillity to allow what is… It is actually at the heart of the ability to cause abundance.Buy it

It’s best used in the background, 24/7.

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