A good method to find yourself and know yourself: your core

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I often catch myself stingy… if that is really what the beingness is…

Some 30 years ago I started a magazine. I didn’t want to put my own picture in the magazine, so I put a woman’s picture there who was a lot like me, instead.

It was self-protection, the sign of an intense aversion of being touched by someone I didn’t want to be touched by. I can feel it now that I am talking about it.

The same feeling but weaker comes up when I think of all the people coming to my site who I would not want to talk to.

A few years ago I listened to a talk by Frank Kern (personal vibration: 300). The video of that talk…

…is almost two hours long… bookmark it if you don’t have time to listen to it in its entirety. It’s worth the time and the effort… if you are worth it to yourself.

Listening to that talk was a life turning moment for me.

It gave voice to that aversion I mention above, and made me look who I really want to do business with, who I really want to talk to, who is a good match to what I want to do with my life.

It’s not easy to know the answer to these questions.

Self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-respect are rare intangibles… but struggling with defining myself, and doing the exercises in that video was the best thing ever happened to me.

What gives relevance and timeliness to this article is this: I a starting to feel stingy again. Or self-protecting, if you prefer that term.

Especially in the wake of the sudden influx of visitors from Flipboard.

I muscle tested and not even one person is a good match to what I do, what my intention to do with people who are my customers, who are the visitors of my site.

This must be a female thing… by the way.

Frank Kern says that he only wants customers who match at least one criteria: he would be willing to go and have lunch with them.

There are very few people I’d want to have lunch with. So, for me it is a better question: people I’d like to have a one-on-one call with. I don’t know what I don’t know… but I can ask questions from Source… so that’s what I did: there are 10 people, don’t know who they are, that I would enjoy talking to on the phone. That I would leave the call with more energy, more aliveness that I had when I got on the phone.

I wonder who those people are…

I am going to spend some time to find those people, to make them “raise their hand” so we can talk.

If you think you are one of them… please email me.

If you are not sure, then just keep on waiting… I’ll find a way to get to you… this is not a threat, this is a promise… lol.

PS: I’ll post the questions, the exercises, etc. from the video in the next article

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