Conscious awareness is the best predictor of worldly success… your worth a damn factor is close second

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To my surprise, people have no idea that their worth a damn factor has been neglected since they were little babies.

They get “encouragement” to not know that there is such a thing… and then they grow up to be seriously not worth a damn, and they suffer.

How does it work?

If you are consistently praised for being a good girl, a pretty girl, a smart girl… you’ll think that that is what there is to it. That is your ticket to the good life, to paradise.
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happiness2But life does not work this way, so you are screwed. Because life, unlike your parents or teachers indoctrinate you, trades on tangibles, not intangibles.

Being good, pretty or smart is irrelevant in real life. The buy you nothing.

types-of-underachieversIn real life you are judged by real people who judge you by what value you proved to them.

Let’s exaggerate: you choose to be an actor or a prostitute to earn your living… after all you are so pretty.

To your dismay it doesn’t go well. You actually have to do things you don’t know how to do, and you are kicked out and the complaints against you pile up… you are not making a living.

What happened? No one has told you that values are created with skills. Skills of doing, skills of communicating, skills with people.

Unless you have skills, and a lot of them, you’ll always struggle.

underachieversThe good news is that you can be retrained, if you are willing.

What do you need to be willing to do? You need to be willing to bring conscious awareness to how you do things, how you think, to how you communicate… and learn new ways.

You see, your indoctrination by your parents have been blocking your view of reality, of the world and of yourself.

Indoctrination happens with constant bombardments of false beliefs and false feedback. Retraining needs to happen just as constantly, with nearly imperceptible input, so the new views, like water dripping can gnaw away at a big rock, eats away at your wrong beliefs about yourself and the world.

I have coaching students who don’t even know they changed. I am afraid to tell them, because I don’t want to wake up the sleeping monster.

But people are doing things they never considered doing, and stopped doing what they have been doing from time immemorial.

Real change.

It takes time.

I am going to share my own… But I could share anyone’s example.

  1. I have completely changed my diet. How I eat now supports me well. I still have some issues, and I am in research mode about them… but I am definitely on the right track.When I started this process I lived in a sense of futility: no matter what I do it will never make a difference. So I didn’t do much. I was waiting to die. Hoping it was going to come soon and painlessly.Today I am not even near that place, and it is even hard to remember how it was…
  2. My communication with people have completely changed. It has become effortless. And caring. And curious.I actually don’t feel superior, trying to hide it.We could say that because of this process I have performed my soul correction, without even trying. Wow.
  3. My financial situation has shifted to having more money, and having more resources to make money.
  4. I have a lot more tolerance to irritating circumstances, like heat waves, like mistakes I make, like mistakes others make, like stupidity.Life is smoother, more flowing.I notice that I don’t have to manage myself to be this way: it is just happening by itself.

    Life is easy. Hm… I have never thought I would ever utter these words.

    So what is the magic method?

    It is the 67 step coaching program.

    You see, Tai Lopez knows nothing about intrinsic values, poopoos smart and pretty and good… thank god, and re-teaches what he learned from people who wrote books about it, or make success for themselves.

    His emphasis on extrinsic values exclusively is his strength.

    It’s clean. It is applicable. And over time it is entirely, profoundly, retrains a person who stays with it.

    I know people who did it once. I know people who did some of it. NO RESULT.

    It’s 67 audios, with 3-4 directing questions each. I myself don’t do the questions part… don’t even read them. The questions are, mostly, disruptive to the water-torture nature of his narrative.

    But I do look at myself, and ponder what he said. Often I write an article because of what I see.

    My coaching students write to me what they are left with, what they saw.

    I think that it’s the magic sauce. The writing… you can’t write anything that won’t make me “yell” without first looking.

    The writing forces you to look and look again. To internalize what you heard.

    If I were my own student, the cost of the results I produced would be

    $67 for the audios
    $15 a week for the platform to write and the feedback. I bought the audios on February 2. Five and a half months, roughly 24 weeks, $360.

    Total of $427.

    Yesterday I bought a $1999 program for myself. I guarantee that it will make less difference in my life than those $427 have… so far. I also guarantee that the results have just begun… Hell, I’ll be worth a damn… lol.

    If you don’t do it, you are, plain and simple, too resigned to see that life could start working for you.
    If you don’t do it, you may be too dead, too stupid, too sick, too dehydrated, or too stingy with yourself.

    Stupid as the stupid does.


    wasting-timeYou are as young as you’ll ever be. And your whole life in ahead of you: without something to change it, dramatically, it is going to remain the same, or more likely worse. A lot worse.

    Because you’ll remain the same. Your world view will remain the same. Your “worth a damn” factor will remain the same.

    Too bad.

    So, if you are willing to get off your high horse… and bring your fears with you…

    It is brain washing… like a good shower… replacing your stupid ideas about life with something that actually works in real life.

    How do you start?

    I have created a way for you to deal with only me…

    You buy the program from me, and I go to Tai Lopez’s site in your stead and pay for it. It’s on the up and up… I’ll use your name and email to pay and register…

    You pay $67 down and then pay $15 a week, and continue as long as you want.

    I recommend nine months to a year… or as long as it takes for you to do all the 67 steps three times. Yes, it will take that long to have you fully cooked.

    Or you can get a lifetime deal for $427… if you prefer.

    Or you can get a lifetime deal for $477… if you prefer.

    Here is the button to pay weekly:

    Or the lifetime option:

    Bonus: You get two free weeks on the Reclaim site… and, of course, the 67 step program is yours to keep.

    Write to me if you want to be in this program.

    Download the pdf version of this article your-worth-a-damn-factor

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