Will you Take Action Toward a Goal or Dream?

When I watch or coach people: most people quit… first they pretend to be still in… but they stopped generating that goal or that dream.

Brendon Burchard, in this video and pdf give you a tool to evaluate where you are standing with regards to a certain goal or dream… and make the necessary changes so you can be closer to being a person who will accomplish what they dream about, what would really serve them and their lives.

here is the video, and below the video is the link to the pdf… the evaluating guide.

By the way, this is the perfect time for me, given that I just committed to spending two grands on a course… and I don’t have two grands to waste… so I am going to do exactly what I am asking you to do.

Go do it.

PDF: BrendonBurchard-SuccessIndicatorAssessment

Listen… without knowing the truth about yourself, you are going to be like a dry leaf being blown by the wind…

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