Are you happy with the results you are getting in your life?

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Are you happy with the results you are getting?

In your efforts for money, in your efforts for knowledge, in your efforts for happiness, in your efforts for health?

One useful technique that you may try in your case is to invert the usual questions.

What are the usual questions?

How can I…?
Why can’t I…?
What can I do so I…?

everything-in-your-life-is-a-reflection-of-a-choice-you-have-made-if-you-want-a-different-And if you look, there are articles and books and videos telling you how you can, and what you can do, and maybe even why can’t you… occasionally.

But if you notice, all those answers haven’t helped you.

I don’t know if the game “torpedo” is known everywhere in the world under different names, mine sweeper, battleship.

The common denominator in these games is that the location of the danger, or the target is hidden in and you can’t get anyone to tell you where it is…

This, as opposed to those simplistic games articles and videos play where they point you to a path… and lure you into believing that life is simple and straightforward.

What are you talking about?

Inverting the question means: asking how not to succeed…

Life, the world is not straightforward, and if you continue to believe it, then you probably need coffee, booze, sex, TV, porn, computer games, trashy novels… because your capacity to be with complexity and pain is too small for you to live effectively in this life, in this world.

Although your brain is equipped to deal with complexity, you have always avoided it… starting with math…

And religion didn’t help. All religions have a yes: do this, and no: don’t do this… but no complexity: no need to think, to see the big picture.

Society, school do the same thing… reduce you to a simpleton.

I remember how upset and puzzled I was when I first found out that plastic bags need to have a printed message: playing with this thing can kill your infant… duh. Or the window shade pulley cord… that kids can hang themselves with… another example of the powers that be make sure you don’t think for yourself, you don’t think ahead, you don’t learn how to be responsible for your own results. Because everything is a result… Just not what you wanted…

People can’t be trusted to think it out for themselves, learn from their mistakes and be a person, a thinking person… oh no, we need to do their thinking for them… say the lawmakers.

And your ability to hold even two conflicting thoughts, your ability to see and imagine the consequences of your actions, let alone create thought experiments is atrophied from non-use.


Your brain and its moves are a lot like your body and its moves: they need to be practiced, learned and practiced, expanded, perfected, or you are a simpleton.

And this life is not for simpletons.

Simpleton pretty much means that you would not survive without your brethren who know more, think more, see more.

You are dead weight depending on being carried… and you know, carrying dead weight is no one’s favorite pastime.

The way little kids learn the world is through insatiable curiosity, seeing examples, imitating… This is what is called “play”.

starting-pointThey are not satisfied with asking questions, they have to try. They have to experience it.

Of course if you are a child of simpletons, living in a community of simpletons, you have seen no good example… but that doesn’t mean your brain is not ready to explore, to think, to do what you missed as a little child.

Your job is to stop asking questions to get answers.

All those answers are useless…

So what is the inversion method you should ask yourself?

the inversion methodIn your efforts for money, in your efforts for knowledge, in your efforts for happiness, in your efforts for health?

What would I have to do to be utterly unsuccessful in the area of money, knowledge, happiness and health?

Of course ask each area separately.

You’ll surprise yourself by knowing the answers to those questions. Are they all the things you should do to be unsuccessful? No. Just like with a river, the “not river” part of the world is very very wide…

But often what you’ll find is that you can stop doing those things you found that will surely make you unsuccessful, and the quality of your life will jump up.

Just like in the area of thinking: looking for answers, waiting for answers, thinking you have answers, memorizing stuff that may be an answer won’t help you in thinking…

different-choiceSo stop doing that. You are merely kidding yourself.

For most of you, the 67-step-coaching is the opportunity to learn to think, learn to look, learn to see, in a low pressure, non-demanding environment, like a little kid.

I thought I was exceptional already, having won competitions in mathematics and physics, and I confess: I learned an awful lot of thinking I have never knew existed.

I see the results on my students, undeniable.

It is never too late to become a person… really.

The program is, in essence, a one-on-one program. You decide how often you listen to a new step. You decide how often to write to me. I am not demanding… it is counter productive.

It’s your program. You have the steps, and you have me to 1. listen 2. feedback 3. occasionally guide.

Everyone does the program their way, and it’s OK with me.

prove it can be doneI’d like you to do it faster, because I can see what it can do, but it is your program, and I have room for you to do it at your pace. It’s taken me a while.

If you think you are ready, jump in.
If you think you may be convinced, come to the Talk to Me webinar on Wednesday. I don’t push… I answer your questions. I am not in this to sell you.

Sign up here… or if you want more time to ponder, or ask some questions, I’ll have a Talk to Me webinar on July 27 for subscribers only (subscription means that you give me your real name and your real email address so I can stay in touch with you). Click the link to sign up… you’ll be automatically added to the webinar and you’ll get the link to attend it in your email… Use an email you actually check… duh.

your-choicesOK… if you can see that becoming intelligent is a priority for you:

Or you can get a lifetime deal for $477… if you prefer.

Here is the button to pay weekly:

Or the lifetime option:

Bonus: You get two free weeks on the Reclaim site… and, of course, the 67 step program is yours to keep.

Write to me if you want to be in this program.

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