How to grow some balls… at least seemingly

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grow-some-balls-2As I have mentioned, I have signed up to an expensive course that teaches a marketing method to pick the right people that are a good match for what I am attempting to do: take a group of people to the level of human being, the next evolutionary level for the species.

Signing up opened a can of worms.

Several daily emails, and a slew of offers, all beyond my need, all beyond my budget.

Today, a week into this campaign, the fifteenth video, the offer is 20 thousand dollars… and I am ready to throw in the towel.

It is like being in a restaurant,

…asking for a bowl of soup… That is what I wanted, that is what I can afford.

But they don’t let me eat… one waiter after another interrupts me, offering this and that and yet another thing.

Grow-some-balls.-4jpgSo, as I jumped up from my computer ready to scream, it occurred to me, that it’s not personal. That maybe there are people, among the few thousands that bought the same program, that want more, much more.

That I could just make room in my heart for all those people who are well served by this avalanche of offers…

I could make room for it, like I made room for the weather, like I made room for the raccoon the other day, like I made room for the girl who made a bad decision on my reclaim program… Make room.

It’s like this: if you are on a crowded bus, squeezed in like sardines, the sweating guy behind you, and the shopping bag of the lady next to you make you wet, or cut into your flesh… so you will be hard pressed to bear it with much patience.

one-doesnt-simply-grow-a-pair-of-ballsBut if suddenly they are a foot from you… you are OK with them sweating, or having a big metal buckle on their shopping bag… it is neither here or there… no big deal.

You and I, taking things personally, as if they were, is one of the biggest destroyers of peace of mind, productivity, and becoming an expanding human being.

After all, you can only do one thing at a time: be angry and rant, or grow… or just do what you need to do to live a great life… not both.

beautifully-wrapped-shitWhen I look at people who are underachievers, this, taking things personally, having things be too meaningful to them, personally, is what are at the root of their lack of achievement, or slow growth if any.

I have a dramatic personality… although I am no longer the drama queen I used to be…

I used to have the tolerance of a yellow jacket… I would sting people, or escape, or yell bloody murder.

This is one area of tremendous growth for me in the past few months, when I reduced the self-importance, and the taking things personally aspect of my behavior and attitude.

It still takes a conversation with myself. It is not automatic. I will still get upset first, and calm down second.

But I have room for a lot more “insults”, and a lot more mistakes than before.

Even from myself.

grow-some-ballsI am struggling in implementing a software that will help me automate some communication with you, my dear reader… and it is slow going. I find myself not tracking, not doing it right, feeling that I am missing something.

This morning I asked Source if I should throw in the towel. After all why do I need this aggravation? But to my surprise Source (muscle test) said Yes… so I guess this is a something for something more… a little suffering for a big payoff… If that is the case, I’ll just hang in there, until I get it right.

Giving something up because the work to get it is hard is what most people do… and what comes naturally to me too.

But I had the heart to heart with Source… my better self, I guess, and this time I didn’t give up.

HelmetAndCup_BeagleIf you recognize yourself in any of my examples… now you know they are universal. And the solution is universal too…

You can always have a heart to heart with your better self… or another person if you need to.

Learn how on my “Face the Tiger” workshop starting this coming Sunday.

The price is a pittance… and it includes the capacity for courage… because everything you do that is new, needs courage.

And if you are undecided, come and get “self-trust”, the capacity, activated this coming Wednesday… and see if you can trust yourself to give some discomfort for a big win that lasts a lifetime.

You can ask about this workshop on the Meet and Greet on Wednesday… at 4 pm NY time… If the time doesn’t work… let me know… and let me know what would… And really, you can ask about anything.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to hear me, observe me, and see if you feel you can learn from me.

It is hard to learn from someone you don’t like. Because it needs the same skills of making room, and communication I teach in the workshop.

Isn’t that interesting?

People you like and want to learn from probably are the wrong people for you: they keep you safe and create a make-belief type of peaceful environment where you’ll never learn to manage yourself through communication.


My favorite teachers are people I don’t really like, but they teach something I badly need. This is what you want to learn from me most…

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