Muscle Testing; What Would Have Happened In The Story Of Three Feet from Gold If Our Hero Knew Muscle Testing?

quitting three feet from goldThree Feet from Gold and Muscle Testing… there is something here for all of us.

The course I am currently teaching, Brilliance at Will, has come to a line of demarcation.

Suddenly it looks much easier and much more desirable for students to turn back and give up than forging ahead.

Much like the guy in the story from Think and Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill) who bought a piece of land during the California gold rush and spent all his money and life searching for the big score, only to end up broke and broken, eventually selling off his claim to another prospector. The new owner of the claim brought in geologists and specialists to see if it made sense to continue mining the old mine since the original owner had not pulled out enough gold to even live on. What they found was that the original miner had stopped digging and gave up his mine and his dream just three feet from the richest gold vein in California history.

Unless you have a tool, an education, or an elevated view, you’ll never know how far you are from hitting pay-dirt.

People err on both sides of the equation: some throw good money after bad money, others quit too soon and never find out how far they had been from accomplishing what they intended to accomplish. Most are about three feet from gold.

What is absolutely stunning to me is that my students have the tool of muscle testing while connected to Source.

They could ask questions that would guide them. But instead they listen to the mind: the mind that is the enemy.

Imagine owning a gun and asking the tiger if you can outrun it… imagine having a boat but trying to ask the shark if you could outswim it… Wrong question, wrong “expert.”

Neither the tiger, the shark, nor the mind is your friend. They will advise you according to what makes them win over you, which is also what makes you a total loser…

I must admit that I came to this conclusion because I was myself wondering if what I am teaching isn’t working, if my students are not able to get it, use it, and conquer the “human condition” with it… or because it looked scary to their mind.

Then I calmed down, created a little distance between what’s happening and myself, and started to ask and muscle test questions.

I think this is the major difference between me and my students: I can remove myself from my mind, become emotionally detached, and just become the observer with only a mild curiosity… instead of thinking that my life, my carrier, my future depends on my next action.

I teach getting out of the mind in the drill calls… invaluable, but requires the insight that you are not doing it for me, you are practicing for times just like this: where creating a distance is what you need to keep your cool and ask intelligent questions.

Another “move” that allows me to keep my cool is that my life is not about my life.

Back in 1987 some teacher of mine “accused me” that my life is all about me and my life. I remember creating a huge possibility for myself that New Years Eve, not like a resolution, but more like a declaration. I declared that “my life is not about my life, my life is about others.”

Since then I have pretty consistently managed to live outside of “this is all about me” and create different context to different projects.

My context for “” is to test and evaluate methods that could work for humans to become seed of the new humanity, and to inform Source on the inner workings of the mind.

It is my view that humanity has reached a point of no return. That the mind has taken over to such extent that it is dubious if anything can get done to remedy the situation. Humanity is entirely controlled by the Dark Side through the mind.

The experiment has been to determine if a small band of humans can change voluntarily to happy, joyful, individuals that can’t and won’t be controlled.

Muscle test says the experiment is not over yet. For the next humanity a lot more data is needed so the same mistake won’t happen again.

Are my students able to overcome the temptation to go back into slavery? We shall see. I am going to be fine either way.

I am using my tools, muscle testing, diligently.

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