The average number of people in any program that actually get the results promised by the program is as low as 1-2%

FULL_ResultsWhat is the paralyzing factor that is responsible for producing such low results in any type of program?

The normal result is 1~2%, and an extraordinarily successful course with lots of handholding can clock a 7% result.

And this result does not see to depend on the amount of schooling people have, or the average IQ…

This afternoon I listened in to a webinar orientation of the marketing course I am taking. As I said, the course is two thousand dollars, ten weeks, and it started yesterday.

Its bulk was answering questions. And the questions were a dead giveaway why people don’t succeed in the courses they take:

You can already see on day two of a 10 week course who is not going to succeed. Who is asking the type of questions that belie their thinking habits…
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People asked questions about stuff that will not be relevant until week seven or eight.

This indicates two serious issues:

  1. they made a buying decision without due diligence… and will drop out
  2. they can’t or won’t concentrate on the job in front of them, step one, that without concentrating on, working it, really putting all power behind their actions  would make them succeed.

Thinking about stuff, thinking about the future, thinking about obstacles or problems down the line take your power away to do what you need to do now.

In this particular course step one is a b-i-t-c-h, a nose to the grindstone, 10-15 hour minimum research… you need serious grit to stick with it.

if_you_use_your_mind Any questions about a future problem are designed by the selfish gene to undermine your efforts and ultimately force you to remain the same.

only_one_person-534-185Don’t kid yourself… the pull, the force, the inertia to stay the same, is huge. Billions of genes in billions of people want you back in the chicken coop.

Everything-goodSo unless you learn to manage your attention, unless you do your due diligence ahead of time, you’ll stay the same, and will belong to the at least 93% of the people who’ll never change.

So how do you learn to manage your attention?

not-engaging-in-ignorance-is-wisdom-quote-1Excellent question, and alas I don’t have a ready answer for you.

So I am going to brainstorm here…

One thing I know: meditation’s main job should be to train your attention. Yet I have never spoken with a person who meditates and can direct their attention at will… so meditation is not an effective method.

the-emptinesswhoever_knows_thatReducing distractions is a relatively effective method… but it only reduces the outside distractions.

slide_411608_5187866_freeBut the real issue is the inner distraction, the monkey mind…

I have found that brain health is very important for the ability to focus and stay with that focus.

When you are properly hydrated (above 70%) you are calmer. And when you eat right for your ethnicity, your blood type, for your body type, for your food sensitivities and intolerances, correct your nutritional deficiencies, when your health number gets above 50%, this ability starts to kick in.

And last but not least: you need to train your attention. First off, you need to be aware that your attention has wandered and gently pull it back.

You do that best when you can descend your Self into your Center… and do your attention training exercises from there.

The world, the hubbub, the noise, almost forces you to live from your head and not from your center.

And I can tell you that living there is both unpleasant and ineffective… no matter what you are up to.

So if you really want to grow beyond the chicken coop… you need to take steps in raising your health and vibration numbers, and start living from your Center.

Living from your Center is easy to learn, I have taught it in an experimental course… Where I trained people to be Detached… it didn’t take, but people did learn to descend to their Center, and I have seen results from that.

If you are interested in learning to descent your Self into your Center… let me know. I am curious how many people are interested in that.

self-righting-doll It is an energetic shift… where your Self drops, gradually into your Center, so you are much like the 2000px-Poli_Gus_N_rocked.svgRoly-poly toy… that always rights itself… because its center is so close to the bottom.

On days like today I have to remember to go there… it is not automatic. On “normal” days I live from there… that’s why I am so unflappable.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “The average number of people in any program that actually get the results promised by the program is as low as 1-2%”

  1. Dear Sophie, you’re onto something here. High vibration, well and simply described, so valuable. Your steady motion forward and back is revealing a path beneath your feet, which others may use to find their own way. We are grateful. — Blair

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