Energy healing, coaching, nutritional consulting: what do they all have in common?

preacher1Yesterday I had an “energy healer” type of person on the Open Mic aka Talk to Me webinar.

Normally these webinars are really fun: we talk. Students ask questions, some great, some simple and to the point… they have fun, I have fun, and our relationship deepens.

Yesterday was a different kind of session: there was this “energy healer” guy… and he was into arguing, debating, talking about what he thinks, what he learned, blah blah blah.

He considered my webinar his forum to disseminate his wisdom. His learning. His take on the world.

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soapboxNot good… but I let him speak for a few minutes. Then I explained that this was not the forum to pontificate… If anyone was allowed, it was me… lol.

Anyway, the guy wrestled back the microphone later on, attempting to coach me on an example I gave on what “facing the tiger” can be… an example from my own life. He didn’t like anything I said, and was trying to push me this way and that.

Typical coaching behavior… Told him off. This time not that nicely.

OK… so why am I sharing this? Am I venting? Am I gossiping? No… I have a more important reason.

I suddenly saw something I hadn’t quite seen this clearly before.

Let me explain:

straightening-you-outEvery Tuesday I go to a chiropractor. Ever since my health got better (health number: 70%, hydration: 70%), going to a chiropractor has been making me feel worse for 2-3 days.

Why? Because a chiropractor, much like this guy on the call… is trained to force his educated opinion down my body’s throat, so to say, and I feel worse, weak, hobbling for a few days. Then the body realigns itself, and I am well till next Tuesday.

What is the chiropractor is doing exactly? In addition to putting me on blocks to make my legs the same length, he “balances out my energies… and grounds me.”

tumblr_mzq1aiNb1P1qhtsqbo1_1280 Surprise… both the blocks and the balancing are forceful, and therefore harmful for my body.

For a healthy body, all you need to do is bring the attention to some potential or obvious imbalance, and the brain knows what to do, and does what the brain considers a good thing to do.

For a sick person, with a health number at or under 10, you can do a lot of hocus pocus… these people are so not well, and they have so little energy, it won’t much matter. But it will make the practitioner look like a shaman… whatever a shaman is… And you’ll pay through your nose.

Every interference into nature is from our limited perspective of the human mind.

legs-before-afterWhether it is medication, whether it is adjustment, energy “healing”, supplements, a new diet… or even your traditional coaching, they are forceful interference… and are more harmful than helping…

But for the purposes of this article, let’s look at my work.

  1. My coaching: I use the gentle nudge method… especially since I’ve been doing the 67-step method… very nurturing and respectful… I may fall off the ball… but it is rare nowadays.
  2. healing, healing energiesMy energy remedies are healing remedies.All my energy remedies are homeopathic in nature: they go right through you unless they find an energy that is a perfect match for what they are.And then they bump into each other and the remedy weakens the energy that is in your body… attitude, emotion, that is killing you.I add nothing new… I force nothing down your throat.
  3. The Big Bundle are three energies, all searching energies. They find something amiss and poke at it… effectively waking up the brain to the fact that there is something off. That is all they do… nothing forceful, nothing funky.I originally learned and practiced energies from the “Omega Shakti System”. That system worked on a totally different basis, and it was forceful, disrespectful, and violent. Except their “pattern pulling” move… which I loved, and which is a sculpture method: remove, gently, in tiny bits stuff that is not you… Other than that energy, I have abandoned “Omega Shakti System” or any other “energy healing modality”.
  4. Water energizer: adding nothing new here… coherence is your body’s cells natural state… that is why they recognize and welcome the fully energized water.I don’t add chemicals, I don’t add “structure”, I soothe the water you have to get into the same state as your cell-water is: coherent.
  5. my health consultation: it is all restorative. Restore your body to how it would be if you hadn’t destroyed it with foods and drink and habits that are alien to your body and are incompatible with your body.
  6. the only thing I’ve been doing that can be considered forceful is turning on spiritual capacities.Your body never had them on… but they are programmed in your genome…

Yesterday, on the call, I had an insight why they don’t stay on when they turn off.

YOUR mind, your limited perspective of the human mind interferes with the new capacity.


  1. your mind thinks that you should be, suddenly, seeing different things now
  2. your mind thinks that now the spirit world will just give you all you ever wanted, without you having to change anything, internally or externally.
  3. your mind goes and searches out reasons why it can’t work… won’t work for you.

I saw, for the first time, that unless you get that each capacity is a beingness capacity, a beingness that is a new identity… and you can settle into it now that the capacity is turned on… unless you settle into it, unless you start seeing yourself this new way, the capacity will turn off.

Example: I gifted the people on the call with the capacity: “Self-trust”.

Self trust is the beingness where who you are is that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Good or bad, handle it well, or handle it poorly, you can handle it.

This has been part of my identity for a long time. I take risks because I know that no matter how it turns out, I can handle it. So the fear of “I can’t handle the consequences” doesn’t stop me, because I don’t have that… for me it is: is it worth it, or not. If it is… I go for it. If it isn’t: I don’t.

But when I watch you, you don’t even ask if it is worth it. Why? Because your identity does not include that you can handle anything… So you don’t go for it… 99% of the time.

The student whose internal dynamic I was watching on the call, empathically, of course, was looking everywhere else but himself. He wasn’t looking at this new person who can handle anything.

you become a new personHow do you “cement” a new identity? Easy and simple. You look in the mirror and you see that you are the type of person who can handle anything. And you see it. And you say it to yourself

It is mostly non-verbal, but you can actually state the obvious. To yourself! Don’t brag about it!

This is not an affirmation… affirmations are lies. This is the truth… even if your past is not a proof that it’s true. But it is true as long as you honor your new identity that the capacity created.

If the capacity is turned on: your past won’t matter much, unless you willfully go there and say: this must be a lie… and that (the past) must be the truth. Then you are the violent one… forceful, willful, belligerent.

white-tigerIn “Face the Tiger” workshop starting this Sunday I’ll turn on Courage for the participants. It is included in the fee.

The identity of a courageous person it creates is: “I am afraid but that doesn’t stop me. I am the kind of person who takes my fear with me, in my pocket… to battle, to fun, to adventure, to wherever I go.”

I doubt this looking in the mirror and confirming the identity works without turning on a capacity first.

That is why the “identity altering experience” program by Seth Ellsworth, The Tall Guy, cannot have a higher effectiveness than 7%.

Because it can only work with what you have, the capacities, that you have forgotten that you had… covered up with behavior that wasn’t in line with who you are, your identity.

There are 160 capacities, and you have 4-7 on average… so you have a lot of room to grow.

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