I hate making mistakes! don’t you?

what's the truth about you? why are you making mistakes?Correct Diagnosis is 50% of the Cure in any area of your life

In this article I am going to show an area of my life where diagnostic skills and tools have saved the day, and in fact proved to be 90% of the cure.

The process of growth is not linear. It is more like layer by layer. No matter where you are now, in order to get to the next level, you need to completely explore the level or layer where you are at.

I have been relative successful for a while now, and like any other “normal” human being, I had the illusion that I have arrived to the place where it is smooth sailing from hereon.

The mind will always think that. Whatever is the newest experience, the mind will jump into conclusion and declare that life is going to be like this from here onward.

When you screw something up, the mind tells you that you are a lost cause and you’ll NEVER going to succeed. When you do something right, the mind tells you that you are the best, and you can now expect the best. ALWAYS

I’ve been telling you over and over that the mind is a stupid machine… but it is one thing to understand, and it’s a whole other thing to discredit the mind, actively, when it says anything bombastic and summary like that.

So, here is my story: I’ve made a number of mistakes since this past April. And obviously, since then I have been “fielding” this extreme negativity of the mind telling me to pack it up and leave, to end it all, to take a job, to admit to failure, leave the country/planet, and other conclusions like these. Familiar?

I’ve been quite successful at this, actually watching the mind with curiosity as it mounted attack after attack to become the leading voice in my life again. I was successful until this afternoon.

Let me explain what happened that flipped the balance of power over to the mind… yes, it does happen to spiritual teachers as well.

I have been attending marketing classes with my favorite marketing teacher, Robert Plank, and doing the homework diligently. The other day I heard him explain a brand new way of setting things up. I found it difficult to actually do my homework, but in the end I managed.

Today is my day off, and I was spending time catching up on a class I missed because I was teaching at the same time. I saw, in the video recording, Robert visiting my homework and critiquing it. It seems that I completely misunderstood the concept, and he didn’t mince his words knocking what he found.

I went through being mortified (1), being accusatory (2), complaining (3), until I finally got to “diagnosing” (4) the issue: I misunderstood what they said, and in fact I have no clue what it is I am supposed to do now. So what I am going to do, instead, is what I have always done, what has always worked, and not worry about the homework for a day or two. I’ll find a way to figure out what I misunderstood.

The interesting thing is that I am working on a webinar presentation where I am showing people to what degree they can’t hear, misunderstand, misconstrue everything, or near everything that comes at them in life.

And now, here I am, same thing happened to me.

I don’t know about you, but my entire life has been, thus far, an ongoing effort to avoid scenarios like this. Maybe this is why I am teaching this: I had to learn the hard way. If you know my life story, at age 3 I got really hurt because I misunderstood and misjudged a situation… and I vowed to never let that happen again.

The level of anxiety (remember, I am en empath!) that people demonstrate on my calls when I open their microphone to answer a question suggests that I am not alone in this: wanting to be sure so you can get things right.

In growing as a human being and being well at the same time, the biggest help in my life has been the methods I have that help me diagnose and distinguish what is really going on. These methods are much like X-ray, cat scan, eeg, blood work, for a doctor.

Once you are clear about the diagnosis the “cure” is relatively easy.

If you asked me what’s special about me, I would say it’s my ability to distinguish, precisely, succinctly what’s going on under the hood, under what’s visible, and then be able to recommend a “remedy,” a course of action, a tool, or some coaching to dig and clarify.

On the upcoming “What’s the Truth About You” webinar I am going to concentrate on ways you either don’t hear or mis-hear what is being communicated. It will be new, it will be interesting, and I guess, it will be frightening.

But if you don’t know the diagnosis, you will continue your life exactly the way it’s been going.

So, take a deep breath and open your eyes. You can’t catch what you can’t see… so let’s see it.

The webinar will be on Wednesday September 11 at 6 pm New York time. Not usual for me, but I want to test different time slots. If the signup rate is low, I may move it to my favorite time slot.

I have set up a signup page for you at www.WhatsTheTruthAboutYou.com

See you on the call.

Republished from November 2012

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “I hate making mistakes! don’t you?”

  1. It’s never enough of your ‘out-of-the-mind!’ pokes for me, Sophie, and that one stuck me even harder… There were times that I wanted to write you, when I’d doubt if it’s “the right thing” to say and drop the idea, afraid of making a mistake, unsure if I’m not just making up stuff – afraid of confronting that I could be wrong in how or where I am or admitting that I didn’t get something.

    I can see now that sharing especially if I was mistaken, getting criticized would allow me to learn about it and get me closer to the truth about me. It makes me wanna laugh out the anxiety behind it now that I see that… a mistake is just a mistake, afterall.

  2. Miko, that anxiety is very frequent, but especially with people with your soul correction. I just had a call with another “Silent Partner” person and taught her to say “no big deal” before the anxiety would kick in.

    I love mistakes and I pray for them. Every mistake is an opportunity for me to do course-correction. The only enemy your life has is to go into the dead zone where you don’t change, you don’t have to change, where you don’t make mistakes, where you and your life is dead.

    Dead people don’t make mistake. Choose life.

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