Witness a “measure my vibration” conversation… very educational

open-micThis is a conversation between a person who sent me a donation to find out his vibration.

The conversation worth quoting: I say a lot of important things there… so please read and heed.

Please measure my vibration. Here is my $15 donation….

On 03/08/2016 16:41, Sophie wrote:

your vibration is 170

your main motivator is greed… and therefore it is your biggest stumbling block.

you need to change your context or greed will suffocate you and your life.

If I needed to recommend something, I’d recommend my 67 step coaching program, because it gently expands your cone of vision to include all of your life, and then further, to include Life.

It is a long term process, but it is worth it…

Because you can have what you want without this tension in your shoulders and tightness of throat…

Let me know if you are interested.


Thursday, August 4, 2016, 4:43:27 AM, you wrote:

Hi Sophie,
Nice to meet you.
I think your measurement of me at 170 is probably completely correct and true.
What really amazes me is HOW YOU DID THAT?
I appreciate the offer on the 67 steps program. But I have another more important focus for the time being.
I want to learn how to measure a persons level.
Can you teach me? Is it possible to teach?
All the best,

On 04/08/2016 12:42, Sophie wrote:

P, yes and no.

first off: you need to be able to connect to Source and try without trying, think without thinking, and be totally without ego.

Then energetically connect to the person whose vibration you want to measure and then muscle test.

All these phases are terribly difficult and takes years or decades to master.

But the last one, connecting, is near impossible unless you are a True Empath… meaning you can direct your empathic connection.

I have not met anyone like that.

So it is not so much “teaching”, but innate ability.

I have students who are empaths, but they can only connect reliably to something they touch.

I am 69 years old, and was born this way… plus have moved all my abilities to feeling…

Are you really in x country? With a Finnish name?

Thank you,

Thursday, August 4, 2016, 6:18:40 AM, you wrote:

Hi Sophie,

It’s really amazing what you are saying.

Yes. I’m really in x country. With a Finnish name. Grew up in Sweden. The story is long.

I have had many interesting mentors:
The first 2 mentors taught me how to Sell.
The 3rd mentor taught me how to use the law of attraction to not have to Sell.
The most amazing person I have ever meet. He even cured cancer.
(of course I have not seen him do this but too many other proofs have
had me convinced that it was be possible)

Mentoring students:
Now, I want to be the mentor to help people learn the law of attraction mindset to help them.
The BIG focus here is that I have realized that gratitude and love are the real ingredients they need in order to grow into happier and more prosperous people.

Measuring the level would be a way for them find out where they are and where they would need to go in order to ‘ascend’ to higher levels of personal “success” and fullfillment.

So far, I have reached to the idea of creating a questionnaire to help determine their level. (its part of a website called DREAMMAKER) Based on their level, which would help to guide them upwards.

The BIG focus is here for now: its not ‘quite’ from your level. 🙂

Test Weak Test Strong

Hate……………………………………………………………………….. Love

Swastika…………………………………………………………………. American Flag
Joseph Stalin……………………………………………………………. Mahatma Gandhi
Gangster Rap music……………………….. ………………………. Classical music

Yep, I want to learn from you, Sophie. Even if it takes years. Even if I can’t reach your level, since it’s innate.

Shoot for the stars & Reach the moon at least?

All the best,

On 04/08/2016 13:39, Sophie wrote:

the question, the good question is: what should you learn from me?

You see, the problem with most anything I’ve encountered out there is “no distinction

People throw words around as if they were darts always hitting the bull’s eye.

but the words are sloppy, and their meaning is undefined.

especially in the success “industry”…

this vagueness works well with the ego of the crowds: they don’t want precision, they don’t want to have to aim, they don’t want to change.

they want to want… and that is exactly what they get.

it is not words, it is not thoughts, it is not emotions that activate the law of similars, it is beingness.

And beingness is not caused by affirmation, strong desire, words, thoughts… the opposite is true: everything flows from beingness…

and your beingness is either automatic/default, or created…

I have found that you cannot create a beingness without the dna capacity for that beingness being active in your genome.

and that’s the reason the law of attraction does not work for people… because it depends on capacities, just like being and empath.

capacities can be turned on, either by lots of action… epigenetics or by an energy person, like myself plus lots of actions to justify it being open to the rest of the genome.

That is what you want to learn from me.

you have 6 capacities open, gratitude, appreciation, self-control, etc. are not among them

Thank you,

Thursday, August 4, 2016, 7:04:29 AM, you wrote:

I have been “OK” at the level of greed, where I currently am, but now that I understand it, I want to transcend it.
I want to learn the see the world through a higher level than now.
How to move to the next level? Can we start from there?
Thank you

Thursday, August 4

unfortunately: no.

the reason I recommended the 67 step coaching program, because it makes you cycle through about 100 principles that fly in the face of everything you believe.

And get redirection and coaching in the process. And grow.

in additions to this: if your body is in survival mode, it won’t let you let go of greed.

your health level is 7%
your cell hydration level is 5%

in serious survival mode…

So unless you get yourself better through drinking the Energized Water and eating according to your body and ancestry, you won’t be trainable… very sorry. 1

Thank you,

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  1. The worst off are people who live in a country other than their ancestors lived… x country, in the south of Europe… totally different climate and foods than Sweden… no chance to be well unless one knows and follows the dietary tradition of one’s ancestry.

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