Live like a White Peacock… do things for the love of doing things…

side-peacockI love reading. My favorite books tear down the proverbial curtain of the Wizard of Oz.

And my favorite activities… you could guess, are when I can tear down the curtain… and actually show the naked reality of things…

I find delight in it.

I used to be a dreamer, an escape artist, an avoider.

I saw reality so distasteful, myself so unattractive and unbecoming, that I went into daydreaming, and fantasizing, and imagery to find solace.

I haven’t become more attractive, but I have stopped hoping that being attractive, or heroic, or good, or altruistic, or brilliant, or whatever would buy me something I’d actually want.

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Paon_blanc_Madère_2008I started to love what is, and not worry about what could be, should be, might be…

Or wish for it.

In any area of life… maybe except one: I’d occasionally go into a fantasy where I am actually driving and have some semblance of control of where I am…

It is all about control, or the illusion of control, by the way.

Having no control over our lives could be said to be the worst thing that can happen to us, and having any control, even just the illusion… and we are perking up and approaching life with joyful anticipation.

Even having what we want isn’t as joyful as the anticipation of it.

This is why people insist on having their delusions…

My experience has been that reality never quite measure up to my fantasy… in any area… food, sex, love, success…

When you get to where I am at, you stop imagining things… and start to interact with reality, where you have some power… to make things happen, and then you have the power to look at what you created and say: oh, this… I surely expected it to be more fun, taste better, or look better… as is in my case.

But it is what it is.

peacocksWhen you look at people, you can group them…

  1. One group is fantasizing about power: the law of attraction, their thoughts, their vibration, energies, the weather, over the law of gravity, about large groups of people…If you observe them over a longer time, they definitely are seekers… insisting on seeking, insisting on trying… On some level they know that the results, if they are forthcoming, will be less fun that the imagining of it.
  2. The other group is doing what they can to control what they can so they can match reality to their dreams…
  3. And then, not a group, but rare individuals, spend their time in the here and now, and don’t much care about any future…This last group is as rare as white peacocks…

When people come to my site, what brings them is a desire to control… something.

They want to learn to heal, learn to muscle test, learn to feel better… it is all about control.

The idea of immersion has resonated with people. That is something they could control and then control their vibration, their growth… fabulous.

But the real issue is this: are you willing to control what you can control, in the here and now?

Are you even willing to look what it is that you can control?

And moreover: are you willing to give up any results from your activity… so it doesn’t take you out of the here and now?

Because, believe it or not, you can’t be in both worlds at once. The moment you have “in order to” actions… you are not present. You have taken out of your attention, your power, and transferred both to the future… that will either happen or not.

Now you see why White Peacock are so rare…

By the way, my understanding of the peacock is that they eat poison… and the poison makes them beautiful.

But they don’t eat the poisonous berries so they can become beautiful… that is just a side effect.

They love poisonous berries… they love how it makes them feel.

Because humans are so delusional, the poisonous berries, for a human, have one job and one job only: to knock them conscious for a minute or two…

My job as a coach is to knock you conscious.

I am good at it.

I like doing it.

And then you do what you want to do with it…

Come back for more, or slink away whimpering.

Download the pdf version of this article live-like-a-white-peacock
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