Why those giants became giants and not you?

1673296-poster-physicsYou are Stuck…

Stuck without a solution, stuck in a tight spot, stuck in a relationship, stuck with an irrevocable promise, stuck in a job, stuck.

This is the landscape of our life. NORMAL.

Whether we verbalize it or not, we feel stuck… life seems against us, and we feel, to ourselves a poor match to deal with what we need to deal with.

Please, to enjoy this article, look at your life for a moment or two and see how in many different aspects of your life you feel stuck.

I am doing the same thing, now that I have redefined what it means to be stuck.

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And gosh holly, it is all over the place.

I am stuck with my landlord. I am stuck in New York. I am stuck not having a car. I am stuck with having poor choices in what I can buy to eat. I am stuck with my kinky hair. I am stuck… shall I continue? lol.

Which pretty much means: my sense of every single aspect of my life is that I am limited, that I am “blessed” with genes I am stuck with, even my age!

If you look, anything that you can or could complain about is a sticky point… as far as human nature is concerned.

When you feel that you are making the best of a bad situation.

  • Your husband is a lovely person, but he snores.
  • The weather is lovely in the winter but sticky hot in the summer.
  • The place you own is beautiful, but makes you house-poor… and tied to one place.
  • The parents you have you love, but they are needing you more than you need them…

I know, 90 percent of you will refuse to do the thinking with me… or think-this request I’ve made, because it sounds negative…

You don’t belong with me. You, I predict, will be stuck in your “I can’t even think that because even thinking that is a sin” hell… and by golly, I don’t want you here.

I am stuck with you? Argghhh… painful.

I am being funny, or course… because between you and me, I am a lot like you.

I just finished a book, Stumbling on happiness… and I learned things I did not expect to learn. It’s in the members’ area…

Not much about happiness (I wasn’t that interested either… lol) but about human nature.

About what is common and invisible to humans. Including yours truly…

And I want to talk about one, in particular, and that is: your desire to be, and your insistence that you are unique.

Different, special, uncommon.

That your needs, desires, preferences, faults and virtues are unique to you.

That no one can really know how you are, unless they listen to you for hours, days, months on end.. because how could they know?

You are different.

Yesterday I gave feedback to a woman, a typical “Circuitry” soul correction person. And she was stunned, and I guess, dismayed by the precision I had her pegged. So all her answer was to prove how unique she was, and failed to ask any questions…

And this article is about the ability to ask questions… different questions.

OK… enough preamble, let’s get to the meat, shall we?

What’s wrong with being UNIQUE?

I first found out that I am not so unique, that my need are not as unique as I have imagined they were, about 30 years ago.

I did a lot of work in Microsoft Word… was it 2.0? lol. If you know much about computers: from that number you know that I used to be a Macintosh user, back in the day…

Anyway, I needed functionality that I KNEW wasn’t part of the software, and I created workarounds for it… until one day, by accident, found out that the software had what I needed, and more.

Library_of_Congress,_Rosenwald_4,_Bl._5rI was HUMBLED, wounded, offended, and my self-image tarred… but it made me think and see something. My conviction that I was unique held me back in life.

It made me emphasize my uniqueness, and robbed me from the “winners'”, the giants’ experience of exploring the commonality before they add their uniqueness.

It seems to be counter to human nature… obviously given by the selfish gene.

It probably serves the selfish gene: wanting YOUR gene to survive, even if you are inheriting stupidity to the gene pool… lol.

If you could see how this “insisting on uniqueness” is distributed in the population, you’d be stunned.

As you may have learned, intelligence in the population follows the Bell curve…

But if we could see how this correlates with insisting on uniqueness, we would find that it takes humility and intelligence to suspend that insistence, and look at what other people have seen, invented, knew before you.

On_the_shoulders_of_giantsThe giants of this world stood on the shoulders of people before them.

They weren’t stuck completely in being unique and therefore having unique problems to solve…

People with the most success that Tai Lopez talks about all the time, had this one thing in common.

The rest of us… we are stuck with uniqueness and misery.

The less humility you possess, the more you are stuck.

I have mastered humility 80%. It’s taken all I got… because it is counter with every fiber of my being.

And being able to do things other people cannot do, even though they really really really want to, pretend to, aspire to… is a powerful wind against humility… I must admit.

But time and time again, I find out that people who cannot do what I can do, have invented solutions, have observed stuff, have stuff to teach me that makes what is unique about me useful.

I have been struggling with the very first energy I have been given, The Energizer®

It should be aptly called the “Coherence Maker” or The Comb, or the Soother… all stupid names I could not think of years ago when I first asked for that energy.

But if you look carefully, even that was standing on the shoulders of others gone before me.

I would have never suspected that water could be energized… after all water is water, isn’t it?

It has three states, ice, liquid, and vapor… elementary school stuff…

So someone else had to think outside of the box to consider stuff about water I could never have even thought about thinking.

But I had the humility, 1 to ask for the energy to be downloadable and given to me.

But it’s taken me many years to find out more and more about the energy: what it did, how it did it, what the water does, and how I can make it widely available to people.


All these years I was imagining a delivery system that was one piece, so people can’t get confused and muck it up.

Because one of the way you “fling” your uniqueness is that you don’t follow instructions: you insist on doing it your way.

But unfortunately, most things don’t work unless you do them in a certain way.

MOST things. Most of the things you want to work. Most of the things that matter. And most of the things that why it works is below the water level of the iceberg… so you have no idea if it is working or not.

So you do it your way, sure that it makes no difference. Your solution is as good as mine…

So I’ve been seeing mostly pitiful results… and then some great results. The difference has been whether someone bought the full solution, or tried to put together their own.

energizer-matsaYesterday, after I had explored everything I could think of, I did a google search on: “headphones mp3 player sd card“.

I was sure no one had thought of that before…

I had a big surprise. I found several models of headphones that accept sd cards and have a built in mp3 player functionality. All-in-one, no moving parts.

I was humbled and mortified.

If you are not mortified frequently, you are stuck in one particular vantage point in your life.

Anyway, I found THE cheapest, most reliable means of energizing your water by becoming humble for a moment, almost by accident.

I have ordered one to test to make sure it is everything it says it is… and once I am sure, I will publish the details.

It will still cost you a pretty penny to have all your water energized, but I am almost sure that you can make that money back in the second month of you using the water, by being more flexible, smarter, and coming less from scarcity.

Insisting on your uniqueness is scarcity… an expression of scarcity… fear based, gene based, survival based.

As opposed to courage, soaring, abundance, adventure, exploration, and lightness.

Isn’t it obvious now why those giants became giants and not you?

Download the pdf version of this article giants

PS: Email me before you buy. Don’t be unique and infallible…

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