You are stupid and nothing and no one can help you, unless you get it


If this article doesn’t apply to you, then I hope you are intelligent enough to know… Just please know, that 90% of the people it applies to will also think: “This doesn’t apply to me”. lol… not funny.

For context, you need to know that the first big breakthrough that set my life to a higher ground was, when I realized that I was stupid… and still am. So with that said: please read the article.

And if you can see that you ARE stupid… then heed it. 1

I woke up angry.

I stayed a few more minutes in bed to fully get what I am angry about.

I am angry about your attitude.

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On an average day 133 people visit my site. Roughly half of them keep coming back. Another half are here for the first time. About 15 of those are a good match for what I have to offer. They will come back, and come back, and will read my articles.

OK, here is what I am angry about:

I-Am-Sorry-I-Want-To-Apologize-For-Not-Being-Caring-Enough-And-Hurting-Your-Feelings-Pls-Forgive-Me-Quote-For-Saying-SorryIf you are one of those people who think that reading my articles will make a difference, that just reading those articles will cause you to be happy, fulfilled, make the right choices, get well, productive… you are stupid. When I say stupid: you are moronic. Arrogant and moronic. Or moronic and resigned. But moronic nevertheless.

Am I saying this to insult you? No. I don’t care to insult anyone. I am saying it because it is true.

What happened that I am saying this?

Normally, you are right, I would not blast you like this.

But something happened, and I saw something that, in normal circumstances, is not very visible: your mind, knowing about things don’t change anything… especially not something that is deep seated and requires force to set right.

For the past few days I am experiencing vertigo. Vertigo is a dizzy spell, where the world is spinning, and it is like you are sitting inside the washing machine that is in the spinning cycle: the liquids in your body want to spill out through your orifices.

Not pleasant.

This is the second time this is happening, the first time it happened after a three hour surgery, where the amateur doctors stood me on my head and kept me that way for three hours.

This was 18 years ago.

I also, in addition, suffered major brain damage in that surgery.

I didn’t sue… Those doctors saved my life. And, interestingly, I probably would not be who I am today without that experience. I would not have had to spend all my energies to become a productive person again. And come to all the discoveries I have made along the way, that today have help everyone who has been willing and able to follow my guidance.

Obviously not everything has healed from that surgery.

im-sorry-i-hurt-your-feelings-when-i-called-you-stupid-9357-640x640When I look inside myself, and then muscle test what I see to make sure it is true, a vertebrae in my neck is pressing on the spinal cord and is wreaking havoc.

Can I fix it? No. Can the chiropractor fix it with rotating my neck? No. Does it need to be moved? Yes. Left? No. Right? Yes.

Not good. Moving right… that is sideways.

I doubt a lot of chiropractors have the courage to do that move… It is not taught in chiropractic school. I have seen it done once. Both the patient, my own chiropractor, and his doctor were scared: you do it wrong and the patient’s spinal cord may get more damaged and they will spend their life in a wheel chair.

But it needs to get done so I can resume normal living.

And this is the point.

You, my dear reader, need to get some stuff done so you can return to normal living.

I know it is scary, but otherwise you are a mere shadow of yourself… Is that living?

People at death’s door, I hear, value mere hours that extend their lives, no matter the cost.

Which doesn’t make sense, given that their living is mere existing… Just look at your life.

If you are on my site, chances that you are merely existing, but not living fully, is 100%.

You are here because your life lacks the juice, the pizzazz, the fulfillment, the passion, the meaning you know it could have, but it doesn’t.

Your life is broken… and it cannot be fixed with a little reading here, a little energy there.

PS_0483W_STUPID_KNEWTwenty years ago I went to a naturopath who had some machine that could measure the energy level of organs.

He ran me through the tests and then said: I am sorry I cannot help you. Your colon doesn’t have enough energy to heal itself.

I sweet-talked him into taking me… and today, twenty years later, I see that what he should have said is this: “Your colon doesn’t have enough energy to heal itself, because I don’t know what’s wrong with your colon, so I cannot help it heal itself.”

And that is the case with everything.

Unless you know what’s robbing your parts of healing themselves and thus healing your life AND unless you have someone who knows to do what needs to get done, you won’t heal your life.

Lots of moving parts, by the way.

But I have found that an effective order of things is this:

First you need to heal the body.

2308You cannot have a healthy mind, a healthy soul, a healthy life, unless you give the body a hand to heal itself.

I don’t care what is wrong, symptomatically, with your body. I don’t know about diseases: it is a medical doctor’s specialty.

I care about giving your body what it needs to heal… which is,

  1. supplement the essential nutrients it lacks, either because you don’t eat right, or because it is too sick to absorb
  2. increase the cell hydration so the cells can get rid of the waste matters that have been accumulating in the cells, preventing them from creating enough energy so you can heal
  3. increase the lymph flow through hydration, so your organs don’t sit in pools of their own excrement
  4. Assist your body to get rid of the toxins it stores in fat
  5. remove the foods your body isn’t prepared to deal with, and give it only foods that it can easily turn into energy without having to spend half of the energy to deal with the toxins in the food.

It’s a gradual process. Having gone through it myself, I can tell you, that life becomes cleaner, life becomes simpler, and food tastes better… the simple foods my ancestors ate and thrived on.

Im-sorry-I-hurt-your-feelings-when-I-called-you-stThis past Tuesday I indulged and bought myself two slices of cheese cake. I could enjoy them without side-effects, even though two months ago it would have sent me on a craving binge… This time I just sailed through it… It was neither very good, nor very bad.

I saw that I can live the rest of my life without every eating cheese cake again. Huh? Yeah!

I spoke with an old friend of mine the other day. I shared with her what I am doing for myself and for my clients.

She said that she would never be able to do it: she loves eating too much. Her health is 5%, and her hydration is 3%. She gets tired easily, but does not tire cooking, baking, and eating.

She is 70. Her husband is a doctor… his health is even worse than hers.

When you’ll be on your death bed: do you think you’ll regret not doing what you can for your health? When you die after decades of living a low energy, low aliveness, low joy life?

Im-not-saying-you-are-stupid-660x413I would think so.

But what does the average person do on my site… The only place where you can get help… by the way.

They read. 3-4 times each article.

A fragment of them buys all kinds of energies… activators, activation, this and that.

Even after I tell them that their first priority is their hydration, second priority their health. Nothing will work much more than a band-aid until they get well.

How stupid. And how sad.

It makes me angry.

Download the pdf version of this article you-are-stupid
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  1. My methodology is Ruthless Compassion. Waking someone up from their comfortable ignorance so they can be all they can be… is ruthless compassion… what I practice. Here is an article that explains from here:

    Ruthless Compassion is a philosophy which brings together two seemingly-contradictory concepts. It combines the loving-kindness of compassion with the fierceness of the warrior, and this is exactly why it works.

    Many of us today misunderstand compassion as an attitude of “niceness,” where we feel obliged to take care of others at our own expense; tolerate disrespect and even collude with another person’s bad behavior. We believe that we can’t be “mean” or “rude” to others by setting limits on their hurtfulness, even if this means abandoning our own needs and feelings. We forgive the unforgivable and believe that all of this is being a “good person.”

    In reality, true compassion has nothing to do with being nice and everything to do with doing the right thing for ourselves and others. It’s about being loving but empowered, as opposed to overly tolerant and forgiving, and this is where the ruthless aspect comes in.

    Ruthless Compassion makes it possible for us to care for ourselves while also caring about others. It’s about not enabling someone to get away with their hurtful or disrespectful behavior but rather, allowing them to experience the consequences of their choices and in this way, have an opportunity to learn. This is far kinder than allowing them to continuously repeat their mistakes.

    Rather than us believing that it’s “mean” to be assertive, this philosophy encourages us to do so, because the best way to learn about the people in our lives is to observe their reactions when we express our needs and feelings.

    Ruthless Compassion supports us in developing self-love and self-confidence and in not protecting others from the natural consequences of their choices. For example, if we clean up our alcoholic spouse and tuck them into bed every time they binge, they’ll never learn that their drinking has consequences, or be motivated to change.

    Our misunderstanding of compassion benefits no-one, while Ruthless Compassion is ultimately far more loving, even when the other person isn’t thrilled with the consequences they’re facing. In reality, it’s misguided niceness that promotes cruelty, while a philosophy of loving empowerment decreases it.

    We mistakenly believe that forgiveness is essential in life but I think that this is not always possible or necessary. What is necessary is the ability to let go. When someone has harmed or betrayed us their actions may not be forgivable, but we can release our anger and pain after we’ve acknowledged the validity of our experience. Forcing ourselves to forgive when we can’t (and shouldn’t) only causes us further pain.

    If the other person apologizes, makes amends and promises to do better we could choose to forgive, but it’s not essential. It might be that our not forgiving them is just what they need to motivate them to truly change. As long as we let go of any anger, bitterness, resentment or vengeance in our hearts, we don’t need to forgive them for their sake or for our own.

    Ruthless Compassion is about taking a position of strength in our lives. It’s saying “No more!” to exploitation, disrespect and cruelty. To practice it means to feel safer in the world, and with this sense of security it’s much easier to be happy and peaceful, knowing that we’ll handle whatever comes along.

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