Rules for a life that is not prescripted

I almost snubbed this link a reader sent me… She is quite talkative, so I thought it was b.s… but integrity didn’t allow me to skip it.

And I watched it, and wept, and laughed, and felt that those of you who read my articles, and especially those of you who have been working with me one-on-one, in my Reclaim program, should recognize at least three parts where he said it better than I ever could…

So here is your challenge: Watch the video. It is arguably one of the best commencement addresses… and because it has elements of attitude and beingness that actually work…

OK, here is the youtube video… don’t just watch it. Find the parts with the teaching… It will make a difference for you.

The way to comment is to say the distinction/principle he mentions.
If you catch all three, I have a big gift for you. If you catch one… I still have a gift for you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Rules for a life that is not prescripted”

  1. What I see is:

    – stoic vs. epicurean: striking a balance between investing in the future and enjoying what is. King’s advice that “he should enjoy it”

    – eularian destiny: he found what he would like to do in life and what he’d be good at, his vision, and went after it

    – misweighing bias: doing things that weren’t really important… like responding to emails.

    – adaptability/black and white thinking: being able to learn from mistakes, even as trivial as misspeling

    – the four pillars of a good life: having one’s work, making art in his case, to fall back on when other areas are stormy

    – chipping away at his sculpture: building skills over time, in journalism, through just writing, instead of wanting to make it big right away

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