If you are human, you are hungry for stories — the power of reading

composition-of-diverse-people-smilingcropped6aIt seems that to be human is to crave stories. So, if you are reading this, you crave stories.

The question is: where are you get your stories from?

Most of you get it in gossip.

Many get it in soap operas as well… not much better than gossip.

I recommend that you read. Quality novels or short stories… It enriches, while gossips or gossipy TV shows don’t.

Neither do romance novels…

You need to satisfy the hunger, but just like with food, some foods nurture, others fill you up with crap.

So choose wisely.


But know that being human is to be nourished by stories… Don’t deprive yourself.

Stories, carefully “fed” are the key to self-actualization, to spiritual capacity building, to inner motivation, no matter when you start.

Start where you are.

If you are NOT moved, if you are not in awe, if you feel empty, if you feel self-protective, if you are a scared person: reading quality literature, novels, can start to break the barriers you experience to a fully developed self.

humans-like-stories-humans-need-stories-stories-are-good-stories-work-story-clarifies-and-captures-quote-1And as you saw, what you do in life, what you go for (or not) hinges, squarely on your self-image: being able to see yourself doing it.

It is NOT mind… seeing one’s self doing thing does not come from the mind… mind is the word based system. It is wordless, the self-image.

interactive-mind-map-shows-where-your-brain-stores-languageIt resists words… every time you say “I am x” you step backwards.

When you use words to “create” your self, you actually are involving the mind, and the more mind you have the less self you have…

If I needed to find an analogy: mind is talking about sex… self is having sex. The menu or the food. The picture of happiness vs. feeling happy for no reason.

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