Vibrational Review: Mindvalley Academy, WildFit, Eric Edmeades Review

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wildfit-logo-eric-edmeadesThis is a long article… about WildFit… Eric Edmeades program that is opening on September 15 on MindValley… and it answers the question: should you do it? Is it any good? What is the truth value? What is the lie value? Worth reading… I think.

One size doesn’t fit all…

I know you are searching for a way to get well, to get thin, to have more energy, to feel better. But… unfortunately, especially in a country where everyone is an immigrant, you have literally nothing in common with most of the people you know.

In addition to that, you may have been exposed to gluten, to fructose, and now you are sensitive, or intolerant to one or both.

In addition to that: you live on a different budget, you like and eat different foods, and the foods you eat therefore lack this or that or most minerals you need for health.

You may have any of four different energy body types, three different Ayurvedic body types, Any of four different blood types… not even mentioning your ethnicity, your food sensitivities and intolerances… your nutritional deficiencies that you are unaware of.

Your mutt factor.

Your water intake and the quality of water you drink. Your activity level. Your ancestry.

So if you want to do this Wildfit program, you owe it to yourself to have your profile, including all of the above… so you know how to tweak their generic diet… so you can get the result they promise, the results you pay for.

At least find out your Starting Point Measurements… $15 and can save you many thousands, maybe even your life.

Find out where you are on the evolutionary scale, on getting a Self… by ordering the combo measurements.

Your vibration is reliably inversely correlated to your resistance.
So does your intelligence, and your health number.

The soul correction shows what you are most intent on hiding from yourself.
The number of spiritual capacities are the ones that you are willing and able to use on this level of vibration.

  1. your vibration (1-1000)
  2. your overall intelligence
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this
  5. do you have attachments?
  6. the level of your health (1-100)
  7. the level of your hydration (1-100)
  8. your ability to take guidance
  9. to what degree you can tolerate pain… so you can grow

If you bought these separately, you’d pay $30… but buying them all at once, I knock off $15.

Click on the paypal button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I’ll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

Click to get your Starting Point Measurements Report

To get this information, I have to connect to you energetically… And I find out more about you than just the numbers… I connect to your soul… and I connect to your personal hell… That’s how I make my decision, on that basis. My experience of being you.

I am still on Mindvalley’s mailing list under a fake name… and from time to time I even open their email… like yesterday.

It seems that they are doing a new class with Eric Edmeades and his Wildfit program.

So I watched some of the videos, signed up to a pre-recorded webinar, and diligently muscle tested… because the claims are so seductive and so believable, that I needed to keep myself from being sucked in.

Eric Edmeades is, of course, a lot more believable than Vishen Lakhiani, because Vishen is so obviously possessed by greed, that anyone without greed themselves won’t find him or what he says attractive… no matter how much better he looks now… he still sounds the same. And he does better. Now he really does look like a fine tuned killing machine.

I am interested in this whole topic, because it mirrors one of my own discoveries: it has a 9% overlap… which, in the case of my discoveries, is a lot.

Eric teaches that instead of going on a diet, humans, like any other living things, should have a diet… a way to eat: what, when, how. That is the secret of being the best you can be. I agree on that point.

But with that he puts them on a diet… the same diet.

Because you can’t make money with dealing with each person individually.

The price of the program is around a grand (one thousand dollars) and, according to muscle test, the way of eating fits 10% of the people who take it… not 100%, not 90%, 10%.

It’s a Paleo diet derivative…

So far I haven’t had any clients for whom it would have been perfect, and only two for whom it would have been somewhat good but not perfect.

But why? Why doesn’t, why can’t WildFit work for everybody?

Because in addition to our ancestry, in addition to our blood type, in addition to our basic body type (the Ayurvedic doshas), we have already done damage to our body and now we don’t tolerate foods that used to be acceptable to our ancestors.

So the 90% who don’t really get well and thin and gain tons of energy on this diet, too bad. They made the company money, but got nothing but disappointment for themselves. Or puny results.

I am comparing this with my Health consultations where I prescribe clients a “diet” that is individual. As individual as their fingerprint. I don’t follow any precepts… Any theories… I muscle test every single food I say yes to.

If I could, I would go to the grocery store with the client and muscle test every single vegetable with them… because, unfortunately, even in the same crop some seeds came from somewhere else.

I have found that a bin of peppers, a bin of zucchini, a bin of onions, staples on my own menu, act inconsistently… half or less muscle tests yes, the rest: no.

Cross contamination…

We are up in arms against GMO, genetically modified foods, but truth be told, most cross pollinated, or otherwise crossed plants are genetically different from either parent, and may have toxins you are not prepared to deal with.

So while I can maintain my 70% level of health, my clients have a difficulty doing so, so I can only promise 30-50% health… which is actually better than Eric’s own… read on.

For example, while one of my clients spent his vacation at his grandmother, and ate vegetables from her garden in Poland, his numbers were higher than they are now that he is buying his vegetables in the supermarket… A pepper is a pepper is a pepper… not.

There are as many different peppers as many countries… and most of them are toxic to me.

Why are plants toxic to some and not others?

Plants create toxins in their bodies because the selfish gene in the plant is only interested in its own survival and propagation, and humans are not the ideal vehicles to take the plant’s seeds and “plant it”… humans cook, or poop in toilets… so no… the genes say: “let’s make the plant not that edible for them, so they eat less.”

When nearly everything you eat is toxic to you, fats, sugars, processed foods, you are sluggish and slow and foggy… you won’t notice that you ate something a little toxic.

But when most of what you eat is a perfect match to your body, eating just one piece of vegetable that contains toxins to you will make you feel it. It won’t kill you, but you WILL feel it.

The less toxins you put in your body, the more balanced you’ll be, the more resistant to diseases, the sharper your brain will work, better focus, better comprehension, better decisions, better sex, the more energy.

A whole different person… more agreeable, better looking, and better overall outlook to life.

But… unfortunately, it is largely personal. 90% personal.

I have been thinking and I cannot see how it can be made a system, because you cannot systematize randomness.

Even inside the same family there are big differences.

For example I am the only one in my family with both gluten and fructose intolerance. Why? Because as a preemie they kept me alive with infant formula that is gluten and fructose and water… And an infant’s innards can’t deal with that.

A large percentage of my clients were preemies too. Others developed the intolerances with their habits, independent from their birth family’s habits.

OK… it is now four hours later… I had a private call, and I watched an hour long webinar with Vishen and Eric.

Eric Edmeades: personal vibration: 220. Health number: 20%. Hydration: 10%. His health number is normally up to 30%…
Vishen Lakhiani: personal vibration: 200. Health number: 20%. Hydration: 7%.

I have to confess: I hate watching a webinar with Vishen: he wants to take over, he is forceful, and very unpleasant. I am sure he doesn’t know that.

OK, the webinar: the webinar, apart from Vishen’s interruptions, was very good. Truth value 10%. Lies: 10%.

If I didn’t have access to myself and my muscle testing while connected to Source, and to what I know… I would sign up to WildFit… I would even borrow money to sign up if I didn’t have enough.

I would believe that I can be part of the 10% that MY MUSCLE TEST says found their ideal diet. Because, like Eric, I used to be so sick…

So what do I recommend that YOU do?

I recommend that you watch the prerecorded webinar. I can’t copy it for you, but it is free to attend.

The program starts in 10 days, so you have to hurry. The webinar is exactly one hour long.

Do I recommend that you do the program? Honestly? I recommend that you spend your money with me, getting totally personal and sustainable eating… supplements, etc.

Why? Because what I recommend works, and eventually it is easy to maintain. You can get to a higher level of well-being with me than with the Wildfit program… because 20-30% health number and low hydration is not real well-being yet. It is twice, three times as good as others… and yet…

But… if you don’t want to work with me, if you don’t trust me, if you don’t like my style, if you want “group support” then maybe you can start with WildFit and then graduate to the personal level later, if you want.

I am not an affiliate. I don’t get a penny for sending you there… They actually kicked me out as an affiliate… So even if I wanted… I can’t.

OK, I hope all is clear… it is really your choice.

A few videos I like with Eric…

The hindsight window

Dangerous Ideas Around Our Health, Medicine & Food That We MUST Question | Eric Edmeades

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Mindvalley Academy, WildFit, Eric Edmeades Review”

  1. “Eric Edmeades is, of course, a lot more believable than Vishen Lakhiani, because Vishen is so obviously possessed by greed, that anyone without greed themselves won’t find him or what he says attractive…”

    Could you tell me more about his greed and why you stopped being an affiliate?

  2. Eric Edmeades is a very nice guy. But one size doesn’t fit all. In my health consultation experience, the difference in people is greater than the similarity. I would get sick on his regimen, with my intolerances to most foods.

    They kicked me out as an affiliate. Because I hate everything they offer, I was cheating… I miss the income, but regained my integrity. And yes, Vishen Lakhiani is driven by greed, as most of the Indians I measure. On the Tree of Knowledge greed is the main driver… getting stuff, pushing oneself up on the top of dead bodies. Vishen Lakhiani is also locked into the desire trap… his own method is lethal in that regard. He is his own number one victim. In the desire trap there is no pleasure, it is the rat race with no end in sight.

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. I totally agree with your thoughts on Vishen, only I couldn’t put my finger on why I disliked him, you phrased it perfectly. I’ve listened to several of the classes (infomercials) and always feel like I’m being sold something by a sleazy car sales person. I love the idea that there is no perfect eating plan for the whole human race. I have constantly tried high protein diets because everyone else has such great success on them and I end up bloating and feeling like poop 🙁
    You have lovely insight <3

  4. thank you.
    you do best eating what matches your personal genetic composition. Very high protein diets obviously not compatible with your personal genetic ancestral composition.

    I muscle test people against a food list of 540 items, and if someone is willing to follow it, it is comfortable and surprisingly slimming. That is how I created my own diet, that is the first sustainable and successful diet: I have energy, I have health (even my hair is turning black again!) and I have slimmed down.

  5. What a fake talker you are. Yes, Wildfit may not be for everyone, but your vibrational water mumbo jumbo bullshit does? Fuck it, you’re a liar. This is pure bullshit and the approach blaming others to make more money for yourself is as greedy as your insult on Vishen.

  6. Pete, being passionately angry makes you stupid. And to understand things you need to be clearheaded. One thing is individual biology, the other is physics… nothing individual about the water… so if you love Vishen and Wildfit… be my guest, and do it. If it works for you, it does. If it doesn’t… hey, I am very sorry for your loss. You may be the lucky one for whom it works and for whom it lasts.

  7. I just requested a refund for the Wildfit quest after reading this post. I am now looking forward to having my starting point measurements taken by you. I am not a free seeker, but working for a wage of 12$ per hour I am usually a frugal one. I almost got sucked into a group program, I know better. Things always work better for myself when I take the time to tailor what I am doing to me specifically.

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