All marketers are liars. The likely story… that likely happened but not really

all-marketers-are-liars-by-seth-godinI have been muscle testing, diligently, if the stories that sell products, courses, software, are facts or made-up likely stories.

A likely story is a lie.

We, marketers, are taught: facts tell, but stories sell.

And so every sales letter is one story of another.

I used to be a liar, because I didn’t think life was interesting enough, so I embellished it. I was caught, and it didn’t matter. I just kept making up interesting stories, mostly sob stories about myself.

I was selling myself… and because I didn’t think I had anything to offer, I lied.

facts tell, stories sellThen a coach, Kathy, kicked me in the butt… and I started first catching myself… saying when I lied: Oops, I just lied… and then started to tell the truth.

Ultimately I managed to eliminate telling lies… and this is where I am.

But my life is not about selling myself, or selling my stuff… I prefer that people buy… without me having to sell. I’ve been doing fine, thank you very much.

But some people I know keep on lying.

I have bought their stuff because of the stories they tell.

What triggered this article is an email I got about the 12-day Mastery Program I wrote an article about.

day_dreaming_with_seth_godin_3One of the marketers, Todd Brown writes:

No joke…

I almost started crying during this call with Tom Beal.

It was a handful of years ago. And we were talking about achieving our goals and living out our “life’s vision”.

At the time I found myself writing down the same goals over and over and over. Never really making any significant progress toward any of them. Never experiencing any of them.

I felt I knew what I needed to do to achieve the things I wanted, like you probably do…

But I never got them done. Not in any big way, at least.

I constantly procrastinated…

I constantly got side-tracked…

I constantly got pulled in a thousands different directions…

I constantly ended each week with tons of untouched or
incomplete important tasks…

And I felt completely stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, and, honestly… disgusted with myself.

And that’s when I got really emotional with Tom, and said…

“I truly felt I was heading down a path where I was going to get to the end of my life and look back and realize… I blew it!

I wasted away my potential. And it was that fear of that possible regret that made me realize I needed to do something different.”

Needless to say, Tom was totally taken-back by my response.

And, of course, he asked me what I decided to do.

So I told him…

And you can hear exactly what I said to him, in this video.

Note: It has nothing to do with time management, goal setting, or the common productivity techniques.

What you’ll hear me tell Tom, changed everything for me.

And I believe it will for you as well…

Especially if you struggle at all with procrastination, lack of focus, new “shiny object syndrome”, overwhelm, or just poor execution on the important actions in your life or business.

Check out what I told Tom… and what I now do differently… in this video.


Todd Brown 🙂

P.S. It’s a terrible feeling when you come to the end of a week and you have no significant progress toward your truly important goals to show for all of your work.

I’m sure you can relate to that. At least a little. Or sometimes.

Well, I truly believe this video will ensure that never happens to you again. Thank goodness, it doesn’t for me anymore.

all-marketers-are-liars-tell-storiesNow, did this conversation happen? No it didn’t. But it could have happened to many of us… because most of us procrastinate, and never get anything done.

If you want to tell the truth, you have felt completely stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, and, honestly… disgusted with yourself, maybe still do.

And maybe you never learned how to overpower this desire to resist, be overwhelmed, frustrated, procrastinate, instead of using all that wasted energy to get things done.

I have, and I want you to spend your time to learn doing that too.

What are the chances that you’ll resist, procrastinate, feel frustrated and overwhelmed about learning this new way?

seth-godin-foolYou know yourself… so you already know.

But without a method, you have no hope… So there you have it.

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