More about ignorance in the area of health and fitness… widening the circle of questions.

ayurvedic body typesAyurvedic principles: Deranged Vata

Note: body type is not the same as your state. You can be any body type and still have deranged Vata… the first topic of this article…

Ignorance in looking at all aspects of your body and your food can result in unexpected consequences: bad, disturbed sleep, anxiety, tiredness, dry mouth, dry eyes, and unjustified hunger-like feelings around your diaphragm… a horizontal muscle just above your stomach.

Irregular digestion, gas, constipation, intestinal cramps, poor assimilation and fatigue.

It may even feel like fear… but it isn’t…
It may be accompanied by slight nausea… but it’s not a stomach problem.

2000px-ayurveda_humors-svgAll these symptoms come from raging vata, deranged vata…

Vata is the air element in your body, and raw foods, gas producing vegetables, and gas producing egg white can take over your body, and dry it out like the Santa Ana wind… create desert-like conditions on your inner mucus membranes, your nerves, and your eyes.

Some activities, like talking, will do the same thing.

It’s deceptively easy to fall into that mode in today’s day and age…

Sandwiches, cold food, cold drinks, and salads…

Will you have all those symptoms?

Yes and no… many will be explained away by other things.

doshasBut the desire to quit, to say: To heck with it! feel argumentative, wanting to answer, wanting to justify, explain, or just do whatever you want to do… these are all also vata ways of being.

As body type, only one third of the population would have these… but because of how we eat, how busy life seems to be, 50% of all people in developed countries experience this.

Even your desire to find inner calm, maybe connect to Source, find your purpose… or whatever made you come to my site… even that can be “remedied” by changing your diet to soothe and lubricate and moisten your innards.

The general rule, also called the rule of thumb is to refrain from eating

gas producing food,
cold food
cold drinks
too much talking

Please remember, you want to eat what you are… vata… gluten… fructose…

So do not eat the way it comes easily: you’ll be more what you are that way.

Eat counter: eat warm food you, preferably, cooked yourself.

To keep Vata in balance, favor the sweet, sour and salty tastes and avoid bitter, pungent and astringent foods.

Eat as if you were on a clock… avoid anything irregular… Eat normal size meals, leaning on the larger size, but not so much you can’t digest it.

If you must snack in-between meals, eat nuts and raisins soaked in water (dried fruits aggravate Vata) or stewed fruit for a healthy dose of energy. Most nuts are Vata-pacifying when soaked.

Foods that generate gas and aggravate vata: potato, salads, cruciferous vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, beans.

Your cells don’t dry out… only your mucus membranes… The Energizer still works, your body is energized, your cells are plump, and yet you don’t feel well…

bellyfatDo you have a fat burning or glucose burning metabolism?

I am stuck at a certain weight… and “no matter what I do”….

OK, but seriously, I have been staring at the needle of the scale standing steady at a certain point… no movement.

In addition to that, I read somewhere today, that the power is in the question… so I decided to ask some questions about my body: why am I not fat burning.

I am using muscle testing, so I can only ask yes/no questions, and questions Source would know the answer to…

So here is the surprising question and answer… in a later article I’ll let you know if my weight knows what it’s supposed to do… lol.

  • Is it good for a human be to a fat-burner? Yes.
  • Am I a fat burner? no
  • Is it bad that I am not a fat burner? no
  • Would it be better if I were a fat burner? yes
  • I am not a fat burner because of what I it? somewhat. Because of how I eat? not entirely. Because when I eat? no
  • Because of my age? no
  • Could I do anything to be a fat burner? yes.
  • Does it have to do anything with the nutritionally? yes.
  • Is it a nutritional deficiency issue? somewhat
  • Is it too much of a nutritional supplement? yes
  • Is it a mineral? no
  • Is it a vitamin? no
  • Is it a fat? yes
  • I take it in a capsule? no
  • I take it with my food? mostly
  • is it butter? No
  • is it goat cheese No
  • is it the fat in the meat I eat? yes. Hah…
  • If I ate only the fatless parts of the lamb I eat: would I be a fat burner? Yes.
  • Does fat-burner means burning my own body fat? yes

frame001So I am using the fat I eat, but don’t burn body fat.

Very interesting.

Tiny change, big result… hopefully

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