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days-of-powerSome days are special in that you can get enough power infusion into your life for a whole month, some days even for a whole year.


That pesky but is there, of course.

To connect to that power, on your own, you need to have a high enough consciousness… and you don’t. So what can you do?

For the most part: nothing. You can work on elevating your consciousness, but so far you have proven unequal to the task, and unwilling to do the work. Because what elevates consciousness is restriction… Restricting your desire to receive for the self alone… Going against your selfish genes.

But you can “use” an intermediary, a channel… me.

And I am going to test if it even works, and if I can survive it. 1 Because don’t kid yourself: to channel this much energy may kill me… or may not… I have not done it. I have received it, but I didn’t think to channel it. I didn’t even know about it… or not really. 2

I have participated in Kabbalah Centre holiday events, but except for one time, the energy was not coming through, at least not for me, and not for anyone I spoke with.

Why? Because the people doing the channeling weren’t, themselves, of high enough consciousness. They were bickering, or doing religion, tradition, but no channeling.

But one time, when the event was in New York City, the energy came through and it was amazing. I don’t think I would have been able to make it through without that big energy infusion.

Was it the people upfront, or was it my own elevated consciousness? Muscle test says it was me. But I am afraid…

So I have decided to gather those of you that are interested in power…

…and are interested in having me channel it to you, test it, and if it works, do it indefinitely.

The meditation sessions are short… I hope I can handle five minutes of the energy going straight through me. The more people on the call the more energy I need to channel.

Do you need to bring anything? Yes. Your desire for energy. Please don’t have specific desires… just desire energy for life, to make things happen, to get unstuck.

If you bring greed… for money you don’t want to earn, for love you don’t want to reciprocate, for healing you don’t want to do anything for… Please don’t come. I’ll check… Your negative energy may block my channeling… so I’ll remove you from the call.

If I have anything to say, I’ll say it, but often I won’t. I don’t think I can narrate… but we shall see.

My consciousness is high enough to be a Kabbalist, but my knowledge is not…

But what I CAN do, is connect to the Source of Power, and channel it to you and maybe to the world.

As a rule of thumb, the first day of a Hebrew lunar month is a day of power. Most months the 15th day of the Hebrew lunar month is a day of exceptional Light infusion.

And then there are others… but for now, I’ll concentrate on these…

Do you need to understand the why, the how and the wherefore? No. Most of what gives power, or we could say: all that gives power is in the dominion of the invisible, where the cause is hidden. You experience the effect, but the cause is hidden.

And so is with these days of power.

A Jewish day starts at sundown, so we’ll have these sessions the evening before, like there is Christmas Eve… there is Eve of everything… when the energy is strongest.

The most recent first day of the month was on my birthday… and the power infusion was tremendous… and I needed it. The next one, accidentally, is on my little brother’s birthday…

Because I live in New York State, the sundown times are according to my time zone. Is that going to be a problem? No. I can channel the energy that opens up above me… no matter where you are in the world.

Is this worth staying up late or getting up early? It is really up to you. Up to how much desire you have. Little desire? Go back to bed. You are simply surviving.

The next few dates:

Saturday September 17,
Sunday October 2 (Erev Rosh HaShana),
Sunday October 16,
Tuesday November 1,
Tuesday November 15

webinar1Format: webinar. Register here… For now I am leaving it open to people who just want to call in, without seeing anything… because there is nothing to see. If there are going to be people with bad intention on the phone… and hidden from me, I’ll disconnect the option to just call in. Please don’t share the phone number with anyone.

You need to be a subscriber to my emails to participate.

If you can’t make it to the session, you have 24 hours to download the energy from the recording… to remain on the same day.

You have be have been registered and pay the $3 for a premium membership to download the recording.

Last question: will this raise your vibration? Will this raise your consciousness?

No. It can give you enough energy to do the work. Why not just give it to you? Because the whole “game” of life is based on the original restriction by the souls: no more bread of shame.

Unless you, personally, do restriction, and attempt to earn your light, your consciousness remains low.

I don’t expect any miracles. And neither should you.

But you can create a miracle and start doing the work…

how much can your cup hold? that is how much desire you havePS: I will need to explain “desire” to you… because unless you know how important it is, you’ll suppress your high desire, and settle for your puny desire for pleasure, or safety, or chocolate, or sex. I am getting ready to write that article… but it may take some time…

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  1. I have channeled it into my articles, into my coaching… but directly channeling the energy or a day of power… that I haven’t done.

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