Chasing the blue bird of happiness

the illusion that you are supposed to be happyAnything that is obvious, anything that makes sense, anything that you know is from the Tree of Knowledge, or the desire to receive for the self alone.

The Tree of Knowledge is the part of the Cosmos that is visible with the five outward senses, and the mind.

Approximately 10% of what is knowable for humankind, and 1% of what is.

The hidden dimension contains all the cause and effect… so nearly all cause and effect that you “know” from the Tree of Knowledge is false… what you see as cause is not cause, and what you see as effect is often the cause.

Your decisions, your whole world view is based upon untruth, some major and many minor untruths.

become-a-kid-again-your-success-depends-on-itYour major untruths are encoded in your soul correction, which could be called your spiritual DNA

If you have been unable to perform any of your soul correction then this article should be helpful to you.

So, what kinds of rules and untruths do you honor as the truth, as the way you should be, the world should be, life should be that happiness, joy, peace of mind, abundance, and well-being avoids you like a plague?

If the above question mortifies you, rubs you the wrong way, or just plain strikes you as wrong, and malicious, listen to this:

You are causing your lack of happiness, lack of joy, lack of peace of mind, abundance, and well-being, energetically, by all your rules… that are based on your arrogant world view, your self-centered world view, that is based on the 1% of the 1%…

…and it is time to make a commitment to let go of at least one conviction you have, until you can tackle the big ones that keep you hostage.

  • Anything that requires hurry is an untruth.
  • Anything that requires you to be in a particular way is an untruth.
  • Anything that you have to pursue is an untruth.

Here are a few I just uncovered, today, with students… individually.

il_570xn-204643110M has lived, all his life, that he is supposed to love what he does for him to continue doing it.

So as long as the initial rush of excitement lasts, he’ll do stuff, but once it is not exciting, he is gone.

Is he a bad person, a lazy person? Not necessarily. He is a misguided person.

He made a decision, early on, that things should be enjoyable.

But I can tell you, with authority: most things are not really enjoyable, not on the long run, not evenly, not always, and some: maybe never.

  • I don’t enjoy any taste past the first bite, but that hasn’t stopped me from eating.
  • I don’t enjoy sex… although I still have wet dreams, but reality never lives up to my expectations.
  • I don’t enjoy teaching, I don’t enjoy writing.
  • I don’t enjoy walking, I don’t enjoy sleeping, I don’t enjoy getting up, I don’t enjoy waking up.

And obviously I am doing or have done at some time in the past most everything I don’t enjoy.

So if it is not enjoyment that you are seeking, then what is it?

For the most part, I think, it is personal.

I like getting things done, getting things clear, getting things created, getting things expressed… but I don’t enjoy the process.

And yet something is working “me” from the inside out.

I don’t have a rule about what I should and should not do… but I think I have the capacity to ALLOW Life to express itself through me and my actions.

As long as you have rules, Life has not access to you… and has no access to express itself through you. Because as long as you have rules, you are looking at the rules, at others, in the mirror, to tell you what to do, and Life can whisper as much as it wants, and it does, you won’t hear it.

One of my favorite movies, August Rush, is about a little boy who was given up for adoption as a newborn… but he knows that his parents wanted him and will find him.

He hears music everywhere. And he knows that that music connects him with his parents. And he looks to express that music himself, not just hear it.

So he leaves the safety of the orphanages, and through incredible odds, and a learning curve, he and his music does attract his parents to find him.

Even just writing about it leaves me teary.

What about you? Do you hear the music?

tire-on-cupAnother student of mine is honoring an untruth by which he is supposed to be omnipotent.

Obviously this is an untruth, but it has been running his life, and he is simultaneously pursuing the trappings of this specialness and avoiding doing the work, lest he finds out that he is not that special.

It is wise to declare, to yourself that you are not special… make the playing field even, and start from scratch…

This leads us to a third untruth: you should already know.

We are all born with no knowledge, and unless you learned it, you don’t know. We learn everything, one way or another, and there is nothing that you should already know.

The fourth major untruth is interpersonal.

bn-jx778_number_p_20150819171748We have rules about how people should treat us, each other, and people always fall short.

But when we go and examine all the complaints, and ask a question that you have never thought to ask you can suddenly find yourself free.

Did parents promise to love, cherish, treat their children well, and equally?

I haven’t heard about any parents promising anything like that.

Nothing like the marriage wow, or the agreements you need to sign when you join a company, a club, a website.

No, there are no rules for parents to do parenting, and therefore you can have no demands… neither legally, nor morally.

People also have complaints about me: this is the main reason they leave when they leave: I am supposed to be kind, friendly, say things nicely, etc.

I never promised, I never agreed to that rule. That is their rule, or maybe your rule? A good way to be miserable… congratulations.

pursuit-of-happinessIt is supposed to be easy

First off: it is not supposed to be easy. Life is not supposed to be easy. School is not supposed to be easy. Growing up, relationships, finding a job, doing a job, growing, spirituality, staying healthy… none of it is supposed to be easy… It is also not supposed to be hard.

It is supposed to be exactly the way it is.

I remember my first breakthrough with this. I was selling advertising to club owners at the time.

You may not know, but club owners don’t like to pay anyone. So they promise to pay you, or give you a check that won’t clear.

For a while I interacted with them on the premise that they are decent people, supposedly. And I lost money, spent my time angry, devastated, and hateful.

Then I decided that they are supposed to be exactly the way they are… assholes. lol.

So I didn’t expect them to do anything decent, pay in time, answer my phone calls, give me changes, distribute my magazines… nothing. No payment: no ad. No payment: not even a sketch, not even a suggestion… Even my time and my brain is worth money.

And I had peace of mind. All ads prepaid…

I had a harder time to train sales people to do the same… because sales people, like you, think that people are supposed to be decent, kind, caring, etc.

Who said so?

life-liberty-and-the-pursuit-of-happiness-life-liberty-and-happinessThe inalienable right for the pursuit of happiness

And the last one is about happiness… if there is such a thing, and I wouldn’t know, then it doesn’t behave like a sheep… it behaves like any energy… goes away when you want it.

That sentence is toxic…

Read the Osho talk taking it apart, invalidating, and hopefully returning you to the right way of living.

And yes, there is a right way of living… and many many many wrong ways of living.

Because, as you may remember, the right way of living is like a strait… narrow, and treacherous.

But it’s worth it.

And that is the last point I want to make.

If you have been asking the wrong questions, or looking at the wrong answers, I have a question I often ask myself:

I am not in the pursuit of happinessIs it worth it? Worth the work, worth the pain, worth the pain of making mistakes, learning new things, feeling absolutely stupid (I often do). Is it worth being patient, stop fidgeting, stop being reactive? Is it worth giving it time?

Obviously I am looking at the results, when I look for an answer…

If the results are worth it, then the action and the price is worth it.

This is what has made me unstoppable.

The right question asked the right way. Not the right answer.

Right answers are wrong… because they come to you without actually looking… without listening to the music… from impatience, your inability to be there hanging…

So you jump the gun… and there you are. Stupid again.

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