Feeling deeply and effortless abundance… what is the connection?

are you interested or are you committed?It’s a normal day to me: I went deep inside the energy body of a person in Singapore and got in touch with her life, her urges, how she thinks, and what pains she has. I pulled her energetic attachments.

I was feeling her grief, and inner storm for an hour or two, while she was digesting the information.

She has calmed down, maybe because it is really late at night in Singapore.

And yet I am still with her emotions…

I am taken deep into the book I just finished reading, a novel about a couple who lost their 2-year old son.

I was struck with the accuracy of the description of the emotions, and wondered if the author wrote from her experience, or if she is an empath able to feel others’ emotions, grief, unwillingness, frozenness, deadness.

Her writing style is reminiscent of JK Rowling’s style in her ‘not Harry Potter books’ (4 to date), only deeper. JK Rowling is also an empath.

diversive curiosity and deep curiosityPeople who are unwilling or unable to feel deeply their own feelings, don’t like JK Rowling’s ‘not Harry Potter books.’

People who are unwilling or unable to feel their own feelings prefer remaining on the surface of life, chasing butterflies, mirages, duties, excitement, the story.

Just the facts… no literature, no pleasure in that.

They are also not curious.

Going deep is scary. Thinking about something is easy. But going deep is painful.

The pig and the chicken come to mind, when they plan a brunch: the chicken is happy to contribute the eggs… but the pig… he needs to cut into his thigh…

The eggs are the thinking about it… the ham, cutting deep, is the action, the diving, the immersion.

I have to add a hard drive to my computer: my big hard drive crashed. I have already moved off all the files, and yet, the fear is gripping.

I also bought a software… and the fear is the same… gripping. Paralyzing. Knocks the air out of me.

I am examining the fear… it is the fear of “no return”, of irreversibility. Like jumping off the diving board. Once you are off… you created a line of demarcation in your life. Like getting married. Like so many things: handing in your resignation, canceling your lease, signing a contract, jumping off a cliff.

There is a finality in it, and it’s scary as hell.

My way of dealing with it is to allow the fear to be. To wait until the desire that originally created the idea of jumping comes back.

The desire always comes back, if the action is an action I can benefit from. And then, the second time around, the action is effortless.

I don’t use my will… I don’t use force. I don’t use trickery. I don’t use positive thinking. I use trust.

People think effortless abundance means: no work. No obstacles. No fear. No failures.

Effort, the way the world has it, is forcing. Coercion. Violence. Rape.

So I use what I teach: effortless abundance… I allow…

Now, if you desire stuff, things, that you have no business desiring, because they are too many steps removed, then you are out of luck: the effortlessness is not yours, unless you effortlessly start taking the many steps that are between you and being able to be in effective action towards your desired outcome.

And no, it doesn’t mean that it will come to you without work, without providing value, without learning, knowing, developing skills, and being deeply in touch with what you are about.

Doing anything can be called an effort: lifting the spoon with the gooey goodness of some ice cream, smiling, opening your eyes.

But life can be lived without forcing, resisting, coercing, lying, faking, pretending, trying… effortlessly.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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