Ignorance in health matters is killing you

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granny with flexibilityThis is not a gimmick… This old lady can do this and a ton of other stunts…

The question you should ask not how she remained so flexible, because who cares…

Instead: ask a question that is relevant to you:

What is it that you can do to regain some of your flexibility, some of your energy, so you can enjoy life more, feel younger, look younger.

That is exactly what I did.

It started nine months ago. I am 69 years old, and nine months ago I was in pain. I was depressed. I wished I died in my sleep. I saw no future for myself.

The smallest things were too much for me to do: it was a major pain for me to take out the garbage… because I had to climb a flight of steps. Cleaning? I could not clean…

In this article I’ll tell you exactly what I did, and what YOU can do to achieve similar results.

I’ll list all the steps… How I went from depressed, no energy, 35 lbs overweight, limping, and ashamed old woman… to… Full of energy, optimistic, never tired, and almost 100% pain free youngish old woman… lol.

The steps are listed in phases, exactly how I went from no energy, depressed, and 35 lbs (16 kg) overweight, most of the fat on my torso, heart hurting every day… waiting to die, actually hoping to die:

Phase 1. I started to observe my diet and see what about my diet was making me sore and inflexible and low in energy.I found that processed foods were responsible for a lot of them.I had tea several times a day, and half and half cream.

Both are processed foods… you did not dry the tea leaves, and you didn’t separate out the cream from fresh cow’s mils…They were processed.

Moreover, the “fresh” half and half has a shelf life of 10 days… it is pasteurized, and there had to be some preservatives in it… because even pasteurized milk won’t hold for 10 days…

So I kicked the tea and half and half habit.

  • Phase 2. I found that I was gluten intolerant… so the second change I made was to gradually eliminate hidden gluten sources. Even grass fed beef has gluten in it.I found that all milk products have gluten in them. Found that Irish butter has less gluten… 

I make ghee from butter… the milk solids are separated: the milk solids contain the gluten.

I found that turkeys are fed grain… I kicked turkeys off my list. Every eliminated item increased my energy, but my leg/hip pain remained just as bad.

  • Phase 3. I found out what vegetables I could not eat, what nuts i could not eat, what else I could not eat.

    All grains, including rice.
    Legume type “nuts”, like peanuts and cashews.

    I have about 25 items on my food list, and I enjoy eating… a lot more than I enjoyed before.

Phase 4. I found out that I was severely dehydrated, in spite of the copious amount of water I guzzled, and in spite of the fact that my water was 650 on the vibrational scale.

Turns out that cell water is 653 on the vibrational scale, so I started to charge my water twice the time than before.

This caused the biggest change.

My mood, my skin, my sleep, my energy all jumped to a much higher level, but I still had the pain.

  • Phase 5. I joined a senior mobility class… I found out that moving my legs sideways was the magic bullet. So now I go to the class once a week, 45 minutes, and do a little dancing, and make sure I do the sideways leg movements…I now have pain occasionally, and even when I do, it is greatly diminished.

    My calves still get hard and stiff: that is a heart issue, and I have no remedy for that… it seems.

My health went from 5% to 70%… I dropped so far 29 lbs. To my surprise my skin is tighter now than it was when I started. Even on my upper arm… the typical spot for hanging skin… even on my neck. No turkey neck. And I now often move like a whippersnapper, meaning as a young person.

So that is my story.

Now: how can YOU do what I did?

Well, I can help.

As an empath I can muscle test what nutritional deficiencies you have, what hidden sensitivities and intolerances you have, so you can do the phases correctly and effectively.

I can muscle test a food list for you. And help you create an enjoyable diet you can maintain indefinitely, and one that can mesh with your family’s diet… so you don’t have to cook separately for yourself.

If you are interested, then contact me. The more information you give me the better i can decide if I can help you.

It is also a good idea to get your starting measurements…

combo measurements You get 44 measurements for the price of three

1. your vibration
2. your overall IQ including your intelligence
3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
4. your soulcorrection (your machine) (your date of birth is needed
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5. do you have attachments?
6. the level of your health
7. the level of your cell hydration
8. your coachability category (wise, foolish, evil) you may be a mix…

the last three are the most important for you… 6 and 7 is about your health, #8 is about your attitude. If you are not teachable, not coachable, I probably won’t take you on as a client.

Get your Starting Point Measurements
That amazingly flexible lady isn’t me: I was never that flexible, not even when I was in kindergarten, or ballet.

I don’t know if I have the right to talk about ignorance about health… In this particular area… Because I have been ignorant for a long time now, myself.

Before I moved here, where I live now, I used to go to the gym or a personal trainer 2-3 times a week.

In my younger, school years I was an athlete, a gymnast, a swimmer. and in the past 13 years I was counting on the muscles I developed over the years… And… here is the ignorance, I didn’t comprehend that my muscles atrophied.

But… saving grace, I have a community center at the bottom of the hill, and they have a weekly seniors exercise class: to prevent falling…

It started this past Tuesday, and decided to go.

I was mortified how weak and uncoordinated I was.

But by the end of the 45 minute class I felt years younger, a lot more cheerful, and actually had no pain in my knees and my hip, which were killing me on the way down the hill.

It took me half an hour to pull myself up on the steps, and I can barely walk now, but other than muscle soreness: no pain.

Makes no sense… and that is what shows me that I’ve been ignorant.

You see, I have been walking, on and off, up the hill, down the hill, but that is not the same as have the simple and varied exercises we were doing in the class, for half of them actually sitting on a chair. Not the same.

How stupid I have been.

So now I am energized.

I am electrified. I have found probably the last missing piece of the puzzle of my physical issues… lack of proper and varied muscle and joint movement.

Last year I passed up on yoga, because I was worried that I would not be able to climb up the hill once the class is over…

I lost a year.

Now, most of Tuesday afternoon I was in bed reading…

But I am sure in another week or two the little class for old people won’t whack me out… I’ll do a little exercising on my own; I have found some good videos for it.

Please don’t wait until you are my age and getting up a flight of steps is an issue…

Start now. You don’t have to do anything heavy duty, but if you can find a class like mine that makes all your muscles gently come alive.

It can add ten-twenty-thirty years to your life.

I repeat: not heavy duty… overexercising is actually a killer. The oxidative stress can actually make you age faster.

Here is a chair workout I can do sitting in front of my computer…

Oh, and if you want to find out what foods are OK for you to eat and what foods aren’t, I offer muscletesting that for you.

Muscletesting your food and supplement list

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Ignorance in health matters is killing you”

  1. Good morning
    I live with pain everyday and I would like to now how it can go away.
    so I can feel happy about living

  2. Anything that you make wrong, including a pain, is going to stick with you. Consider that pain is like the weather… it is what it is. It will allow you to be happy if you allow it to be. Often the pain comes from resistance, you tightening yourself up… Relax into the pain, and let it be.

    I live with pain every day, and have thus far for 74 years. It is now merely noise… Unless I decide to pay attention, it fades into the background, and doesn’t bother me… because I don’t resist it. I don’t try to fix it. I allow it to be.

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