Why and how the hit-bottom method works? And how you can alter the future with it…

hitting-bottomWhy and how the hit-bottom method works?

It is easy to see in reality how the hit-bottom method works: when you hit bottom, you stop and look. You look long enough to make an intelligent decision about the next step to take. You take yourself out of reaction mode and put all your attention on the now moment, completely get the situation, and then act, also from intelligence.

If you recall, I learned this from experiencing it some 50 years ago when a lightening hit the water next to my kayak and pulled both my kayak and myself deep into its vortex.

The kayak promptly broke because it resisted. I, on the other hand, allowed the water to take me down without resistance. When I hit bottom, some 8 meters later, I allowed my knees to collapse, I soberly and consciously looked, I identified the center of the vortex, I deliberately kicked myself away from it, and survived to tell the story.

The same method, hitting bottom, is applicable in business, and every other place in life, also in relationships, choosing life direction, etc.

Hitting bottom is a mindset. I could have died in that incident hadn’t I had the hitting bottom mindset. The air in my lungs would not have been enough for “trying” to get away, “trying” to get afloat… I would have surely drowned.

I have been teaching this, but people don’t get to experience the power of this method. First they don’t get the mindset, second their ego doesn’t allow them to practice the mindset, third they are not able to pull all their awareness into the present moment.

This has been one of the most puzzling things for me all these years, until yesterday.

You see, until yesterday I didn’t realize that there are three components that all need to be present for someone to be able to pull this off.

1. get why the mindset and the method works outside of the physical arena… why it would make a difference in your money flow, etc.
2. taming the ego. The ego is saving face. The ego is only interested in winning, and hitting bottom feels to the ego like admitting to losing… so it fights it tooth and nail.
3. pulling all your awareness to the present moment, to the here-and-now sounds easy but isn’t easy for people: they try to do it with their mind…

I have been teaching skill #2 and #3, but haven’t taught skill #1. It is a combination of knowing and trusting. Trust is very different from faith. From belief. Trust is an ability to just be, expecting nothing, certain, because you are connected to all-of-it. Trust in your Self.

I haven’t taught #1 because it is the hardest thing to teach to people who want to understand things. It is not possible to understand #1, the moment you understand it, it becomes a false belief.

Truth believed is a lie. Truth lived, truth felt, truth acted upon stays truth, but the moment you involve the mind, it becomes a lie.

The principle one must live by in #1 comes from the discoveries of Quantum Physics. From the experience, that reality is an approximation. That where a particle is, whether it will is wave or particle, depends on observation, depends on the observers expectations.

In the state of #1 you need to give up observation, you need to give up the mind (that already knows), the ego (that has a vested interest in being right) and just be.

I that state of just being the Eternal, the Beyond, the Divine can come in. The longer you are able to suspend your human machine, the longer the Eternal will reign.

From the new “reality” a whole new future can begin, every moment a whole new future.

Were the things you now see always there? Who knows. Who cares. If they were you didn’t see them. If they weren’t, then they are now.

Being able to do this “hitting bottom” exercise often is the most amazing process, nothing short of a miracle.

Now, unless you are good at #2 and #3, this whole thing won’t work.

I teach those in my Path to Enlightenment program: I teach some live students, but what I teach them applies to everyone. The course is 2-3 new audios a week and will go as long as it takes…

And, of course, I teach the “hit bottom” method, the only way I know that alters the future, instantly.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Why and how the hit-bottom method works? And how you can alter the future with it…”

  1. Sophie: several observations. Generally I agree with your analysis, having myself had an experience that could have easily killed me or at least left me seriously injured but instead I “miraculously” was unharmed. MY explanation is however that I jumped reality tracks… out of the normal accident sequence ending in death, into a different track that concluded safely. I think that in a high-stress situation like yours or mine, it’s easy for some of us to “stop behaving”… to “forget ourselves”… and to more or less temporarily “go out of our normal mind” and thus experience “the impossible”. In my view the reason your #1 is so difficult to teach or even practice ourselves regularly is that to do so consciously would require us to leave the present world game… to move outside that entirely….. all the “rules”, “facts”, “procedures”. So far I’ve not allowed myself that and don’t know anyone who has….

  2. David, do you notice that you bring in your fatalistic view of life… and have to paradigm jump… lol. Maybe not.
    I have had a course that almost effortlessly causes a bend in reality, the Soaring Method.

    I have recorded it, but I can’t find the recordings. It is a great course… It does what you think is a big deal… it isn’t.

  3. Dear Sophie,

    I’m glad I found this post. You know how resistant I am. This is certainly one of those moments of decision. I suppose fear is holding me back. Can I use fear to propel me forward? The fear of not becoming an expanding human being? I have to come to this on my own, not based on the fear of losing your approval or contact with this work. Let’s see what happens in a week.

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