Your vibration is an indicator to what degree you use force

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force-v-powerAnimals are not forceful. Plants are not forceful. Why? Because, while the selfish gene is quite forceful, the animals surrender to the selfish gene… and go “with” it.

Humans are animals with a mind… and the mind is forceful. More forceful than the selfish gene…

The selfish gene is clear on what it wants: it wants to increase itself in the gene pool. That is all it is interested in. It negotiates with nature, with other species, with toxins, with members of the same species continually to lead to evolutionary stable strategies…. ess in short.

It adapts or it dies. The more adaptable, the more aware the gene and the vehicle, the more successful the gene is in propagating itself, and it thrives. It cannot afford to be forceful:

Forcefulness comes from blindness, and the repercussions is extinction. Forceful means: unaware and uncaring…

The mind is blind and stupid… it won’t see its own errors, won’t even notice that it is about to kill its vehicle… its human.

We could say that humans are vehicles to the selfish gene. The mind regularly overrides the genetic commands, to the detriment of its human. In your case: your detriment.

We could also say that humans are animals with the ability to raise their consciousness… above the forceful and blind mind.

Ability doesn’t guarantee results. Only deliberate practice of the right things can. If you look you can see a lot of people with high abilities and low results everywhere. I do. You may be one of those people.

What does this mean?

Simple, but hard to accept…

wpid-wp-1411742392757This means that human base nature is extremely forceful…

The forceful mind overrides the genes, and tries to kill everything other than what agrees with it… with what is already in the mind…

The mind is linear, set, and inflexible.

Life is not forceful. Animals are not forceful. They may be aggressive, but not forceful.

Harmony is impossible when forcefulness is present.

Peace, love, compassion, freedom… none of the high values can co-exist with forcefulness.

One of my clients wants to be free to be herself… She doesn’t understand that her forceful mind is what prevents her… Not something outside of her.

The source of inner tension, a feeling that you are not free, is the tension between this dual nature: tension between the mind and consciousness, this forcefulness of the mind.

We all have to go through an inner transformation from forcefulness to allowing… to become someone in harmony with life.

You are born without mind… Then mind comes and starts controlling the genes and your whole self. Forcefully.

And then you get a whiff of consciousness… and mostly it remains a whiff. Or  with cultivation it becomes a reality… It depends on you.

I know this from inside… through my own example, and I also know it from working with people…

Most people cannot see that they are forceful… or don’t want to see that they are forceful…

there-is-no-respect-for-others-without-humility-in-ones-self-quote-1It could be said that your vibration inversely correlates with your level of forcefulness

No matter who you are, you are forceful, forcing yourself, forcing others, forcing life. Just listen all your shoulds…

You can’t catch what you can’t see. My work is to show you what you can’t see… so you can start seeing it.

If and when things don’t work well, there is something you don’t see.

Coaching is helping you to see what you don’t see. What you refuse to see. What you can’t see.

Once you see what there is to see, once you bring it into conscious awareness, the forcefulness becomes a choice.

Life comes without a manual, and for each of us, life needs to be learned. Even our teachers have never learned it… so our teachers are as clueless as we are.

What is missing, what is always missing is distinctions.

Distinction is a specific and new way of looking at life…

Depending on where you look from, and through what filter you look, you see different things and you see things differently.

Distinction ‘happens’ when you bring consciousness to what you see.

For most people I interact with this is never… Bringing consciousness to what you see is work. Seeing consciously.

For example I just finished reading a book, Think Like a Warrior: The Five Inner Beliefs That Make You Unstoppable… (Discover the five inner beliefs shared by the world’s greatest achievers.)

The book shows the life of a football coach, his trials and tribulations, his failings through five distinctions… How he goes from failure to success, from arrogant prick to a leader.

The same life could be shown through different distinctions… This is what Landmark Education does, by the way; every course, every seminar, every training program shows life, the same unproductive forceful behaviors and attitudes, through different distinctions. Each course shows the same thing through a different filter, to create a 360 degree view of what doesn’t work.

I have participated for 26 years. I haven’t met a person who could see that we are looking at the same thing… only the distinction through which we look is different in the different programs.

This is true about my articles too… I bet you can’t see it yet.

Why show life and errors and failings and misery in so many different ways? Because everything is multi-dimensional in life… only mind is linear.

Forceful is linear… but life, success, peace, happiness, fulfillment are all multi-dimensional.

0c2e0ae129c07ef42ac2e4c647aeef71Mind is a bad tool to create a life worth living.

Your gurus are all forceful. None of them is willing to take the multi-dimensional look at life… Why? No money in it.

This whole article was triggered by an invitation by Vishen Lakhiani, to watch a masterclass of his…

Vishen Lakhiani: Teaching forcefulness… forcefully. His whole consciousness engineering is exercise in forcefulness.

Occasionally he teaches something worth learning.

So I signed up. I have now trained myself to make room for a teacher’s forcefulness, their errors, their arrogance, their unpleasantness by doing the 67 steps (yes, Tai is forceful) so I am sure I will benefit from attending this class.

But I can trust myself only because I can now tell truth from untruth. Because I have a large body of knowledge to integrate what I hear with. Because I have muscle testing while connecting to Source.

Every book is forceful. Every book, therefore, has a low truth value… Is it still worth reading books? Yes. Why? Because their forceful linear look at life is probably different from where you have looked so far… each book offers another vantage point, and shows what can be seen from that vantage point…

I have noticed that visiting a city with a guide, even the city you live in… taking a guided tour, gives you a whole different vantage point of what you thought you knew… because one of the ways All-of-it is unknowable… it is hard to invent new ways to look at the same thing…

Other people, and especially books, are incredibly useful in that. I have found the 67 steps, in this regard, invaluable. A whole different view of so many things!

This forcefulness dominates every area of life… Health, money, relationships, politics, spirituality…

The art is to allow it to be. Allow all the forceful threads to be. Refuse none, and accept none.

It’s not easy.

Why? Because of your equipment.

The mind refuses to accommodate multi-dimensional. It wants you to decide… Kill the alternative.

29f166c5ea5c33fbda3f2007dd9dcb31So instead of reading with the mind you need to read and listen with consciousness… But, alas, consciousness needs to be both liberated and activated.

The difference between homo sapiens and human being is the degree to which consciousness is doing the decision making… the degree to which multi-dimensional is allowed to be seen by the individual.

As long as you look at everything from the mind… even imagining what another person thinks… feels… you are still on the level of the mind… and consciousness hasn’t been activated.

I have been trying to teach stepping into the vantage point, looking and listening from behind another person’s eye balls, while also being, at the same time, behind your own. This bilocation is the starting point of consciousness.

So far it’s not working.

Good writers can do it… it is much like a self-imposed schizophrenia… lol… not the illness but the capacity. The ability and the willingness to not be stuck with your linear relationship to all-of-it.

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