Your dominant forceful way that keeps you at low vibration

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If you pay attention: you don’t want to read this post. You don’t want to know what keeps your vibration low… You are scanning the internet, the horizon, the people around you for good news: that you are already all you can be. This is what I am talking about in this article, this force, this forcefulness.

I don’t want to… I don’t like it… arrgh, nooo!

This is my “response”… more like reaction to nearly every task I need to do in my business.

I am not naturally and innately the surrendering type. I am fiercely independent, and I even abhor my own ideas that make me do something… almost anything.

My dominant mode is “avoid domination”…

Your dominant mode is predetermined in your soulcorrection, and one of your activities, throughout your lifetime, is to tame that beast… Oh, your dominant mode is like a beast that prevents you from climbing the tree of life, from raising your consciousness, raising your vibration.

So what could be YOUR dominant mode? Your dominant approach to life, other people?

Maybe there are more, but these are the most frequent modes I know:

  1. looking good
  2. avoid looking bad
  3. being right
  4. make another wrong
  5. avoid being wrong
  6. win
  7. avoid losing
  8. dominate
  9. avoid domination
  10. justify self/explain
  11. invalidate another
  12. avoid being responsible/ownership/blame/power/causing



If you look at any of these, these are all forceful, more or less violent reactions to life, to change, to others.

As I said in my last post, to the degree that you conquer this forcefulness, to the degree your vibration rises.

And, to tell the truth, it is not easy.

omgDo Enlightened people stop resisting, wanting to look good, and avoid looking bad?

It isn’t that it wasn’t easy, it is not getting easier, because the dominant mode doesn’t change, no matter what level of vibration you are at. Literature talking about enlightenment, enlightened people is feeding you a lie, feeding you with illusion that you can do some work now and then it is all smooth sailing thereafter.

avoid domination

Happy horseshit.

It is as if they said that you won’t have the selfish gene operate any more, the mind won’t pull its stunts, that you will just be…

I know you are eating up that crap… but let me wake you up: it isn’t how it works.

If and when anyone says that, that is a clear indication that they had never been on that level… so they lie. And you buy it.

So, let me tell you the truth: the dominant mode never even gets weaker… it just gets recognized faster.

  • In the beginning, the “I don’t want to” won out most of the time.
  • Then I “graduated” to the questioning phase, where I used reasoning to beat it… Why was my question. When I could figure out why I was resisting, I could go beyond the resistance.
  • Then came the second “why” phase, why I should do it, regardless. What is the big picture? What’s the context I can wrap it like a fish… so it can go past the resistance…
  • And today I am yet in another phase: I notice it, run around a little bit, maybe play a game of Freecell, and then do it.I take my resistance with me, and some of the time it goes away, as I get into the activity I was resisting.


Is there a next phase after this? I have no idea. I never concern myself with the future… I have my hands full with the present… lol. Don’t you?

If you don’t, then you are not in the game. You are in your mind, whiling your life away.

Get back into the game, and start climbing the tree of life.

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