Experience junkie? Spending all your money on courses?

the experience junkieI used to be a course junkie. I have recovered… This morning’s incident is a good indicator…

I found myself this morning unable to connect. Connect to Source…

When I closed my eyes, I was buzzing…

I muscle tested: Am I tired? The answer was “yes”. Shall I rest? The answer was “yes/no” Shall I meditate? The answer was “yes” Shall I meditate for five minutes? “yes”

I closed my eyes, and within seconds I had this huge upheaval, with lots of tears.

Now, what the heck is that about?

I didn’t forget that I have been downloading the Day of Power energy over the past 36 hours… and whatever is there, spiritually, can spill out, and be gone… really fast.

I don’t care what was in that sob. It’s gone. I also don’t look at my poop and wonder what was in it… unless I do… lol.

But you? are you still a junkie?

the excitement you feel in a courseA new student of mine has done tons of courses in the past six years.

She is in my 67 step coaching program, and is doing the work, diligently.

Yesterday the topic of Landmark Education and other courses came up.

So I am going to say a few unpleasant things about course, transformational courses like that.

Transformation and excitement don’t work well together. People use transformation as an excuse to kick people to the curb, to make irresponsible decisions.

In my sidebar there is a warning: Don’t Make Permanent Decisions From Your Temporary Emotions.

temporary-emotion2 Any course that makes you excited is potentially harmful. They excite the selfish gene, not your higher self. They whip the selfish gene into a frenzy. Causing some frenzied response…

mass copulation, mass escape… marriage

But most importantly an addiction. Addiction to excitement.

It is calculated. They make money if you come back for more… preferably forever.

  • I did all the courses in Landmark. Several times
  • I participated in all the training programs, ILP: twice. SELP: both as a coach, headcoach, and participant. Team management program… 26 years.
  • I did all the courses in Peak Potentials. All of them.
  • I did everything in the Kabbalah Centre
  • I bought every energy at Omega Shakti System, from Matt Schoener…

making-the-dark-consciousIf I want to be truthful, all my master’s level degrees, complete or incomplete, were the actions of a junkie… But the question is really this, was I motivated to go towards something, or away from something. My hunch is that I was, while I was a junkie, always went away from something, escaped something. Boredom, sameness, being found out, having to prove my mettle, work. My darkness…

And if you look, most actions are like that. People get married to avoid loneliness, or doing their own laundry… lol.

I spent all my money, I mean all of it, on these courses and energies.

My luck was that I already had a solid foundation.

decision-made-on-temporary-emotionsBut most people don’t… so they go to these courses, and leave their families, their jobs, their lives… for something seemingly better, leaving wrecks behind.

Suddenly they became junkies… junkies for excitement.

So what do I recommend? Instead…

I recommend that you start building a foundation.

Reading books, or doing anything without reflection is useless, unfortunately.

notallwhowanderarelostThe secret of my 67 step coaching is not the topic matter. Not the steps. Not the regular listening to the steps. No.

The secret is the reflection. The secret is having to write down what you got from the step. For yourself. For your loved ones.

That and the fact that I read your post is what starts to build the foundation, the foundation that you can start building a life on. That you can make anything, Landmark, Core Values, maybe even Unlimited Abundance sprout roots on, and become useful, wholesome, and something build with.

Because this is a slow, low excitement coaching program, we have time to deal with not only the steps, but your attitude, your soul correction, your relationships, your health, because inadvertently you bring it to the conversation.

And it is in writing… This is also important. Because you have to be with yourself while you are writing it. It forces reflection and self-reflection.

And also, because I write back, you can’t immediately justify, or protest, or agree.

You have time to reflect, to mull it over, to internalize it… and that is the secret.

You see, most programs make a big storm, and pick up the sand of your life, and then the pieces land the way pieces normally land… in piles.

Your life has no solidity because you have no self.

Self doesn’t exist without observation, self doesn’t exist without self-reflection, and without self you are quicksand. Amorphous. Soft. Flimsy.

And that is no way to become an Expanding Human Being… you can’t build a tower reaching the sky from jello.

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