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I use everything for guidance. My method of guidance is one of the magicians of The Soaring Method use for guidance. (Carlos Castaneda demonstrates it well in his Journey to Ixtlan… He calls the two, signs and omen.) But the inner guide, the intelligence that you need to develop and then communicate with, the part of you that sees with 360 degree cone of vision, sees the Big Picture. Your intellect, your eyes, your mind can only see a narrow cone of vision.

Being guided, to see the signs, takes awareness, sober awareness. You can’t be sheep: you need to stay aware and awake.

One of the ways the Dark Side leads you is pretending to be guidance. Self-fulfilling prophecies, myths, superstition, dogmas, “everybody believes that!” is all Dark Side tools.

One of the guides I have is Rob Brezsny, a syndicated astrologist with a column in my local independent weekly.

I’ve made it a point, for the past 12 years, to read it every week. So far there have been three weeks where I could not see that the guidance was meant for me.

I use the weekly horoscope as my guide to do my spiritual growth work, and it has always added a fresh direction to my already wide cone of vision.

Here is my horoscope for this week:

Do you ever fantasize about a more perfect version of yourself? Is there, in your imagination, an idealized image of who you might become in the future? That can be a good thing if it motivates you to improve and grow. But it might also lead you to devalue the flawed but beautiful creation you are right now. It may harm your capacity for self-acceptance. Your assignment in the coming week is to temporarily forget about whom you might evolve into at some later date, and instead just love your crazy, mysterious life exactly as it is.

It’s right on: my job is to love me and my life… yaaaay!

In this quote from Rob Brezsny, he talks about dreams, guidance and intuition versus fear or omens.


(Hear the text below as a podcast.)

I wanted to let you know that this is a perfect time for you to learn more about the difference between your fearful fantasies and your authentic, accurate intuitions (guidance).

It’s always a good time to do that, of course, but even more so right now. This is an exciting turning point, when the future is up for grabs. Worn-out old habits of thought are unraveling. Structures that have kept us enthralled to fake values are crumbling. The coming months and years will be ripe with opportunities for us to lay the foundation for a new world that’s actually fit for the human soul.

And in the midst of this grand mutation, it’s predictable that so many so-called leaders are trying to fill up our imaginations with scary visions and angry emotions. They want us to buy into their visions that the sky is falling.

In the face of their toxic paranoia, it’s wise to remember that we always have the power to turn away from their fear-mongering and tune in to the guidance of the still, small voice within us — the still, small voice of intuition (guidance) that will, if we allow it, lead us very capably through every twist and turn of our destiny, even when our destiny brings us right into the thick of our civilization’s massive transformations.


Knowing the difference between your fearful fantasies and your authentic, accurate intuitions (guidance) is one of the greatest spiritual powers you can possible have. So let’s explore what it means: knowing the difference between the frightening, alienating pictures that sometimes pop into your imagination, as opposed the simple, warm, clear direction that is always available from the deepest source within you.

Strangely enough, many people get these two things confused. They are especially prone to believing that the frightening, disempowering images that erupt in their mind’s eye are coming from their intuition (guidance).

For many people, if they get an image of a scary future possibility popping into their imagination, they worry that it’s a prediction of some event that will actually occur in their lives. For instance, they may have a fantasy of themselves getting into an accident, or maybe they dream of losing a loved one, or maybe they internalize the toxic vision of some talking head on TV who slaps them upside the head with a prediction of imminent doom. When these people get images like these stuck in their imagination, they may begin to obsess on the fear that these things are literally going to happen.

Almost every time, scary fantasies like this are not true intuition. Our true intuition is just not very likely to be fueled by fear, and it rarely if ever motivates us to act by making us feel afraid.

No. Our true intuition emerges from the wise, loving core of our being. It blooms in us like a slow-motion fountain of warmth. It reveals the objective truth about a person or situation with lucid compassion. It shows us the big picture.

Fearful fantasies, on the other hand, burn and itch and make us feel like we’re coming apart. They drain our energy and cloud our judgment. They fill us with obsessive urges to run and hide or do something desperate and melodramatic.

I don’t want to say that true intuition is always calm and emotionally neutral. It isn’t, necessarily. But I will say this: The emotions that accompany true intuition are never alienating. They don’t make us feel superior to other people or fill us with hatred and terror. They don’t disempower us or make us feel helpless.

True intuition may rouse our anger, but if so, it is the kind of invigorating anger that leads to clarity and constructive action, and thus it is an anger that ultimately relaxes us.

True intuition may show us a difficult truth, but it always does so with a suggestion of how to deal gracefully and courageously with that difficult truth. True intuition may reveal imminent changes that could compel us to adjust our behavior, but it always does so in a way that empowers us.

Let me emphasize this point: True intuition may not always reveal that everything will be fine, or that we will be able to continue to live in the ways be have been living — true intuition is certainly not falsely optimistic — but if it does alert us to circumstances that are in flux, and how we will have to transform ourselves, it does so with love and poise and clarity, not with fear.

Here’s one more thing, *. Just as our true intuition never works by scaring the hell out of us, neither does it flatter us with grandiose suggestions about how superior we are. In fact, it may often gently inform us of some correction that should be made in our attitude. It may tactfully but firmly lead us to the understanding that we have been suffering from some form of ignorance and that we need to wake up and get smarter.

True intuition reveals the story of our lives from our soul’s point of view, not our ego’s. In my understanding, true intuition is the voice of our own personal inner teacher, which just happens to be the divine part of us. The certainty that true intuition provides us is therefore not loud and puffed up, but rather humble and graceful.


This is a perfect moment to think on these things, and to add some insights of your own. It’s also an excellent time to flush away the fearful fantasies that may have seeped into your imagination — and thereby make it possible for you to hear your true intuition better.

One way to facilitate this process, by the way, is to cut way back on the amount of terrifying and disorienting images you allow to flow into your imagination from the TV, Internet, newspapers, movies, and other mass media. In fact, I invite you to consider the possibility of going on a media fast for a while and spending more time in nature than you usually do.

In conclusion, my beloved companions on this beautiful, interesting planet, please get to work on seeing your fearful fantasies for what they are and enhancing your connection to your true intuition.

I am one of the people that you could use for guidance. For example using the Harmonize The Planet audio, whether you are listening to it or it is just running in the background, makes you a lot more intelligent. How? Why? It harmonizes YOU with all of it, it mutes the volume of the Dark Side and the mind and allows the guidance of the intelligence to be heard.

Another thing you could do is find the cornerstone of your existence, the source of your misery (everyone has misery!) through the processes of The Soaring Method… now, that’s great guidance!

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