The Power of Breathing

the power of breathingThe Power Of Breathing

Anyone who desires to teach what they can do has a real big problem. The problem is remembering what they did to get where they are.

Of course, judging from people’s vibrational numbers, most people that teach anything in this spiritual realm, don’t teach what they do, they teach what they’d read, heard, but never actually experienced themselves. Their knowledge is Tree of Knowledge. Second hand knowledge, worthless. Fills the mind with useless information. Useless, as in: you can’t act on it and achieve what it tries to express, because there are steps the speaker doesn’t know about: it is not their experience.

Now, with that said, I have had the problem myself: accurately and completely teaching you all the steps I have done to get to where I am. I have been watching, observing myself, to find the missed pieces, or steps, that would make the path more complete, so that no steps are missing, so that you can get to exactly where I am, which is today 993 on the vibrational scale.

I have found a step that is a good candidate for “missing step.” Breathing.

Some 36 years ago I was struggling with severe insomnia. I was tense. My mind was churning with unwanted thoughts. One day, accidentally, while looking for the bathroom, I entered a room where a group was practicing relaxation.

The participants were lying flat on their backs, and the instructor took them through the steps of a relaxation regimen. I stayed long enough to catch some of the steps. Breath into your belly, breath as fully as you can, hold it, and breath out as fully as you can, and breath in as soon as you emptied your lungs.

I tried it. First off, I noticed that the technique put me into an over-oxygenated, light-headed state, much like being drunk. When I stuck with it, I could pass out in about three minutes, and this is all I wanted. Blessed sleep… aaaaah. lol

My insomnia didn’t go away with this, but I learned a technique to knock myself out. I had to do this every night.

But I realized, I learned something much more important than knocking myself out: I learned to breathe into my belly. Belly breathing allows for the “out of the mind” state, while chest-breathing doesn’t. We want to get out of the mind: inside the mind the highest anyone can go is 495 on the vibrational scale. And there is an awful lot of suffering in the “inside the mind” state. All anxiety and anguish comes from there. All fear comes from there.

A few years ago, as an aspiring public speaker, I went through voice training, and learned the second bit that I find important for you to know: I learned how to release my throat, my upper chest, and allow my whole chest to resonate, so my voice is full and resonant: important for a public speaker.

These are two pieces that are very important for you if you want to be able to connect, get out of your mind, and start living a life in the present moment, the only place where happiness and joy are possible.

If you want to be able to play on any instrument, a guitar, the violin, or your body, you need a lot of practice: you need to practice, and practice the right moves. And, of course, you need to be able to have enough energy to sustain the practice so you actually become good, instead of someone who has tried and stopped.

I found a breathing course for you (there are many) that will help you have the energy you need.

My recommendation is that you buy it and that you also buy the Harmonize Your Vibration audio: the two together will do miracles.

I am willing to offer a package deal for you, because it is so important.

If you buy the breathing course, and email me the receipt from paypal, I give you access to the Harmonize Your Vibration audio. Deal?

Here is the info about the Power of Breathing course from the creators of it:

Topics in the course:

– 10 Minute Miracle Breathing “Trick”
– Your next breath could change your life…
– Get Supercharged, Easy as Breathing?

It’s no secret that breathing sustains human life. But what if you could literally supercharge your brain, tap into greater well-being and happiness, release stress, instantly improve FOCUS and more…

just by learning a new way to breathe!

In just ten minutes a day, you can rocket body oxygen levels and circulation, reduce or even eliminate physical pain, boost your creativity in minutes, achieve spiritual breakthroughs, live longer and healthier…

This is one of the most important and vital secrets that ISN’T being shared publicly!

This SHOULD be taught in all schools.

But it isn’t. But YOU can learn it in the next few minutes. And then teach it to your friends, family and loved ones. Imagine, because you decided to read this one email, your entire family can live a longer, more well-balanced, improved, happier life.

Do yourself and anyone you truly care about a HUGE favor and check this out right now… => Power of Breathing course

P.S– I’ll change my offer: email me the receipt and I give you access to any of the 7 Avatar State audios Choices: procrastination, abundance, love, brilliance, self-discipline, harmonize, and… more on the avatar state audios page

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “The Power of Breathing”

  1. This one of your best articles, Sophie. Thank for the package deal — what a deal!

  2. I’m not sure if you updated the content of this post or just the offer, but I was really glad to read it again. I confirms for me what wasn’t working before and what I need to do. Useful, practical, actionable stuff. It also helps us relate better to you as a teacher.

    I bought the Power of Breathing and it is really, good and really simple. I use it daily and it is working. I also got the Harmonize Avatar and together with the Abundance Avatar they play 24 hours a day.

    I am mostly relaxed and at peace almost all of the time. I am almost free of judgement and am able to come from love most of the time. I will be launching a new business shortly, so we’ll see how the Avatar audios support that. I still feel some fears, but I am determined to push through them.

  3. good job, Michael. your vibration is at 210 now. And I recommend that you download the new version of the Unconditional Love Activator and use it for at least a week. I think your fears will subside from it, it handles the “undeserving” issue that I think you may have. Do you? It may be subconscious, but muscle test says that it’s there.

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