Metabolic Prime review — can exercise alone make you lose weight?

metabolic-primeOK. I just spent about an hour destroying my vibration

What I am willing to do for you?!

OK, what the f… happened, right?

Well, easy.

I got an email from Bill Harris of Holosync fame. The email is about a system that promises to activate your youngifying genes… your metabolically active tissues (????) and it takes only 60 minutes a week… short bursts of workout.

I don’t like Bill Harris. I don’t trust Bill Harris. 1

So far so good… I am sure I don’t want it. Thank you very much, I am quite happy with my regimen of eating according to my body and chemistry, plus my one hour workout on Tuesdays. I am down 22 lbs… and I feel good. I don’t think about any of it, no smoothies, no support group, no time thinking what else I need to boost this and boost that.

But many of you does, so I decided to be a guinea pig, again, and if nothing else, BUY this thing Bill Harris is promoting.

It’s called Metabolic Prime.

Now, be aware, that this just happened, I haven’t even watched the videos… remember, workouts! is what I bought, for $37.

I muscle tested: the workouts work… they do increase your metabolism.

But here is what happened after I clicked the pay button… I was taken an hour long promotion fest, smoothies, and additional supplements, and grass fed this, and even a support group… all in the language of hypnotic persuasion.

It lowered my vibration, because all those hypnotic words created very very very strong greed… despite my disgust. Interesting, eh?

OK, here is my educated, muscle tested opinion: if you are into hype, and if your life is about your life, this may be the perfect thing for you. I, personally, prefer to have my life be about what I do, or about Life, or about books, movies, people… than about my eating, and about my workout, and about my health.

The smaller your concern, the smaller your life, the lower your vibration… Your vibration is a numerical expression of where you live and what your life is about.

Living for yourself, for your own health, longevity, etc. is like living in the basement.

I like my penthouse, thank you very much.

Now, I like money, because money pays the bills… and if you buy, a friend of mine gets some commission… I don’t know how much, but he will share it with me. Wish me luck.

In another article I will share with you how the exercises fit in with a person, 69 years old. On the site of the first exercise I see all comments are from people who’d prefer to do sitting exercises…

Have I mentioned that most of the Tuesday class’ exercises are done sitting? And yet the class feels like a party… I really enjoy it. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s music… great rhythm.

OK, the vibrational review: Metabolic Prime: truth value: 10%. That is not bad, most things advertised are all lie. Should you buy it? I think so. Is it hyped? hell yeah… does that mean it doesn’t work? Not in this case. But is it as easy as they say it is? I don’t think so.

Oh, one more thing: making “delicious” smoothies the basis of your diet is very bad for you. Why? Because it keeps your taste buds crave sweet. And your brain crave sweet. And desserts… do you think you can be happy with all that craving?

I eat NOTHING sweet, and I am happier I have ever been. And healthier.

Oh, here is the link to Metabolic Prime

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  1. Here is Bill’s email…

    Here’s something for you if you’re struggling to lose weight, based on some quite interesting new research.

    I keep up on the latest information regarding diet, health, and exercise, mainly because…

    …I want to stay healthy.

    I lost over 20 pounds a couple of years ago, and I don’t want to gain it back (which I’ve done more than once).

    The folks at Natural Health Sherpa, who I know quite well, send me articles about the latest research.

    I thought this one was particularly interesting, especially if, like me…

    …your health is important to you, and you either want to lose weight – or not gain back weight you’ve lost.

    This article discusses the connection between your thyroid, weight loss, exercise, and your fitness. Very interesting.

    Check it out.

    Be well.


    Want to depress your thyroid by 28.2%?

    SPOILER ALERT: This will totally screw up your ability to lose weight (plus several other negative health outcomes).

    Guess which of these 3 common types of exercise can depress thyroid function:
    Running, spin classes or hot yoga sessions…
    Lifting weights, kettlebells or even just bodyweight…
    CrossFit or another high-intensity workout…
    Shockingly, every single one can slow your thyroid – and your fat burning – to a crawl.

    I’ll share why in just a minute, and…

    …describe a scientifically-designed, 4-phase workout that enhances your thyroid’s ability…

    …to burn excess body fat.

    In terms of weight loss and fat burning, this is being thought of as THE fastest-working workout.

    Here’s why your thyroid is so important when it comes to weight loss:

    Your thyroid regulates the oxygen you need to fan the flames of your body’s metabolic fire.

    If it’s not working right, it snuffs out your ability burn up body fat.

    Low thyroid function can even cause horrendous, dementia-like symptoms (even in your 30s, 40s and 50s).

    Typical symptoms include:
    Inability to recall peoples’ names (even your closest friends)…
    Stumbling to find the right words (in the most embarrassing situations)…
    And forgetting why you walked into a room (extremely depressing)…
    Exercise can help…yet most people do WAY too much, too soon…

    …which sends your thyroid into a panic, causing it to shut down.

    And as anyone with thyroid problems will tell you, that can take years to fix…if ever.

    New research, though, has provided a new approach gradually moves you through 4 “thyroid-friendly” phases.

    Phase 1: Prime Your Metabolic Sparkplugs

    Most people think of muscles when it comes to fat burning.

    Interestingly, it’s the nerves that connect to those muscles that are most important.

    Nerves are like metabolic sparkplugs – they allow your muscles to fire at their peak fat burning capacity.

    If your nerves aren’t properly conditioned for exercise, though…

    …your thyroid shuts down (NOT good for losing weight).

    Phase 2: Train Your Body to Burn Fat for Fuel

    Most folks have been convinced that they should burn carbs for fuel. New research, however, shows that carb-burners…

    …can’t access (and burn) fat!

    If you can’t burn fat, guess what happens after a workout of ANY kind?
    Your brain forces you to pig out on carbs (you’ve been there, right?)…
    Your thyroid goes into a panic, your energy plummets…
    And your body packs on all of those carbs as more fat!
    The key is to develop metabolic flexibility – to burn…

    …BOTH carbs and fat.

    (Find out how below.)

    Phases 3 and 4: Pour Rocket Fuel Into Your Fat Burning Metabolism…

    From Phases 1 & 2, your nerves, muscles and thyroid are now ready for metabolic “prime-time”.

    These last 2 phases are like dumping rocket fuel into your metabolic engine, making weight loss MUCH easier.

    WARNING: For some reason, many people skip to these 2 phases without first doing phase 1 & 2.

    This is a HUGE mistake.

    If your thyroid isn’t properly conditioned to handle phases 3 &4…

    …you could find yourself back on the couch eating potato chips in no time!

    Here’s the complete formula, including details on the final 2 phases:

    ==> Use this 4-Phase formula for just a few minutes a week…

    Best of all, this takes less than an hour per week (not per day, but per week!).

    One more thing:

    Low thyroid can also be the reason for mysterious symptoms like:
    Hair loss
    Sensitivity to cold
    Weak muscles
    A slow heart
    Improving thyroid function is critical, and that’s precisely what this 4-phase formula does.

    Give it a try!

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