Where do your questions come from?

blooms_taxonomy_pyramid_cake-style-use-with-permissionI am asked questions, all the time.

Asking questions is a sign. What kind of questions… that is yet another sign.

And then asking intelligent questions… well, that is quite another matter.

I am going to my memory now, and say what I retained about questions from the book Curious… that the better questions, the more intellectual questions one asks the higher level of evolution the person is.

But no matter what question you ask, the answer, if it sticks strictly to the question, will be on the same level where you asked it from.

That is a problem…

Unless the answer comes from a higher level, because the answerer intuited your real question, or refuses to answer on your own level, you’ll end up with an answer that confirms your low level of thinking, low level of evolution.

The two main areas that this comes up, in my practice, are

  1. vibration
  2. muscle testing

The first one is a real problem for me.

rbtYour question, even if it is not formulated, is firmly rooted in your world view, in your understanding of what you are asking about, and what is your desire…. and the level of your vibration.

You can only hear it from that level, in that context.

And the famous saying: no problem can be solved on the level of consciousness where it was created… my answer will not be useful because my answer, answered from my level of consciousness, will not fit into the world you live in.

live_your_life_-_george_carlin90% of the people who ask for their vibration, immediately unsubscribe. Some express their displeasure very vocally. Others try to teach me manners. Or try to suck on my time, only to curse me out in the end.

Fun life, eh? lol.

And some ask a better question, hear a better answer, and become students or clients.

Learning to ask better questions is hard.

My level, in asking questions, on a scale of one to ten, are still on level three…

It may surprise you, but not all aspects of consciousness are on the same level.

questionsConsciousness in one area can be many levels higher, or lower than in another area.

The easier it is for you to get out from your personal view, and into the view of others, or higher, or wider, or richer… the higher you are in consciousness with regards to asking questions.

I am on level three. I lived most of my life on level one. All my questions designed to confirm or dis-confirm something that I already thought… not further.

Level three is asking questions that, at least cursorily, include my own perspective. 1

  • Albert Einstein asked level four questions.
  • Carl Yung asked level one questions.
  • Nietzsche asked level two questions.
  • Gandhi asked level three questions.
  • Osho asked level four questions.
  • Carl Marx asked level four questions.
  • Socrates asked level five questions.
  • The Buddha asked level three questions.
  • Lao Tsu asked level five questions.
  • The Prophet Mohammed didn’t ask any questions. That is level 0.
  • Genghis Khan asked level four questions.

tell-people-theres-an-invisible-man-in-the-sky-who-created-the-universe-and-the-vast-majorMost people, like religion, don’t ask questions… they only have answers. To everything.

And many people’s questions are answers in disguise: they ask no questions. They already know. Level 0.

I have written about asking questions before… so to complement this short article, I am republishing the ones that belong together.

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  1. The ten level are consistent with the ten emanations of The Light, or the climbing the Tree of Life from Kabbalah

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