Taking a multi vitamin… designer supplements? Calcium? is it good for you?

hgh-supplementsRarely, (hailing mostly from other countries,) I find people who have all the 90 daily essential nutrients supplied in their diet. Amazing.

Now, the craze of taking supplements, the MLM (Network Marketing) type of sales systems gets to these people through friends and family, and they start taking “designer” supplements, and suddenly they don’t feel well.

They are entering the Western world’s unhealthy habit of trying to fix something that is not broken.

Having your 90 daily essentials checked by me is an amazing idea because it informs you AGAINST all the hype, what it is that you need, and what it is that you don’t.

mystery-supplementsWhat happens if you take a supplement because it sounds good?

You, most likely, screw your body up.

Why? How? WTF?

Your body is your body, and because of your ancestry, body type, blood type, eating type being unique to you, and because of your diet, meaning what you eat! you are able to use and benefit from some stuff, and not from others. But if it were just expensive urine, I would not write this article.

No. Many times the supplement harms you.

  • 1. the minerals, vitamins, etc. need to be in balance for optimum performance and health.

    your supplement upsets the balance… you have too much of a good thing… and now you don’t have enough or the other. This happens in the minerals and in the vitamins, equally.

    So please don’t do it!

    The people are worst off who take multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, or just take Calcium because… who knows why.

    supplements-in-handWhen I examine you, I also recommend that you don’t get anything multi… I occasionally recommend Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus, because it is all food… so the body sorts it out. Or Dr. Wallach’s 90 essential regimen from youngevity.com

    Otherwise I recommend that you take each as a separate supplement. Really.

    2-4 weeks after your start your supplementation, I can recheck you, and adjust your supplementation.

    beet-kvassI am down to six, in addition to the Superfood. Down from about 25.

    Vitamin D-2-3 (because I never go outside), Biotin (to complement the eggs I eat), probiotics because I will never get rid of the Candida, but probiotics keep the beast at bay, Coenzyme Q10 because I have an enlarged heart that needs all the support I can give it, and Hyaluronic Acid to lubricate my joints… (because I am so stationary and getting older).

    From time to time I drink the Mineral concoction by Dr. Wallach… but I hate the taste. This to add a little more minerals that are so rare that I am afraid even Dr. Schulze’s superfood doesn’t have… minerals whose name I can’t even pronounce.

    That’s it.

  • 2. The second way the supplement can screw you up is this: they contain stuff that you are either intolerant to, sensitive to, or they are counterindicated as exotic food for your ethnic background.

    Wheat grass, any unusual nuts, coconut, the berries from other continents, the stuff that I am sure my ancestors would not eat because it didn’t grow where they lived.

    fermented-italian-vegetablesfermented-italian-vegetablesfermented-italian-vegetablesMy ancestors left the “Holy Land” 2000 years ago and moved to the cold climate of Central Europe.

    When I lived in Israel, my health went from bad to horrible. I ate like an Israeli, and my cholesterol went to 450, I developed narcolepsy (falling asleep in the middle of doing something… for moments…), skin issues, tooth issues, eye issues, energy issues, mental issues.

    Nearly everything I ate is not on my edibles list… huh?! Right?

    This is why I recommend that people, especially students of mine, get their full health evaluation that includes the supplement list and the food list… and potential issues I can detect from the muscle testing.

    It’s priceless.

What happens when you do the health evaluation and put the many small actions (including life style, like sleeping!) to place?

Sometimes you are going to feel bad for a while. Why? Because harmful organisms will die off. Because your cells will now have to energy to take out the trash.

But eventually your brain and thinking becomes clear, and your health number starts climbing up.

When you don’t feel good, you’ll know exactly what “rule” you violated… and can adjust.

The biggest mistake, after getting better, is irregular sleeping, social pressure eating, and trying new things out…

Me, as a yellow canary, trip up with the new things… the supermarket is full of good looking stuff… that is social pressure… I guess.

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