It is exactly 57 times more complicated than that…

i-wont-apologize-for-who-i-am-2The current state of science, knowledge is “one size fits all”.

Just do this and this and this… and you’ll be happy, wealthy, healthy, and in love.

Every profession has their “this is the way, this is the truth” postage stamp size area where they dance…

The medical establishment, pharmaceuticals, psychologists, religion, education, and even the “spiritual” or “alternative” people.

I am a people watcher. I watch their behavior. I watch what they welcome, love, what they tolerate, what they avoid.

I remember I was about 30, and I said:

this is exactly 57 times more complicated than that.

Because it is a weird number… and it makes no sense, people picked up the words, but not the concept.

The concept is that you can only see a tiny sliver of reality, and a tiny sliver of what you see you distinguish. And what is so is 57 times more complicated…

And it is both personal and shared…

pyramidsMy job is to find the “57 ways” that I can dislodge people from their illusion, their state so they can grow.

I must like difficult. Because moving the Giza pyramid, without tools, would be easier. I think, with the same amount energy, I could have learned to levitate those immense stone blocks… if levitation is physically possible, that is.

What if it is impossible to dislodge and launch a person, even though they claim that they want to grow?

Here is what I think is the issue:

you want to grow without ever changing. You want to grow without giving up what you know, what you believe, what you like, what’s comfortable.

The secret “move” of growing, of personal evolution is GOING BEYOND.

Beyond everything.

hot-air-balloon-tethered-to-the-groundAs long as the hot air balloon has even just one rope tying it to the ground, the hot air balloon is earth-bound: it won’t fly.

Now, truth be told, when I look at the life of 99% of humanity, life hasn’t acclimated you for this move.

You have always looked for things where the light was, not in the darkness, not in the “this makes absolutely no sense”, not where no sane person would look… but what you pretended to look for is exactly where that darkness is.

Another thing I was looking in my classmates stories: were they looking for “life” in the known, obvious, makes sense, accepted, true and tried areas, or beyond?

I found four people, myself included.

Most people, in fact 99.8%, are looking for what they intend to find, where it is known and familiar.

This is a story told by Osho:

One evening people saw her searching for something on the street in front of her hut. They gathered together – the poor old woman was searching for something. They asked, “What is the matter? What are you searching for?”

She said, “I have lost my needle.” So they also started helping.

Then somebody asked, “Rabiya, the street is big and night is just descending and soon there will be no light and a needle is such a small thing – unless you tell us exactly where it has fallen it will be difficult to find.”

Rabiya said, “Don’t ask that. Don’t bring that question up at all. If you want to help me, help, otherwise don’t help, but don’t bring up that question.”

They all stopped – all those who were searching – and they said. “What is the matter? Why can’t we ask this? If you don’t say where it has fallen, how can we be of any help to you?”

She said, “The needle has fallen inside my house.”

They said, “Then have you gone mad? If the needle has fallen inside the house, why are you searching here?”

She said, “Because the light is here. Inside the house there is no light.”

Somebody said, “Even if the light is here, how can we find the needle if it has not been lost here? The right way would be to bring light inside the house so you can find the needle.”

And Rabiya laughed, “You are such clever people about small things. When are you going to use your intelligence for your inner life? I have seen you all searching outside and I know perfectly well, I know from my own experience, that that which you are searching for is lost within. The bliss that you are searching for, you have lost within.

And you are searching outside. Your logic is that because your eyes can see easily outside, and your hands can grope easily outside – because the light is outside – that’s why you are searching outside.

“If you are really intelligent,” Rabiya said, “then use your intelligence. Why are you searching for bliss in the outside world? Have you lost it there?”

They stood dumbfounded and Rabiya disappeared into her house.

So many stories like that – of immense insight.

By the way, I am not saying that “truth is within” or everything you want to find is within…

live-in-grey-areaOsho may say that. But I don’t.

What I do say though is that one needs to live in the vertical dimension to have the courage, the curiosity, the desire strong enough, the knowledge deep enough, the energy sufficient to go beyond.

Beyond is the operative word here.

And you do not get to the vertical from the mind… it is outside.
You do not get to the vertical from books, videos, sermons.

You get to the vertical through knowing and becoming one with the inside.

The Unconditional Love Activator is the big divider… and the big uniter.

It separates you from the horizontal, in that you now become one with yourself. 2

And once you become one with yourself, you can start your journey upwards, and beyond.

want-the-pink-pillThe question is what keeps you outside.

And that is one of those “one size doesn’t fit all”.

Although there is a commonality: whatever you resist persist, whatever you resist is what ties you to the world of the horizontal, the valley of the shadow of death.

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  1. But who are you?

    Are you seeing yourself in an other... who act like a mirror?
    Do you believe that your intentions and desires define you, and that is who you are?

  2. But who are you?

    Are you seeing yourself in an other… who act like a mirror?
    Do you believe that your intentions and desires define you, and that is who you are?

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