If you love yourself you love your life.


Good enough, the Pareto principle… how you get tripped up by the numbers

80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

This translates to a lot of mischief.

I just read an article, OK, I read 20% of it… lol… about China, and about chabuduo… that is Chinese for Good Enough.

The problem is standards.

Your 100%, the Chinese 100%, and my 100% are not the same.

My 100% may be your 1000%.

good_enough_unitive1Obviously, judging from the lack of quality work in China, the Chinese 100% is around 50% of your good work.

Things are falling apart.

Warning: if this article doesn’t apply to you, then read “them” when I say “you”… instead of getting offended, Personally offended… lol.

good-enoughTai calls in “janky”. Meaning sloppy, slapperdash, shabby.

This is your work when you multi task, when you don’t pay attention, this is your life…. if it is, of course.


You’ve probably opted for quantity over quality.

  • You read more articles… remember none.
  • You eat more food… digest none of it. Turn it into toxins and fat.
  • You talk much, say little.

The notion of buckling down and doing things in earnest don’t appeal to you…

You eat and consume knowledge the same way you eat: you crowd another forkful into your mouth before you’ve even chewed the forkful before…

Pareto forgot to mention that 80% of shabby is shabby.

And then you are surprised that you

  1. can’t find yourself
  2. when you accidentally do… you turn away in horror

But you remember, that if you like yourself, you like your life. If you love yourself you love your life.

But being a person only a mother can love… The cause of your hopelessness, your depression, your lack of motivation, your unhappiness is right there.

I tell you a secret: all happiness comes from within. But it is impossible to be happy if you don’t love yourself.

And you can’t love yourself unless you deem yourself lovable.

You may do good work in one area, and shabby work or no work in another.

So your 100% is about 20%, 30%… won’t earn you love from yourself…

Every thought you throw out, from the top of your head, as a reaction, as one throws a frisby, not even looking how it lands, just to get rid of the dog for a moment… shabby.

You talk like that, you may even write like that.

And then you are surprised that when you get a glimpse of your self, you are mortified, and you look away.

You promise one thing and then you do another.

You are jerked by others, by circumstances, by fear, by the impending doom of the upcoming elections… 1

If you decide to embark on the journey toward loving yourself, you’ll have to pare down the activities you do.

You have to lower your standards to continue doing every stupid, irrelevant thing you do now…

Do only a few things, and do them mindfully, and well.

pareto-principleI do only a few things, including personal hygiene. I am even starting to include some housekeeping, now that I am stronger, and now that I stopped hurting.

And I don’t do anything I don’t consider important to me.

Obviously I am in a better position to make decisions: I know who I am. I have a self.

My decisions come from my self, my motivation is inner motivation, and I have been able to keep myself free from ANY outside motivation. Work, paying the bills, cleaning up my place, exercising: all inner and intrinsic motivation.


  1. Do you want to know how I handled that? The elections issue? I decided what I was going to do if it gets really bad. Decided it now, and am preparing myself to be able to do it. Instead of what you do: fretting. Oh, and donated money to enroll voters who would normally not vote… they take it for granted that democracy is a done deal… It isn’t.

    The segment of the population that is very eager to vote are the neo-fascist, ultra right wing, racist, murderous, Nazi type… who love the idea of a totalitarian regime shown really well in the The Man In The High Tower, both the movie and the book.

    So I am proactive… not reactive. For me it feels it is like 1933 again… and I am moving while the borders are still open.

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