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apple-cider-vinegarLike so many things, guidance is a blessing… and a curse.

So is coaching, by the way.

You can’t catch what you can’t see, and you can’t correct what you can’t catch…

So, this past week has been, thank you for asking, pure hell… lol.

Why, what went wrong? It would be shorter to list what didn’t… lol

Now, apart from a 10-minute period, while I was on the phone with an overly tired and uncaring support staff this morning… I have been having fun.

Yes. Challenges? Yes. Hard issues? Yes. Expensive… Yeah.

Something I can’t handle? No.

I won’t bore you with the details, I will share just one because it is not personal at all…

While all this was going on, I had the bright idea to drink a little Briggs Apple Cider Vinegar… after all it is good for you, right?

I noticed a marked change in my hunger… and at first it looked like a good thing.

Today, two hours after breakfast, my stomach was signaling: it is time to eat.

I muscle tested: I was hungry. But I wasn’t prepared…

As I was hurriedly slicing and dicing onions, I started to pay attention: there is no hurry on the creative plane, so I was not on the creative plane… I somehow got transported to the competitive plane, the plane of the horizontal, the world, the world of survival.

Yeah, the hunger feels like it is going to kill me! WTF… reminds me of sugar pang…


gizmo-gremlins_3834Turns out the Apple Cider Vinegar woke up my dormant systemic yeast infection, and now the little Candida buggers are screaming and torturing me to feed them. Like the creatures (gremlins) in the movie Gremlins… you feed them after midnight, or allow water to touch them, and they turn into monsters multiplying rapidly.

So, here is another way one side doesn’t fit all: if you have a problem with yeast… avoid the Apple Cider Vinegar.

What’s wrong with Apple Cider Vinegar? Nothing… it is alcoholic fermentation, and the yeast loves that. Any and all kinds of alcohol.

How do you know you have yeast/Candida overgrowth? Most of the time what clues you in is your mental state: it’s fragile.

The second clue: your cravings. You crave stuff that feeds the Candida. You have hunger pangs. Normal, healthy people don’t have hunger pangs… even if they are hungry, their hunger is not that violent.

The third clue may be itching. It’s similar to diabetic itching, by the way.

The fourth clue is your usual thrash…

Tree of knowledge is everything you learned but have not experienced, and have not tested.

Tree of knowledge is your biggest enemy… Candida is only second…

Learn muscle testing your food! Or if you don’t trust yourself, get your health evaluation session from me… Email me… address is at the very bottom of the page.

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