Capacities are like doors: they can be closed, they can be open.

Closed door, closed capacity: that is clear. No traffic is possible. Open, that is a whole other ball game: the door can be open anywhere from 1% to 100%

I activated the Unconditional Love capacity: the degree to which the intrinsic Self and the invented, the fake self can interact and bring peace, joy, fulfillment, creativity, curiosity to one’s life.

Watching people, I am more than certain that they think: I’ve done it…


My capacity is 70% open… Not 100%. I have done this activation a 100 times. I have the activator in every glass of water I drink. And in five years I got to 70%.

Matsa, my very first student is at 50%.

And another old student of mine is at 10%.

What is the difference?

  • The frequency and the intensity of the activation
  • The willingness and aptness to act consistent with the new relationship between the selves

I have said it before and I will say it until you get it: when something isn’t working, there is something you don’t know. Something you don’t see. Something that you misunderstand.

Like activation. Like the Days of Power.

You are arrogant and ignorant.

You have, what we call The Arrogance of Ignorance.

Our bodies, our psyches, our whole being is a battle ground of opposing forces: the forces of lower energies, and the forces of higher consciousness.

Have you heard of any war that was won by one battle? I haven’t…

In war you gain ground, and you lose ground.

In some areas I go three steps forward and two steps back… and sometimes I go four steps back.

This is how the war looks… if you are doing anything at all.

Of course most people are occupied territories with the higher consciousness under lock and key… never getting a word in edgewise.

Most of you don’t do any fighting… most of you have given up.

And many of you are polishing the silverware… the apples, wash the windows… while sleeping with the enemy.

Most so called spiritual teachers, psychologists, gurus, the transformational councils are on the side of the Dark Side… that is how you make money.

Despicable traitors.

But they got there because you have this Arrogance of Ignorance.

What they teach makes sense… because it is a lie.

What I teach… you are like: Would that make more sense if you said it a second time?

The answer is NO. Because whatever makes sense is always a lie.

So what I teach may make sense in a 100 years… in the meantime it works… without ever making sense.

Doesn’t make sense… does it now? lol.

PS: The opportunity to get a larger than usual jump on the activation because of the Days of power energy is still open for two more hours… and then next time… The calendar is in the sidebar.

So you can get a jumpstart now, or in about two weeks.

I know, you think you have time, you will live forever…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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