Case study: how to have spiritual growth with practical results

slow-progressI am completing the third cycle of the 67 steps.

It’s taken me seven months and 10 days…

Lots have changed since I started.

I have, so far, dropped 23 pounds, about 10 kg. My bone structure is starting to show… starting. I didn’t diet, but I completely overhauled my diet, removed everything that doesn’t agree with my body, and added all the nutrients that are essential. I feel good, I have no cravings, and it is very sustainable… I can live like this till the day I die.

I have gone from completely sedentary, because of pain, to sprightly, as some people called me yesterday. I now only have pain when walking.

I am in better mood than ever, I laugh easily, and feel good about my life, about life itself, about being alive. Big change.

I have completely overhauled my relationship with people. I haven’t been controlling, or superior with my students and clients. My soul correction is that… I have to pay attention, it hasn’t become my nature… and probably never will. 1

sure-sign-of-spiritual-growthMy livelihood is more reliable than it was before…

I take difficulties, obstacles, human stupidity more in stride, and even when something is unpleasant or horrible, I can laugh at it.

Now, I bet you don’t get an accomplishment list from your garden variety guru, who is carefully protecting their guru image.

But truth be told: unless you do, you can be 100% sure that they are fake. Fake gurus. Putting up airs.

Being human is an intermediate place, and we’ve been stuck here for too long.

We are stuck in the “power of the mind” paradigm, and that is a place of intense and continual suffering, because the mind is a trap. It traps you in the horizontal plane. It is like the Appendix… it is a sidetrack… going nowhere.

There is nothing in the mind for you, and it goes nowhere. It leads nowhere. 2

Even being in your body is superior: the body has access to what makes humans uniquely humans… Consciousness. Mind doesn’t. It can’t. It is twice removed.

I approach the world kinesthetically… with my body.

I feel everything in my body.

And from the body there is a direct path to Consciousness, to Self, to the Beyond this ordinary Maya existence… the mirage, the trying, the goals, the dreams, the competition, the pretenses, the empty, meaningless lives.

Yesterday I did an experiment.

I learned in the 67 steps that having one solution to important things will bite you in the behind. It’s like if a belt holds your pants and it breaks, your pants fall off… not funny. So you also need a suspender.

And as I am dropping the weight, all my pants are falling off… lol.

Since I listened to that step, I have added a “suspender” in every essential services area of my life… And yesterday was an alternate means to get my grocery shopping done.

I joined the van service from my local Community Center. To see how it worked, and to have an alternative to my regular driver… just in case.

It was as if I had joined the human race for three and a half hours.

hurry-up-and-waitSlow, ineffective, full of unconsciousness, unawareness, meaninglessness, purposelessness… and emotional turbulence.

When I got home I was so tired… and even now, next morning, I am stiff, I am tired, I will have my hands full of releasing all that emotional crap I gathered, that ordinariness.

One positive result will be, I promise, more compassion to you, who live this way, always. Slothfully, like you will live forever. where time is something to pass, and living is reserved to some special circumstances. Ugh.

The other benefit is seeing how Tai’s integration step is more important than I previously saw. My life was already integrated, but your life, probably, isn’t.

I live my life, 24/7/365, aware that I may not have a tomorrow. That I may not have a future. I am clear that what I am not doing now may never get done. So I choose what to do carefully.

I don’t stand around, sit around, play around.

And at the same time I am never in a hurry. Hurry is obeying an outside pressure… I have removed those. That is part of integration.

I live on the vertical plane, where silence, even emotions, things getting done with grace and ease, no hurry, no pressure, no shoulds.

That is what I integrate things into.

What does your life look like?

My van mates were old ladies… well, older than me. I am an old lady myself.

While we were waiting for the van to pick us up, I mentioned that being heard, fully, is better than sex. The response was immediate and loud: no way. Sex was the best thing in these ladies’ life.

In an integrated, meaningful life, sex has its place, but it doesn’t get the highest position.

That is a symptom of a life lived without Self. Without Self-expression. And with sex gone, life is empty and meaningless. Survival.

This is why old men flock to massage parlors, if they can afford it. Or have wet dreams…

To fill the emptiness.

It’s coming for you…

PS: I have hundreds of products… about 40 of them directly work on pulling you out of the mind and through the body… into the vertical. Where you, at least temporarily, have access to beingness…

But unless you rearrange your life to be integrated into that new paradigm, the vertical, nothing much will change.

And yesterday I saw that.

If I had to live with those old ladies, use that van to get to places, live like I’ll live forever, I would be pulled out of the vertical most of the time, and be miserable like the rest of humanity.

And this should be your main goal from this article: reorganize your life so you can spend most of your time in the vertical… And stay out of the cesspool of the horizontal.

Looking back at my life, I started to do that when I was about 17… The more I did that the more profound, the more amazing results I had, and the more together I was.

And it is same today… The van transportation as a suspender, as a last resort is fine, but as a lifestyle? hell no.


  1. I have not managed to change my style with people who ask for their vibration, but want to discuss it through dozens of emails… So I get cursed out a lot… in individual styles, but nevertheless, I’d prefer to not have those conversations… and all those people telling me, and everyone who is willing to listen, what a horrible person I am… ugh.

    Interestingly people with the lowest vibration and the most miserable, most turbulent innards are the biggest complainers.

  2. spiritual-growthThe mind is like solid pavement… all seeds that fall on it die. All the spiritual teaching that you get drop seeds on the solid pavement of your mind… books, everything. Only when you can hear/read with other-than-the-mind, that the has a chance to sprout. But if you attend to it from the mind… you kill it surely.

    I once activated the capacity of Faith for a client of mine. For one week he lived in heaven. Then the mind started to ask questions. So he started to read about faith… attended to the sprout through the mind… and killed it.

    I can muscle test that.

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