When you suddenly are in a turmoil… why do I say: Oh goodie, it’s a good sign!?

henry-cavill-gifs-the-midsomer-murders-original_tdrlqsI am in a turmoil, right now. Have been for a few days… I think since Sunday night…

Some people use milder language. They say they are out of sorts… Same thing.

What happens when you go from a relative cease-fire, stand-still, contentment, to a state of “what is going on? Why do I feel so bad?”

Remember, the Selfish Gene is interested in ess… evolutionary stable strategy.
The Selfish Gene is what we could call Ego…
It is not interested in You.
It is interested in the ess… at your expense, if it must.

Doing the same thing… an unfulfilling life. Being unwell. Being dutiful. Working for a living. Wondering about. Being hooked whatever you are hooked on… all this and other ways, you can be in an unsatisfying ess.

Unsatisfying for the intrinsic Self. The Real You.

So, from time to time, coaching, something you read, something you hear, something you see, or an unexpected energy infusion, upsets the nicely arranged apple cart, the ess… and there you are, in turmoil.

Now, as useful as the turmoil can be, you have to make it useful.

poetry-for-you-my-pretty Returning the same apples in the same position, restoring the apple cart to its apple-polished glamor, isn’t useful.

What is the purpose of the turmoil then?

I have talked about the principle of strait and narrow, or said differently, the successive approximation technique of finding your path that is allowing your intrinsic Self to fully express itself, to fully motivate you, to lead you to a life worth living, fulfillment, happiness, joy, and maybe even ecstasy.

Turmoil without you taking advantage of the opportunity, is wasted on you.

But what is the opportunity? How do you know what it is?

inner_turmoil_by_shadowelementIf you have a coach like me, who treats you with respect, and allows you to have autonomous decisions, will offer up some choices… and no matter which choice you choose, the “taking advantage of the upset apple cart” will happen, if you take the idea to its conclusion.

Looking back, everything I got out of the 67 steps started out as a turmoil. I acted on 30% of the turmoils… and I got a lot of spectacular results… the kind that turn the oceanliner around in a tight bay.

Because don’t kid yourself: you and your life are an ocean liner, set in your ways, facing the wrong direction… running aground.

Upsetting, isn’t it?

So the turmoils are a sign that you are ready to tackle yet another “trim-tab” move…

It takes hundreds of trim tab moves to turn your ocean liner around.

Your “media bias” thinking suggests: you can do the one thing that will do the trick… and it will be smooth sailing from there.

Bah, humbug.
Another useful guidance is Rob Brezsny’s weekly horoscope. 1

No matter what it is, it starts you in a direction, and shows you a trim-tab move you can do, that will be useful. If you do it: great. If you don’t: great.

It is your life, and you’ll do it when you are ready.

Sometimes the turmoil is wrong… comes at a bad time. There is too much on your plate… and it is not a good time.

Just let it be.

It will figure it out that you are not ready, and lets you go.


But if you don’t even acknowledge it, or “guided” by an inner not-self dutifulness try to do what you should not do at the time… it will hammer you until you wake up and make a decision.

Not a good time… or… I am not ready.

Please… don’t be stupid. Don’t be turd hiding in the high grass.

You know if that is you… won’t you?


  1. Mine from this week:

    VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): The planets have aligned in a curious pattern. I interpret it as meaning that you have cosmic permission to indulge in more self-interest and self-seeking than usual. So it won’t be taboo for you to unabashedly say, “What exactly is in it for me?” or “Prove your love, my dear” or “Gimmeee gimmeee gimmee what I want.” If someone makes a big promise, you shouldn’t be shy about saying, “Will you put that in writing?” If you get a sudden urge to snag the biggest piece of the pie, obey that urge.

    I consider this guidance and every time I could ask for more, I’ll look again. I haven’t seen, yet, what the opportunity is, but it will show up if I keep on expecting it.

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