If you want to raise your vibration to feel better… you are barking up the wrong tree.

93-6-23People who can’t tolerate negative, unpleasant, ambivalent feelings try to resist them, which is the surest way to make them permanent, or at least last.

What you resist persist… Carl Jung (1875-1961) says, and it is true. 1

People who learn to take feelings in stride, who observe their feelings as a useful guidance system, are not unhappy. 2

They may not have higher vibration either.

How you feel has little to do with the level of your vibration.

Disappointing? Well, such is life. You think you know something, and then it turns out your didn’t.

Vibration is a spiritual measure: measuring where you view life, where you participate with life from.

The process of becoming higher vibration is “Climbing the Tree of Life”… participating with life from a higher vantage point, closer to how it is.

When you suffer, when you “don’t feel so good”, you are likely view life in a fundamentally flawed way.

You are trying to ride the horse NOT in the direction it is going but sideways or backwards.

Like wanting to be happy.

the-more-things-change-the-more-they-stay-the-same>Happy is a momentary emotion, the result of some chemical change in your body. It is a lot like lightening. You have no control over it. The same actions done again won’t lead to the same result… you can’t cause happiness.

I know, you want to argue. But hundreds and hundreds of experiments show that the above statement is true. And that your view of happiness is flawed.

You try to force things… but life is not mechanical, it is not a lego, your forcefulness is misdirected.
You try to fake things… but no one believes you, including yourself.

Now what?

The most important thing you can do for yourself is find all the delusional, flawed ways of thinking, all the “truths” you hold self-evident, and pull them out. They are weeds preventing healthy thoughts, healthy ideas, healthy principles to grow.

How you know what is healthy and what is weed?

Test them.

In today’s day and age when every Joe, Sally, and Jack can write — authoritatively — on the internet, bullshit, repeated, rehashed, rewarmed crap, it is not easy to know.

If you allow yourself to be sad, it is said that you can tell 67% of the time, when someone is lying. When you are your normal positive self, it drops to 49%… worse than flipping a coin.

I, by the way, don’t care what you do, but you have to have the results, so you ultimately care, don’t you?

Your vibration is not what will decide your ability to make money, by the way.

What will decide is a lot more complicated than that. You’ll need to be worth a damn, and least be able to offer something of value, other than your time, your physical presence.

The higher value you can offer, the more money you’ll make.

And because the value is in the eyes of the buyer… you may have to sell them on the value… which is often a stumbling block, especially if you are the “creative type”…

The more areas of life you are worth a damn, the better life will be, and the better you will be rewarded with health, wealth, love and happiness.

It’s work. And it has nothing much to do with your vibration… it has more to do with how you use what you are given. And what parts of life you cut out because they are not pretty… not pleasant, not nice, not politically correct.

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  1. Psychologically speaking, resistance and resolution are at opposite poles. For resistance has fundamentally to do with not being able, or willing, to deal with the negative experiences in your life. And ultimately your happiness depends a lot more on handling—then letting go of—such adversities than it does, self-protectively, denying them, or fighting against them. In addition, so does (unwittingly) holding onto their associated feelings of hurt, sorrow, anxiety, or anger.

    Jung was talking about his research into what he called, The Shadow. He found that patients who resisted aspects of themselves would have those aspects persist, or actually enlarge. This would draw much energy into the cycle of resistance – problem – more resistance – more problem. The constant resistance to aspects of self could fracture the psyche. His focus was to have the person be whole, rather than fragmented pieces or perfect.

    Wholeness means integrated. Good, bad, and ugly are integrated into a whole.

  2. This is one of the nicest recordings on youtube… and it fits right here. Don’t miss it

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