Want to Be a fly on my wall? This may be my most revealing rant…

sunday-rantsSunday Rants

Want to get inside my head? What I think in my privacy? What I say to my faithful talking partner of nine years?

The calls last about 90 minutes, and you can have access to them.

Will you understand? Who knows? But they are really the politically incorrect thoughts and utterances of a “mystic”, whatever that means.

Are they interesting? I think so. Some calls more than others.

Want a taste?

I let you be a fly on the wall.

Today’s call is about

  • why you want to feel better instead of raising your vibration
  • why you don’t have to worry whether you are worth a damn…
  • how comfortable societies create generations of people who don’t want to work
  • how ignoring history will make Trump create a warring society where it is not worth working
    how someone pulled herself out from Heroin addiction and into the light through my articles

sunday-rants-darkInteresting call. Definitely not politically correct.

70% truth value.

What’s the missing 30%? I predict stuff that I have no business to predict… That’s where…

So what are you getting? A downloadable audio file. The recording of a phone call. Unedited. Personal. With some foul language… of course. One time only… I have people who get it every week… but you need to be special to me to allow you THAT close… lol.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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