An experiment that backfired

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2349010-switchbacks-climbing-dades-gorge-0I’ve done a remarkable experiment.

It’s been remarkable because I didn’t mean to do it.
It’s been remarkable because what I’ve seen.

A week ago I got a “message” from Source, whatever that is, to stop doing the 67 steps. It suggested that something else should be started, but no indication of what that “something else” was going to be.

It’s just one week after.

Nothing has replaced the practice of doing the 67 steps.

I am sitting by my computer, and suddenly the thought floats up with the all too familiar feeling: “I should die. It’s not worth living.”

wall-street-bryce-canyon-lI noticed because I have trained myself to notice thoughts and feelings that indicate a change in the wind… an early warning signal.

This is curious and significant.

It is NOT that I stopped working. It is NOT that I stopped writing articles, or reading books.

I only stopped the 67 steps.

And yet.

The signs of depression started already three days ago… I didn’t want to get up in the morning.

In hindsight this experiment was underway and working its way to my conscious awareness.

Step By Step You Get Ahead, But Not Necessarily In Fast Spurts


The moment you stop stepping, you fall into the abyss. Sharks die the moment they stop swimming…

Without something to work on, without an upward trajectory thing, you and I go depressed. Life feels empty and meaningless. And depression, or the pursuit of happiness kicks in. Wanting to feel better.

Why does the 67 steps constitute something that has an upward trajectory?

It’s highly doable. It is much like climbing a mountain through a comfortable switchbacks filled path… You know you are going upwards, and that fills you with a sense of going someplace.

Is there really something at the top? Beats me… I haven’t been there… lol.

But JUST going upwards obviously gave me a sense that I am not wasting my life, that there is some meaning to what I do.

So what am I going to do now? I am going to return to the hiking path… without regret, without any further ado…

Because this little thing may be the difference between a life well lived and a life that feels like a waste.

Now, let me look at my people who have or have not been doing the 67 steps…

It would be interesting to take the “emotional temperature” of people who pay for the program but don’t do any steps.

My hunch is that they are depressed, hopeless, and resigned. But that is only my hunch.

More interesting to look at people who are doing the steps… there is a certain vigour there that wasn’t there before.

And the people who are temporarily discouraged?

Yes, they have robbed themselves of the experience of going diligently on and upward trajectory, regardless of their temporary emotional state.

Very interesting.

There is even a person who is doing the steps and uses my articles to keep herself on the level… even though she is not in the coaching program.

My hunch is that without being accountable to someone, it is harder to stick with it, it is harder to know that you are going upwards…

Which may be the biggest difference between staying the same, or growing.

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