Prostitution. Your base survival strategy…

sell-talent-prostitute-tolstoyI caught something today:

Prostitution. Your base survival strategy.

What is prostitution?

Let’s look at it without a dictionary, shall we?

  • Institution is building something that lasts, like a country.
  • Constitution is your base inclination, personality, body, temperament.
  • Substitution is using a different element to serve the same purpose.
  • Prostitution is to replace what is innately yours… with someone else’s interest.

Let me now check what the dictionary has to say about it?

The unworthy or corrupt use of one’s talents for the sake of personal or financial gain.

for-money-sophoclesLet’s add to that definition all the acts where one’s talents, attention, life is given for the hope of survival, admiration, adulation, or short term benefits, most of the time a delusion… by the way…

nogoalsGiven that humanity has shut down the capacity of seeing the big picture, little by little, flashy overpromising ad by overpromising ad or claim.

Looking at your life: please find all the ways you are trading your life, what is really important to you, for momentary benefits, like feeling good, or a compliment.

Now, here is the biggest shocker: I had to experience it today for me to even see it: the person or idea you are selling your life to, NEVER actually promised the benefits you are seeking.

live-for-yourself-emersonI did not promise that you’ll feel good about yourself if and when you work with me, or buy my products. I am not in the “making you feel good about yourself” business. I promise that if and when you work with me, I’ll push you to grow and become the best version of yourself.

You may feel good, but it’s up to you. You do the work? You’ll feel good. You pretend to do the work but instead you are trying to buy my attention, my goodwill, my compliments… you won’t feel good. Guaranteed.

There is a big difference between what you hope you get and what is sold!

Today I got mindful about a shadow side of mine: I want to be desired. Why? God knows. But it seems that from time to time I pick a guy and get fixated on them. I suddenly start to dress more carefully…

dostoyevskiy-sell-soulHistory is: all the guys I have ever gotten smitten by, eventually became someone who I hated. I remember a whole string of them, all the way from age 10 or so.

This is the first time I stopped and looked back to history to guide me.

sell-soul-easy-ayn-randAnd promptly released the hooks the person put in me, or I put in me… who cares. I am free to be myself again. Not that prone to sell what’s important to me for never agreed upon price.

I have a great respect for the industry of prostitution, where it is an over deal: here is my money: pretend you like me. Honest.

Whereas in the respectable civilized world, you never tell the truth that you are pretending… No, you give your life… for money, at best. Or a kind word, a compliment…

sell-soul-for-peanutsAt least sell your time for good money… eh?

P.S: There will never be a world where the order of things is going to be to the benefit of a bunch of undeserving people, no matter who is going to be the president.

If you don’t have value to offer, you’ll get peanuts. Handouts. Scraps from other people’s table.

Want to get more? Instead of prostituting yourself and your values, start becoming someone who can produce value, who is worth a damn.

Hate me as much as you want.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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