Learn awareness, the strongest indicator of health, wealth, love, and happiness

distinctions-are-the-secret-sauceChangeability, adaptability is the secret of living a consistently good life… but changeability and adaptability depend on awareness. As your awareness grows in the four pillars of the good life, so your success and the quality of your life…

By the way, did you notice I didn’t say “learn about awareness…” but that is what you read? Right?

In the old Forum program, the Forum Leader came in, screaming at us, poor unsuspecting brand new participants: For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always.

It took me years to decipher that and see that it is true.

In the Advanced Course they said the same thing… just made it a little bit more insulting: You can’t tell your ass from a hole in the ground.

And what they said was true. Truth is always insulting, isn’t it? You call me a zebra, and I laugh. But call me stupid, or fat, or old… and I’ll be offended! lol.

awareness1Landmark was up to something, something useful: to teach you that until you learn the world in all its blazing colors, and tell different things apart… you are unconscious, unaware, and doomed to live a sub-standard, unhappy life.

Last night we had our Day to Power energy transmission, and it was, again, different.

One new person came who needed healing. I forewarned her that the energy was not a healing energy… but the energy knows best, and it started to heal the person. Hey, what do I know?! I am only the channel… lol.

Healing her liver, her guts, her Pancreas.

It was interesting to be the go between… to me it felt as if it were working on my innards. I was aware. Hyper aware of that, of all the participants on the call… 4

Everything I do takes a ton of awareness 5 . It took awareness to notice that the energy was different, that it was working on the liver… and such.

I was hyper aware. But I had no words around it: awareness is not a word utilizing thing.

awareness4I asked one of my students on the webinar: what is awareness in your experience?

He said what he said… here is the clip… if I can separate the video from the audio.

< clip here .

Then my landlord came to fix the windows, seconds after I disconnected from the energy of the Days of Power… and before I could say anything about the call… He knocked and knocked… even after I told him I was on a call.

I chose to fix the windows… We can have a call any time… but to have my landlord back to fix the windows is a never again repeated feat… lol. He is very busy and not very willing… so I said so on the call and disconnected the call.

One of my students wrote to me this morning: are you OK?

My assessment is that she was not aware… she went to a deep unconscious place from the energy.

So as you see, awareness not wordy, and awareness is conscious awareness, not unconscious awareness.

Your other than conscious is always aware, by the way… but your conscious may be otherwise occupied… and unaware.

sm2w_700-1People, according to my experience, go between unconscious and unaware as one state, thinking and unaware as the other state.

From unawareness to unawareness.

If the greatest indicator of worldly success is awareness then it is also the indicator of success in health, wealth, love, and happiness, the four pillars of Eudaimonia, the good life.

If this is true, and I believe it is, then your most important goal is to increase your awareness in all four areas

Unconsciousness… being in deep thought… fretting, anxiety, chatting… are states where you haven’t been able to be aware…

Meditation is something that people do, even though meditation is a natural state where awareness is sharpened.

People trying to empty their minds, stop the thoughts from coming neither meditate, nor are they aware.

I practice meditative living, and it seems that it is the same as living with awareness. I am aware while I am doing things.

Like all conscious awareness, you can only be aware of things inside a swath of reality… a swath of conscious awareness can cover.

The unconscious is aware 360 degrees, but remains in the unconscious: most people never give the unconscious occasions to bubble up… they have noise, chatter, music, all the time. Maybe in the shower, maybe in their dreams, but never at a time when it would be practical to record the insights.

It’s hard to be aware in noise, even if that noise is called music.

So, if you like to listen to music… your awareness level is probably very low.

awareness-scaleI have only one noise in my background: a recording of chirping birds covering up the Abundance activator. I wave in an out of awareness with regards to the birds…

Like all conscious awareness things… you need to choose what you pay attention and what you allow to be unnoticed. Even the birds can hijack my attention… from other things that would be more useful for me to notice. Your brain, your consciousness cannot effectively multitask.

One last thing about awareness: awareness is a right brain thing… it works best when you occupy the left brain with something that doesn’t require all of its processing capacity.

The moment you put words around your observations, awareness stops… The words hijacked it. You are in your left brain.

Can I teach awareness?

Krishnamurti says:

So when we use the word ‘meditation’ we do not mean something that is practiced. We have no method. Meditation means awareness: to be aware of what you are doing, what you are thinking, what you are feeling, aware without any choice, to observe, to learn. Meditation is to be aware of one’s conditioning, how one is conditioned by the society in which one lives, in which one has been brought up, by the religious propaganda -aware without any choice, without distortion, without wishing it were different. Out of this awareness comes attention, the capacity to be completely attentive. Then there is freedom to see things as they actually are, without distortion.

When I searched google for “learning awareness” all articles talked about self-awareness…

Self-awareness is great, but it is a limited way to look at awareness.

My specialty is to teach distinctions and distinguishing. Distinctions are patterns you can see once you saw it. They are clear and they are everywhere.

They are patterns where certain things always show up with other certain things.

If you have ever read about the evolution of science, all science has been is recognizing patterns, aka distinctions.

How something is the same as something else and different from other things…

Like mammals:

there are only three characteristics unique to mammals. The three characteristics are mammary glands, hair and three middle ear bones. Other characteristics often thought to be unique to mammals are found in other species including birds, insects and reptiles.

Huh? right? Middle ear bones? lol

The more distinctions you have, the more awareness you can have.

If you ever read Sherlock Holmes stories, you know that the famous fictional detective spent most of his time in research of people, things, and attitudes. In search of distinctions.

He wasn’t born with the distinctions needed to be able to make useful observations. And neither are you.

knowing-others-is-intelligence-knowing-yourself-is-true-wisdom-mastering-others-is-strength-mastering-yourself-is-true-power-lao-tzuBut you behave as if you already knew everything.

So, I can’t teach you awareness until and unless you are able and willing to learn distinctions. Distinctions in the four pillars of Eudaimonia… health, wealth, love and happiness. 6

Most programs teach you one of these… most people, if you watch them, are like a table trying to stay up on one leg.

The 67 step coaching program is designed to work all four areas all the time.

The purpose of the program is to teach you to be aware in those areas by providing you with distinctions, and assignments.

In addition to that, it is required of you to read, mindfully, about 100 specific books. Why? Because those books have distinctions that you need, if you want to be successful and have awareness to help you become successful.

You don’t read? You don’t do the steps? You just said: I don’t want awareness… I settle for being the way I am having the life I have.

Good. Now that we have distinguished that, why are you still here?

PS: The more distinctions you have the funnier life becomes… the more fun you have, and the higher your vibration goes.

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  1. By the way, I make a point of knowing everyone who I deal with... This is why I don't like anyone to buy any of my products before I get to know them...
  2. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
  3. Eaudaimonia = good life
  4. By the way, I make a point of knowing everyone who I deal with… This is why I don’t like anyone to buy any of my products before I get to know them…
  5. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
  6. Eaudaimonia = good life

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