How I use ego to get over myself…

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colorfilter-largeI expect you to hate me from time to time. It is part of the process.

Some people come around at some point. Some sooner than others.

The ones that come around tell me that after a while they actually could see what I pointed out. I respect them for that.

Ever since I embraced being stupid, integrated it into my personality, stupid became a phase rather than a conclusion.

What do I mean? Listen up, this is important!

subpricolorsWhen you look at something, you see what you see. (Same with hearing!) You see what you see not what is there.

What you see is determined by a lot of factors: your mood, your momentary self-esteem, what you think you know.

All these factors naturally change. If you have the intelligence to know this, then eventually your changing inner environment will allow you to see closer to what is there…

You will always have distortions in your view, that is why I said “will allow you to see closer to what is there…”

colourmixingImagine a lamp. The light is pure white. Then you put different transparent filters in front of it, and each makes specific changes to the light you see, the light that is allowed to go through the set of filters.

What is there is pure white light going through a ton of filters, that change with your mood, change with your experience during the day, with the dreams you have, with the successes and mishaps you have.

funny-picture-in-only-two-weeks-i-lost-my-new-glassesNow, if you behave as if you didn’t have filters, then you are stupid. In that moment.

If you know you have those filters, then you are intelligent.

Why? Because if you know you have those filters, then you can look again, and often some filters, just by virtue of knowing about them, fall away, and you can see the light closer to what it is: a brilliant white light.

glassesYou have countless opportunities a day to practice this.

  • When you hate your life…
  • When you love your life…
  • When you shop online…
  • When you play a game…
  • When you drive…
  • When you are at the grocery store staring at the stuff you want to buy and not see it…
  • When you are looking at your glasses or your headset and it’s on your head.

The mind is a simple machine. Linear machine. Prone to distortions.

Life, the world, your emotional state are complicated machines.

The mind is a poor match to process the input.

Even the ego is capable to more complicated stuff than the mind.

pride-of-the-lionI use my ego to make it easier to bear that my equipment is a poor match to the task at hand.

I have declared that my DIVINE PURPOSE is to find out how things are, and help people see the pure white light.

Now, watch for the all capitals DIVINE PURPOSE words.

Watch the emotions change when I say “IT IS MY CURSE!”

Here is the whole sentence: I have declared that it is MY CURSE to find out how things are and help people see the pure white light…

Feel the drop in energy and enthusiasm? Feel the judgment? Feel the energy in the throat… suddenly it is hard to breathe.

So I use the (prideful) words to make the ego enthusiastic doing unpopular tasks, cheerfully and willingly in a “no big deal” way, even though it earns me haters…

You know, you could do it too?!

Seeing more what is there makes life a lot easier. You’ll find what you are looking for, answer the question that is asked instead of the question “they should have asked”… catch a wrong step before you make it, and do the job you are paid to do cheerfully and without resistance.

Imagine not being tired at the end of the day. Imagine getting things done fast and easy. Maybe you would even have time for fun… even in the middle of a deadline. In the middle of an emergency…

I do. And this is my secret.

By the way: you don’t have to be able to recognize the filters. That is a task for another day… when you have time.

The mind gets curious… but following the mind’s curiosity is not in your best interest. Just like knowing if a celebrity is married, or if it was cancer that killed the statesman… whatever.

Irrelevant, unless you want to be a Trivial Pursuit champion.

funny-332To the quality of your life, for the four pillars of a good life, they are totally irrelevant… using up your glycogen that is already in short supply.

Just knowing there are filters will force you to suspend judgment, force you to look again… and not be bothered by the fact that you didn’t see what you didn’t see.

It’s normal. And it is not personal.

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