How Cancer Thinks Like A Human

how cancer thinks like a human... desire to receive for the self aloneIf you want to understand cancer…

If you want to understand cancer watch yourself and people you know. You will understand more about the condition than through any other “information” source.

If you think you should only watch other people, it only means you are worse than others…

What is the similarity between cancer and humans?

Cancer is not part of an organization, it doesn’t even know about the organization. It knows only about itself. Cancer doesn’t care about the big picture. Cancer is driven exclusively by its mind, which tells him that he is to reproduce itself exactly the same way as its parents: all new members of the “family” need to be exactly the same, no individuality, no variations, not deviation. The new ones need to have faith, be Jewish, Christina, Hindu, Mohammedan, or whatever the “parents” were, no alterations.

The new cells are trained that it’s a competition out there, and their loyalties need to lie with the family, right or wrong, loyalties are your number one concern. The survival of the “family.”

Your concerns are the most important, whether your concerns seem to be about yourself or about a disadvantaged group, or against some “evil wrongdoer”, your concerns are the only important thing.

You may be a vegetarian and all others, carnivores, are despicable creatures, and they should surely die!

You preach one-ness only to cover up that you have only one way to live, in isolation and in disharmony with all of it. Your concern or fear overrides the interest of the whole: you’ll just make sure you live comfortably, who cares about all of it?

You have never looked how the whole organism works, what others “really” do, you are just pushing your own agenda: if everyone were like you, wanted what you want, life would be so great… NOT.

I probably could spend a lot more time looking for similarities or even same-ness. You either got it (I doubt it) or not, more won’t make any difference.

Humanity, as a whole, is at odds with everything that was and is there that is not a human creation, like mind. It all comes from blindness, inner and outer blindness.

The human that has a mind can only see what agrees with the mind, not reality. Reality would require of humans to look beyond the mind, with awareness, and be present, moment to moment. That human would learn life through their own experiences instead of being acculturated by others with a major agenda.

A great (or not so great) example to how far humans have gone from being present, from being aware, from bringing consciousness to their actions is the number of people that actually meditate the way meditation is meant to be: with full awareness, to meet themselves, to connect to all-of-it.

At present there are nine people on Planet Earth that actually meditate (out of millions!) when they think they are meditating. The rest of them have experiences that they have read about, or repeat meaningless mantras that hypnotize them into unawareness and stupidity, or go into a sleep-like trans, or try to not think, to mechanically watch the breath… the wrong way is followed by millions. There is only one way to become more aware, and only nine people are on that path.

The rest are pretenders.

What are they hiding? Why do they pretend? Or better said: why do we pretend?

Because other people’s opinion of us became more important to us than Life. It takes courage to return to Life, and maybe it’s not too late. The Avatar State audios increase courage, and peel away layers of not-you. It is not a smooth process, it is not painless. But it’s the fastest known to man, at present.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How Cancer Thinks Like A Human”

  1. Tell it, Sister! I like that you bring a little edge to to the mushy world of New-Age lovey-doveyness, a little rigor. There are some schools, some places to go and to learn how to be present. It is a practice. 9 real meditators? Wow, what a number. Avatars? Ascended Masters who left some luggage behind?

    I am picking up a little mystical Judaism in your teachings… Lamed Vav Tzadikim…the 36…or something like it…and the practice of re-integrating the splintered self. Why not? I don’t think you are very invested in a lot of B.S. or even in your own doctrine or dogma.

    I don’t lie the part of me that is like Simon Magus, trying to buy my way into enlightenment, or to purchase a bag of fakir tricks. Yes, I am a bit of a Manifesting Moocher,some of which might actually be of benefit for me, since I think part of my journey is to deepen my human experience, including the material and physical.

    I want to serve, but I don’t want to dissolve the ego. It seems to me that takes great faith…faith in some future reward, and I am not officially part of any rewards program, except at Walgreen’s. Ah, doubt, my consolation prize.

    With love,


  2. I felt that one !! hard hitting stuff , it initally gave me a little sting , some attachment there, and surely its not that low .. there are teachers out there that open up a deep space ? and maybe Im not even clear enough to know whats a real connection to source and whats just energetic phenomina, still I like the rawness and direct honesty its really good and New .
    Scary most of us dont want to change , for a moment I felt despair , (can I ever …)
    I wonder which audio I could start with ,james

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