I cried it was so inspiring

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I see myself in this little bird: learning where I find them, instead of simply following what other people (birds) who have been doing the same things for millennia.

She is the “first monkey” of the hundredth monkey story

Jay Abraham, famous marketing guru teaches: go to an industry other than your own, and borrow one of their business methods.

Henry Ford borrowed the method of processing beef to his car-factory…
And this little bird… tell me what he did? What did he borrow? Who did he borrow from?

If you look inside your “mind” for how to do things, and that is the only thing you have, you’ll have the same life as you have had…

Innovation comes from observing what others who are doing things doing that you can steal, borrow, and adopt.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “I cried it was so inspiring”

  1. beautiful..yes proud Mama when chicky makes it.. many parallels with you and your students

  2. Ok,so….Chicky- observing a wide view, looking from different angles, experimenting, doing the unheard of…, not running away from the scary, doing in spite of…, achieving beyond the species DNA..

  3. well, I can’t tell if you actually got what you needed to get, because you speak in concepts… afraid that you didn’t get it, or do you look at the world through concepts?!

    What you didn’t say is that he learned a trick from a different species, and started to become a new species… what I want all of you to do, and have NO SUCCESS with it, because you can’t even see it.

    Now, please watch it again: I don’t know what species is the one that burrows in the sand when the waves are coming… but our little bird learns something that is innate for the other, and completely off the wall for a bird… And now he is the outlier of his species…

    that is what i am trying to accomplish with my students, to no avail.

  4. Very moving, thank you for sharing Sophie. Now I’m curious how I can experience the same life in a different way…in a way that was always there but I haven’t recognized it before. I would love to end each day contently tired from having fully lived a deeply joyful day.

    So how do I do this? Remove filters for sure. But unlike the little bird, we can’t wait for a ‘coincidence’ like this to happen. Part of it is our own work to be open to the moment and have the intelligence to sense the moment to understand the layers of complexity, and yet to approach it with simplicity and lightness. Lightness in allowing ingenuity and joy to overcome us and not get in the way. I guess it doesn’t take courage at all….only allowing.

    Hmmm…what a powerful little 6-minute story to have conveyed so much!

  5. I think the secret is not closing your eyes when you think something bad is happening. But look and see.
    These are the moment mentoring can happen. Seeing another’s behavior that is different from yours and see that they do well with that behavior.

    I think that is the secret of turning on a new capacity.

    Thank you for taking this seriously, Diana.

  6. A long lost close friend whom I have recently just reconciled with sent me a book, which so happened to arrive in my mailbox. Guess what the book is titled? “Outliers,” that’s what. Perfect synchronicity. I pursue with interest.

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