A posthumus case study: Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo?ole of Hawaii

izBrother Iz

I just listened to Over the Rainbow by Brother Iz… Hawaiian genius entertainer, now dead.

Cause of death: complications from morbid obesity.

I am most interested to know what made him so obese… And so many people in the mourning crowd…

This is a posthumus case study… Something you can learn from… for yourself.

Because, as you know, stuff that is food for another, may not be food for you.

The stuff you eat that is not food for your body needs to be dealt with the body, discard it, detoxify it, or hide it in fat.

Some of the “food” causes blistering and rash in the internal surfaces of your digestive tract, and prevent nutrients from being absorbed, causing serious nutritional deficiencies and serious diseases.

Joel Wallach started the discovery of this when he was a medical examiner of animals, in this early career. He proved that feeding monkeys with food that had oils in them caused them the same diseases humans had called genetic diseases, like cystic fibrosis.

I have read Wallach’s books. He got one third of what makes one healthy (or sick) right. Another third is eating the compatible foods. The third is drinking coherent water.

Back to Iz…

In order to find out what his issues were, I need to do his whole health evaluation… in his absence, after his death.

But no problem: I’ll do it by muscle testing stuff while I am connected to him and to Source… being the bridge.

  • I start with the 90 DAILY essentials lists to detect nutritional deficiencies
  • Then I measure sensitivities, allergies, intolerances, and gut microbiome issues
  • And then third, I’ll muscle test a list of 540 foods

Now, so you know, every time I need to muscle test anything or anyone, I feel fear. Fear that I don’t know what I am doing. And I don’t… I don’t do these measurements from my head, from MY knowledge.

I am connected to Source, and Source knows what I don’t know… nearly everything.

My accuracy is 95%. The mistake comes from what questions I ask… They are MY mistakes. Source is never wrong.

I don’t want to do away with the fear. i don’t want to transmute the fear. I don’t want to suppress the fear… I want to have the fear and do what I have to do.

Sometimes I procrastinate as long as a whole day… but usually I master my fear, I harness my fear in a few minutes.

iz2OK, I have done my muscle testing.


Serious deficiency
Somewhat deficient

Vitamin deficiencies:
Serious deficiency:
–Flavonoids & Bioflavonoids
–Folic Acid
–Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Somewhat deficient:
-Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Other findings:

cell-hydration: 4%
overall health measure 7%

type of food/diet mixed
allergies: peanut allergy, milk allergy,
intolerances: gluten intolerant, fructose intolerant

eating type: must salivate before eating, like a dog, by tasting it first. The Human Design people call it: eating by appetite
body type: pita: must maintain digestive fire
physical activities: medium vigorous
cholesterol: too high
enzymes: too low
probiotics: needs some probiotics, although dietary changes are more important and more effective in changing the microbiome

sleep type: didn’t sleep well
pooping … needed help to poop
systemic enzymes needed
yeast? systemic Candida “infection”

Judging from my findings, Brother Iz died of the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, brought on by the new diet brought onto the island by the “white man” and the “Asian man”.

12-01-11-03-1004x1024Judging from the small recommended/compatible food list:
Before the island was occupied by outsiders, the small population lived on coconuts, and some seafood, some seeds.
As you can see, no land animals, no birds on the food list.
And no cooking either…

The introduction of the cooked diet, oils, and animal foods is still incompatible with the people “native” to Hawaii… and is slowly killing them, but first it corrupts them.

Here is the food list that he could have eaten and got well on:
Base diet
–coconut oil
–Onions – Green
–Onions – Yellow
–Squid (Calamari)
-Sea Bass

Question: Had he come to me: would my recommendations, followed, have cured him?

Muscle test says: yes.

lavaOn another note: looking over the pictures, I can see that thinner people, like his wife, are a different race, different ancestry…

PS: if you find on youtube “videos” of Joel Wallach telling people what youngevity product to take to cure their diseases: turn the video off.

Seriously. Truth value of those, fixing what’s wrong… is totally Western Medicine, and it only makes money for youngevity…

Instead find out what is good for you to eat, and eat that. what is bad for you to eat, and stop eating that. And supplement what is deficient, drink energized water and you will be slimmer, more energetic, definitely more intelligent, and happier.

Returning to health…

If you would like to get your health measured, your food list measured, your nutritional deficiencies measured, you can.

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