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why-do-i-succeedI’ve been quiet.

I am working through some stuff… nothing personal, it’s about you. It’s about what to teach you. How to teach you. It’s about seeing, in more detail, and more precisely what is the truth about you, so I can talk to you the way you can hear me.

The more precisely I can “diagnose” what is the situation with you, the more effective my message and my teaching can be.

But, it seems no matter how precise my teaching, it is not really up to me, or my teaching, what will happen to you or your life.

It is up to you. Your actions, your attitude, your “undeclared commitment” in life.

Undeclared commitment is an insidious energy. It is the undertow that is like a stream… it is underwater, can’t be seen, but takes every ship off path, until they are discovered, mapped, and compensated for.

540_293_resize_20130301_faf544cfc6408194d92298be57e01468_jpgundeclared commitments

The main undeclared commitments I have met are: being comfortable, being liked, being approved of, being considered smart, laziness, being treated and seen as special… etc. Thousands.

In light of this new information, now you see why most of your efforts produce little or no results: the invisible and never declared commitment to mediocrity, not doing it, being safe, being an individual, doing it your way, etc… beats you on your ass…

Your soul correction is a great tool to see what these are.

There is nothing wrong with these… as long as you know you have them, and MANAGE them.

They are valid. Being comfortable is nice. Being well thought of is nice.

But un-managed, your whole life is about them… and not at all what you say you want your life to be about: the good life, fulfillment, happiness, being well… not any of it.

It’s time to tell the truth and choose… both. It’s ok to have a little of this and a lot of what really serves you.

It’s like sugar: a little is ok, all sugar… death. Really.

Most people I meet, talk to , measure, have no intention of doing anything outside of the tiny box they live in.

A person who operates at level 40 overall intelligence and has use for two spiritual/intangible capacities will have to grow in nearly every area to be worth a damn and deserve what he or she thinks is her birthright.

V16N2M      tq_pyramidHere are the different intelligences you must be at least at some level to deserve:

  1. intellect/memory/school/use of words knowledge what the IQ measures
  2. emotional intelligence… it’s about feelings. Knowing what you feel and not hiding from any feeling
  3. relationship intelligence… knowing who they are for you, who you are for them, and managing the relationships for mutual benefit and gain
  4. financial intelligence… knowing how money works, being able to cause money to circulate, know how to make it, save it, spend it and invest it for maximum results
  5. spiritual intelligence… it is about mastering your beingness… causing your beingness… to your highest happiness and fulfillment. Awareness, adaptability, focus and authenticity are the top capacities of this intelligence.

These are the basic components of the overall intelligence.

70 is average.

Most people I meet are between 40 and 70.
Why so low?

Because what creates intelligence is the effective utilization of capacities, intangible capacities.

land-04-00355-g001-1024When you have two spiritual, intangible capacities… you can expect your overall intelligence to be around 40.

Most of the time the result of so few capacities is: you know very little, and you are not willing to learn anything new, especially if it looks hard. The less capacities you have, the less you are willing to learn anything new. Why? Because being a beginner is not pleasant.

And on top of that: you are arrogant, because, as far as you are concerned, you already know everything you need…

I re-listened to my podcast on consistency today:

someone requested to get in touch with the person who asked the question… That audio is six years old, so I re-listened to know what the heck I am talking about.

ligence-is-an-ability-to-accessThe person, the one-time friend, whose idea was to do a “talk show” is your everyman… average in every way.

She, like most of you, has two intangible capacities you can bank on.

Her life is on one hand fun… on the other hand hell.

She feels she has a lot of talents, and a lot of good ideas, but nothing comes out of any of it. She tells someone her idea, and then she is offended when that person makes it a go, makes it a success, makes money with it.

What she cannot see is that unless that is your “job”, unless your job is to come up with good ideas, your ideas are worth as much as the hot air they come with.

What makes something work is consistent, persistent action and attention and awareness… applied with power.

Like laser… Light is lovely. Shimmering, caressing… but when it is concentrated: it burns. That is laser.

Concentration is pulling it back from everywhere where it wants to go, and redirect it to something you chose, consciously, intentionally, and keep on pulling it back and redirecting…

If you look at your life: you can see that in the last three paragraphs I mentioned spiritual/intangible capacities that you don’t have.

How do I know? I would know if you had them… you would have results.

Now, the question you should be asking and you probably don’t ask, and won’t even consider my answer, is this:

How do I start to rise myself from “Never Do Well,” or “not worth a damn” or “not worth much”?

That is a good question. Even though you won’t like the answer.

And this is what you do:

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaxnaaaajge0yjy3otc3ltlintetndu0ns1hzdlllwzjzgfmnmfizgq1zgYou pick one capacity and sink your teeth into it.

My suggestion is that you choose the capacity of concentrating your power.

As an activator, I call it “put all power in all actions

How do you do it?

The essence of concentrating your power is NOT in the pushing, but in the pulling back the power from where it is attracted by trouble, noise, flashiness, the monkey mind, etc.

Pulling back. Sometimes it will be precise, but more often it will be sloppy.

In the beginning you are to concern yourself with the action of pulling back.

Like gathering light silky hair into a pony tail: the threads of the hair don’t want to obey.

That is how your attention is now: out of your control.

list-of-emotionsUntil you assert who is the boss through action, you are a lost cause.

I recommend that you buy and play, 24/7 the “All power” activator. I also recommend that you don’t stop… maybe NEVER stop… I haven’t. My father never stopped. Winners don’t.

You’ll find that this is the hardest thing to do. That the whole world conspires against you… inner world and outer world.

8b42b8d6ee20ba22e581c83c1bf1032aBut you can build a whole big life on just this one capacity alone.

Is it worth the effort? You decide. Decide ahead of time. Don’t say: we shall see… that is the way to fail.

Don’t let this be just another weak attempt that you fail at.

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