Fat burning body… what is the benefit… how do you do it?


I got this question yesterday: How do I turn my body into a fat burning, fat fueled metabolism?

I've done it, and I think most everybody can... but...

Fat people think it means adding something to what they already eat, do, and it's not how it works.

Burning fat as body fuel is overhauling the whole body... And the moment you go back to the old way of fueling your body, the moment you turn your whole system, again, into sluggish carb burning machine.

In the past 4-5 years I went from 165 lbs to 117 lbs... which is my normal weight. I did it with this method: by being a fat burner machine.

Then I was offered a piece of sour candy on a stick... whatever they are called, and how small it appears to the eyes, the candy was about 10 grams, my body responded with cravings.

And in a week I found myself buying candy... I still ate only one or two a day... But after another week I was four pounds heavier... 100 grams of candy turned into 2000 grams of fat... Ugh.

Returning to becoming fat burner again... I am in the middle of it, is a real art: for the body to change its mind it takes a week or two, before it believes you. So with those extra four pounds I look as a 5 months pregnant female: not pretty. Or maybe I look like an African starving female... distended belly.

This distended belly is called Kwashiorkor. It is a severe form of malnutrition, caused by nutritional  deficiency, mainly deficiency in dietary protein. The extreme lack of protein causes an osmotic imbalance in the gastro-intestinal system causing swelling of the gut diagnosed as an edema or retention of water.

Makes no sense, I continued eating the same things... but the body related differently to what I ate... apparently refused to use the protein I ate... hm... curious.

Anyway, I have started to lose some of the four pounds, but my energy hasn't returned, I am having headaches, mood issues, but the candy ended up in the trash can so it stops seducing me, but I still haven't returned to be a fat-burner.

So it seems that a fat burner body and a carb burner body are like the body of two different species...

Maybe if you never became fat it's different... but I have been fat as many times as many times I tried to become slim... And I think: each time I trained my body to want to be fat. 🙁

Imagine changing your car to burn ethanol, aka alcohol for fuel, instead of gas (benzin in Europe, I think).

You cannot just tweak it a little... it is an overhaul.

My body loves burning fat. It allows my organs to do what they do best...

  • The liver to process out toxins,
  • the brain to make you win in life...
  • your mood, your ambition, your outlook on life

It seems that I turn into sluggish, unmotivated, moody, tired, impatient, selfish machine... with the addition of any concentrated carbs, like sugar and bread.

In most developed countries the body is trained and used to burning carbs...

  • 1. When you have a carb burning metabolism, every gram of food needs to be turned into sugar by the liver, to have sugar as fuel to burn. Every gram of fat your body doesn't need to convert, will be stored as fat. Around your waist, mostly. Sugar belly...Or beer belly... You know this too intimately. Even thin people carry a pouch... this is the sign that their body stores the extra fuel as fat.
  • 2. In a fat burning metabolism the extra fat gets flushed out. And surprisingly the body also burns its stored fat, even though it looks cheaper to use the fat in the food... and yet it does.Why? I don't know. I don't care. I love that it does.

I have a theory that the fat burning body loves movement, is vigorous, and is attuned to vitality, aliveness, and the kind of life where you get things done... while the carb burning machine loves eating, like a cow who eats all day long. Even thinking is too much work for a carb burning machine...

When is becoming a fat burning machine hard or impossible?

If you are a vegan, or a vegetarian, your chances to be a fat burning machine are slim.

You are already deprived of protein... because there is very little protein in plants. Cows use the bacteria in their fourth stomach for protein source... so does a vegan, but I hear that us, humans, have already exterminated most of the bacteria in our intestines, due to eating too refined, fiberless, processed foods. Read this article --> https://getpocket.com/explore/item/how-the-western-diet-has-derailed-our-evolution

In addition to gut health, our innate protein source has been killed, if I understand it correctly.

And, of course, all fiber comes from plants, and most carbs come from plants. So there you have it: a sluggish, sheep-like, addicted, sugar craving humanity that pops pills, whines, and wants entertainment, not work, not effort, not thinking, not anything that originally selected humanoids for becoming the top of evolution...

It's harder to observe you turning into or being an entitled lazy bum... it is easier to see on others... just observe.

I have a vegan client who has lost weight (with the foods he is allowed to eat... and refuses to eat animal food,) but most of that weight loss is muscle-loss: the body needs protein to rebuild its tissues, and his only source for protein is his own muscle mass.

Vegan means eating only plant based food... not even animal products, like milk and eggs.

Before he came to me, he used to eat peanuts all day to keep his energy up, but he is allergic to peanuts...

I am having a call with him this coming week... we'll brain storm how to expand his diet so he doesn't burn his hard earned muscle... Not a good sign. When you burn muscle it means you are protein deficient... and you pay the price for it. He has already damaged his shoulders...

He became a vegan to please his teenage daughter... what an a-hole, I say.

I say: you need to eat in a way that is natural to your DNA... not the way someone else likes you to eat. Women will do that to men... whether they are wives of daughters.

Vegetarians and vegans also have a tough time giving their bodies enough fat.

Plants have the fat only in their seeds, nuts, and those are either expensive, or hard to eat, too much work for most lazy people who prefer comfort over well-being.

Vegetable oils are not good for hardly anyone, hardly any ancestry: they are not natural. The oils prevent many nutrients from being absorbed in the intestines... so cooking with oils is not a solution for a mostly vegetable based diet eater. (I have found that rice based or corn based diets, Far Eastern, and African diets can use some oils, but if they start eating processed foods, this turns them to sluggish and fat... because the processed foods kill the intestinal bacteria... you can't win, can you?) So the choice of vegans and vegetarians is: nuts, sickness, or muscle loss...

Depending on your ancestry, nuts may provide you with too many grams of carbs... and make you carb burner again.

Coconuts are good for people whose ancestry ate coconuts... mine didn't. Mine also didn't eat much of other nuts.

I get my fat from butter, ghee, from lamb, and from nuts: almonds and walnuts.

I also have pine nuts on my allowed food list as well, but they are too expensive, even for me.

I am quite generous when it comes to feeding myself. I eat expensive food... But...

If I calculate my food bill: it would not cover a health insurance... And after you pay for health insurance you still need to eat, but you also get sick... I haven't been sick in 20 years... except when I fell and broke my wrist.

I prefer to eat well. Really... Even financially it's a good deal.

I put my

French butter into my coffee... why? because it makes the coffee smoother, easier to drink. And provides my body with fat to burn. And it's delicious.

Why French butter? Because the French have the their milk from the "original" cows, that produce much less milk than the newer breeds, the Holsteins, for example. And the protein (casein) from the new type of cows is toxic for humans, especially for their carb metabolism, resulting in diabetes, heart troubles, and as some research claim, cancer.

I soak the seeds I eat. I soak the almonds. I also soak the walnuts. Why? Because seeds have enzymes in them that are toxic to most people and animals.

With the nuts I chew a lot. It helps my digestion

Chewing is good for you. It's calming, it keeps you in touch with your body, and it keeps your vagus nerve trained to work... Result: your digestion improves. By a lot...

I have tested making nut butters... and I can tell the difference.

When you get your food in smoothies, or in a form where it doesn't need much chewing, your vagus nerve gets lazy, and your innards don't know what's coming...

Food, different kinds of food, need different kinds of digestive juices... Wrong juices: severe health consequences. Consequences like depleting your own bone mineral content... Brittle bones are the result of demineralized bones because of wrong eating, because of the vagus nerve not being active, or you eating proteins without appetite... or with carbs.

Your half-educated, half-unconscious relationship with your body is abusive, and you will have to learn a lot of stuff, unlearn all the b.s. you think you know, and treat your body with respect.

I am not going to spend the time now, so I am guessing:

to keep your body burning fat for fuel, and not turn the dietary fat into carbs first, you need to limit the dietary carbs to less than 60 grams. (If you are like me, you need to keep your dietary carbs to less than 10 grams to turn on the fat burning metabolism, and then keep the carbs to less than 30 grams, with none of them being fast digesting carbs, like sugars.)

That means: the 60 grams are the secondary nutritional component of all foods that you eat, not the first.

No grains, not any grains. I have tested and I can have sorghum pearls, but not the flour. Sorghum is not a grain per se... by the way.

No fruits. No starchy vegetables. No muesli... lol. I can eat half a beet a day... not a whole beet. A small bowl of lentils in the winter... but not in the summer.

Meat has some carbs. Nuts have some carbs. And vegetables have some carbs.

Milk has too much sugar to be included. Even half and half...

If you are not gluten intolerant or not gluten sensitive, you can have French cheeses on your diet.

If you are gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant

On the other hand if you are gluten sensitive, any milk product is a no-no... Gluten passes into the milk, and cows are fed grains, even pastured cows... There are no farms in all of New York that feed their livestock with grass only.

That is why I eat only lamb.

Any animal/bird that is fed grains, corn, for example, has ample amount of gluten in their flesh, and your intestines will blister...

Even lamb will be a problem in the winter.

I may have to stock up...:-(

Grass fed beef is NOT grass fed... it is a lie. At best they are grass finished... fed grass for one month before slaughter.

But that means tons of gluten in the flesh.

I was already on gluten free diet when I started to test grass fed beef... and I got fat, and sick from it.

If you have a gluten problem, your body will make you fat... How it works exactly? I don't know.

OK, I know I haven't answered the question: I think one needs individual guidance to make the turn: it's taken me trials and errors over a lot more than a year, before I hit my stride.

Some advice in Prevention Magazine is sound, so I'll include a link to it at the end of the article.

But before I do that: beware of the commercial intent.

Most articles, most books, even by doctors, nutritionists, trainers, have a hidden or not so hidden commercial intent and it is not to make you well, it is to sell you something.

Something that will hopefully keep you wanting to buy more, because you are not well.

In this civilization doctors, nutritionists, trainers are ONLY paid if you are and when you are not well.

Same with car mechanics, plumbers, and chiropractors.

So whether they are conscious of it or not, they will make sure you still need them tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow.

A diabetic is worth 70 thousand dollars to a medical establishment... so it is a good deal.

My ex boy friend is a psychiatrist. He was trained to manage patients. He wasn't trained to heal them, cure them... just to manage them so they can keep on paying, but keep on being sick.

Magazines, books, researchers...

Researchers/scientists are paid because there is suffering. If suffering disappeared, millions of scientists would be out of a job.

So please don't trust anyone...

When almost twenty years ago I came out of a surgery with sever vertigo (dizziness) the doctor gave me pills. The cause of the vertigo was physical, my spine moved and was blocking nerves and blood supply to many parts of my brain.

Addressing that would have meant addressing his guilt in causing it: malpractice.

The pills were to make the dizziness more bearable.

I didn't take them. I never went back, and I never went to an MD again, since.

How can you trust "them?"

You may think to ask: why didn't I sue him?

The answer is simple: he did the surgery for free. He did it to save my life. He did save my life.

Even with the damage, I owe him gratitude, not a law suit.

Only integrity will count... as Buckminster Fuller said.

When you lose your integrity, you lost your inner peace, your happiness. No thank you... I'd rather not.

Recommended reading and products:

OK, lastly the article from Prevention:

Turn your Metabolism into a Fat-Burning Machine

Metabolism is a process within the human body that occurs as the food a person eats is converted into energy. Some people’s metabolisms operate more efficiently than others’.

Generally, you want the food that you eat to burn as energy instead of being stored as a fat cell.

Some factors that help to regulate metabolism are beyond our control – such as age, genetics, and gender.

Continue reading -->

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  1. I didn’t say in the article, but it is important, so I am adding it in here: you cannot make your body fat-burning, unless you give it a lot of fat to burn.

    So fat free, lots of protein diets are not fat burning.

    My cholesterol is normal, even though I consume a stick of butter a day. And 3-5 eggs. And 10 ounces (250 gram) fatty lamb meat.

    Doctors, dieticians, are in cahoots to keep you fat, depressed, and stupid. Beware!

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